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IMG_0242Above and Below photos: Alexander Calder The Arch, 1975, Storm King Art Center

IMG_0202Emi has been talking about us visiting Storm King Art Center for a while now and We finally did during this gorgeous 3 day Labor day weekend. ( Thank you for the most amazing weather!) About little over one hour car ride from NYC , Storm King Art center is located on beautiful Hudson Valley  of New York State.  Impressive 500 acre of this artsy land is masterfully landscaped with the most natural nature in mind and proudly showcases more than 100 prominent larger than life scale sculptures of Serra, Carder, Noguchi, Goldsworthy and other numerous artists from 1960s to now including a few sight specific master pieces as Noguchi’s MomoTaro and Goldsworthy’s Storm King Wall.  The park is sectioned ( if you ever notice it) by main 4 areas : North Woods, Museum Hill, Meadows and South Fields, and I just can see how this park will turn into a each seasonal beauty and can’t wait to come back for the peak of Autumn and for the park that’s beautifully covered by snow in winter. There are little lakes, amazingly open and free beautiful meadows and hill top of Museum site is just breathtaking and also serene.  We felt in love with Storm King Art Center and are supporting this amazing park by having become members of the Art Center: We got a family membership for all 3 of us at only $50.00 for an entire year. Unlimited visits throughout the year, invitations to special events and specially guided 1 winter tour and other benefits… ( I highly recommend it!)

Here Enjoy a few pics out of over 100 post-Word War II sculptures. Here’s my favorite quote from the center’s walking guide: “At Storm King, exhibition space is defined by earth and sky”. And it is exactly what it is.








IMG_0216From the top: Beautiful old Cattle farm time then passage roads, Nevelson, Mark di Suvero, Richard Serra, Alexander Liberman.

IMG_0154Here’s the Museum/visitor center of the Art center. The house was built back in 1955. The first floor has a small book shop and the ground floor main room with a beautiful view to the outside park rotates and runs various exhibitions throughout the year.

IMG_0157Totally true…!


IMG_0158The model of the Art center at Museum in the main room on the ground floor.




IMG_0137Calder’s Five Swords. 1976. The model, a pic from the one of passed winter and this weekend. By the way check out my past blog about Calder.

IMG_0120A view outside of the museum. These columns are Not sculptures actually. These were found and saved by the founder of the Art Center.


And then, there is Andy Goldsworthy. One of our favorite artist who explores and works with Nature in most clever and respectful way. We have been following him over 10 years now (thanks to Miriam then my big boss).  I remember going to see ” Rivers and Tides”, a documentary film of Andy Goldsworthy’s work and life came out then. I think it was at IFC film center… AMAZING….  Anyway the letter above is the letter from Goldsworthy writing about his possibility of work, “Storm King Wall” the famous site specific project and love for the Art center ( 1995).

Check out some Youtube clips of Storm King Wall and his other works. There are millions of Clips of his work on youtube. And you must Check out Goldsworthy’s film, ” Rivers and Tides”


IMG_0129Ursula Von Rydingsvard’s wood sculpture right outside the museum. Quite intriguing.


IMG_0143The Viewing Scope by Alison Shotz. Right by the Museum. I find this scope extremely beautiful. Cold to touch, sleek, feels much high tech yet somehow this scope carries futuristic serenity. Love it!





IMG_0207Grace Knowlton, Spheres. Awesome.


3 of us on a tram: you can get an initial overview of the center by choosing to get on this free tram. I thought this was a relaxing way to start the park and get to see some of main pieces with short yet efficient guide.  Then you can walk around and get lost, take pics, hike, take a nap or do whatever you wish to do.  You can also rent bicycles here. Don’t forget you have 500 acres to cover!

I only shared a fraction of what you can see and feel here. It’s a truly amazing place. Go and go back again and again and again…!

lOve Art.!!

IMG_0320Japan Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Garden: I totally had Monet moment here…! All the beautiful leaves…

Ahhh, It was a beautiful sunny autumn day to stroll around Brooklyn. We had visited Brooklyn Botanical garden to check out an artist, Patrick Dougherty and his work, “Natural History“: a first site specific art project that was done for Brooklyn Botanical Garden for garden’s 100 year anniversary, an amazing stick work that Dougherty had done for 3 weeks time period back in August this year.  It’s a beautiful work and I’m just about to share some pics and my thoughts with you, but also please enjoy the peak of beautiful autumn in right here in Brooklyn, NY!  It is almost a privilege to be able to see seasonal changes of the mother nature around us in a big city like NY. Gorgeous Autumn light and colors…



IMG_0343Patrick Dougherty’s  woven-wood sculpture in honor of Brooklyn Botanical garden’s centennial.

The woody materials come from Ocean Breeze Park on Staten Island. The harvest site was chosen of garden’s director of Science because of its proximity to the Garden and it’s large population of nonnative willow, which is designated an invasive species in New York State. The exhibition will run for a full year.



IMG_0355Weaving, snagging and flexing sticks into nest-like architectural forms evoke themes of shelter, habitat and sustainability.  Created of organic matter, Dougherty’s works have a natural life cycle that changes over the time as the sticks settle and decay, eventually returning to the earth where they came from…





The sculpture gives you endless possibilities of new shapes and angles. Honestly, I felt like I could stay at the site forever. It was hard to leave. Look up, look down, go in, come out, follow the surface in circle… I kept feeling like my hair will start swirling with curved sticks.  I can’t pinpoint out what exactly it is but it almost gave me a bit of butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I was a little kid and envied and imagined what if I had such a thing in our massive garden….



IMG_0378Gael mingled with bunch of excite kids for a while… If you only had a furry costume on, it could instantly turn into “Where the wild things are…”

Here we have a book purchased at Storm King Art Center: ” Natural Architecture“, The cover work is by Patrick Dougherty.






IMG_0011The Artist above and more shots from the Garden…






Get out there and Embrace this beautiful Autumn!

IMG_2757Chow down with Hun, Yoon, Gael and Emi. Cheap and Cheerful Night eating at Gwang Jang Market!

I am sure you all like Korean BBQ. And Me too! But there is so much more beyond BBQ in Korean food and the most fun part is that you can enjoy all sort of eateries in different price, ambiance and based on seasonal specialties. It’s already mouth watering brain storming where to go for tonight or for tomorrow’s lunch. At the night market? All vegetarian Ssam place? North Korean cold noodle soup, Nang Myun? or Freshest Sashimi at the fish market! The possibilities are truly endless and you will need months and months to taste all these wonderfully cultural food that Korea can offer.

My dear cousin Yoon and her husband Hun are maybe the 2 best eatery guide you can ask for ! We have been eating the most delicious food around Seoul and having the best time catching up!  Soju became our new favorite drink and now that Emi had tasted real deal of Korean food in Seoul, I better Up my Korean cooking skill back in New York…!

Now, are you ready for some Korean food?  Then let’s start!!!

IMG_2752First, we are checking the water out at the market.  There are so many banquets of all market and street food vendors.  Market food usually means Noodles, Korean blood sausage, Jun ( pan fried anything that’s dipped in the egg wash), Ttuck boki ( rice cake cooked in chili paste), Oden soup ( fish cake soup), Sashimi and much more!  This runs good half mile long on a long isle between the shops.

IMG_2793Thanks for the big smile!  These little fingerling Korean maki ( Gim Bap) are so good that it has a nick name ” Drug Maki”. So addictive. Carrots, crunch sweet and sour Pickled Radish root, Spinach and touch of wasabi paste. Delicious!

IMG_2744It’s a crab season in Korea and Crabs are everywhere!  These are Soy Crab. Soaked in a tub of soy sauce. These are cleaned and raw.

IMG_2746Chili paste version. Spicy and sweet.

IMG_2764Down and low in local way. Eating is one thing but most of all, the talking and being together in such atmosphere is the key here. Keeping the company over just good simple food.

IMG_2705Sample station.

IMG_2704So much memories with my Ttuck boki. It’s Korean way of comfort food.

IMG_2700Perfection of Dumplings!

IMG_2748Serious set of All kinds.

IMG_2755Post Soju and lots of food face.  We hit already 2 banquets!

IMG_2761Sashimi Section!

IMG_2767Korean Style Sashimi. Cooked and uncooked are mixed. Cooked Octopus, Shell fish and raw salmon and flounder.

IMG_2787Next we are at the BEST Mung bean pancake house.

IMG_2790Yummmm! Yoon and Hun say this is IT!


IMG_2783Cheap and Deep!  Crispy around the edges with hearty and satisfying fillings. Delicious! Gael just loves loves loves!

IMG_2784Pickled sweet Onions in Soy and Kimch on the side!

IMG_2983It’s very first time my dad and Gael are meeting in person. We had the best 3 days doing little things as a family visiting local markets, garden and a Korean folk flea market.  It makes me feel so happy to see my dad and Gael walking hand in hand. We are going for dinner!!

IMG_2999One area in the west side of Seoul is called ” Mapo” and here we are with dad hitting the most typical Mapo style BBQ place!  I really liked overall vibe in this particular area. There were many little places in sort of 70′s style in such Korean way.

IMG_3008Coals are in!

IMG_3006First, a waitress comes and spread some slightly cooked kimchi on the rim of grill.  I am curious as it is my first time to see this.

IMG_3014Ah ha! the Egg wash goes over the Kimchi! It makes steamed egg from the heat!  Grill’s busy with chopsticks!


IMG_3016Eggs are all gone and Dad takes charge in Grilling!  We ordered 2 kinds of meat. Pork with simple sea salt and Sirloin slices marinated in typical Gal bi dressing ( soy based). They melt in your mouth. Tender and Delicious!

IMG_3009Dad pouring Soju for Emi. You receive it with 2 hands especially when you are younger than the person pouring. It’s our way to pay Respect. A beautiful tradition.


IMG_3013Serious grilling here.

IMG_3017Gael learned how to sharpen Scissors from dad. The first tip from grandpa!

IMG_3020The second tip from Granpa. Now you pour with 2 hands to dad. Another beautiful tradition. I love this moment.

IMG_30033 generations together. Love you dad!

IMG_3141Now we are back with Yoon and Hun in Norayngjin Fish market.  We are going to buy our own ingredients and have one of restaurants on the second floor at the market cook for us! It’s a typical way to have your fish and seafood at the market. Isn’t it a brilliant idea?!!!


IMG_3108The market.

IMG_3118Calling it all!  Avalon, Conch, Cockle, Clam and …and …and!

IMG_3122King Crabs!

IMG_3125Bass. They are big and totally fresh. I mean they are in the water swimming up to the point you purchase it!

IMG_3130Popular wild caught flounder! Great for Sashimi!

IMG_3139You pick one and pay for it . They Sashimi for you right there on a plate to go.

IMG_3110They look like from Mars.

IMG_3146This is Hun and Yoon’s only spot to go to have their freshest seafood purchased cooked. It’s a small and clean place with lovely owner lady. She’s holding our Korean ” Flower” crabs, mixed Shell fish and a whole Bass! You pay the restaurant to prepare the seafood you bought however you wish. Steam, soup, fry, Sashimi… It’s a still excellent deal as the fish itself is way cheaper here at the market than any shops in the city. And also you are eating them at the best quality. I mean how fresher can it be?

IMG_3148Sashimi Bass.

IMG_3153Steamed Flower Crab. They are plump, juicy and Sweet! The best!!  And of course Soju to accompany.

IMG_3152Mixed steamed Shell Fish.


IMG_3156The owner will make this sort of fried rice with crab meat and crab juice and sesame oil. Yum!!

IMG_3199After dinner cigarettes. Hun and Emi. After dinner, we are on the 2nd round of fun at Korean karaoke and late night snack at Hong Dae!!






IMG_4427For another fun dinner, here me and Yoon patiently waiting for our table at “ Bong San Jip”  It’s my second time with Yoon and all of us!


IMG_2637Yay! It’s about to Start!

IMG_2641Thinly sliced beef brisket is maybe one of my favorite thing now! This old school ” Bong San Jip” restaurant only serves 1 menu. Not many sides like other places. Just Beef brisket to grill. But the secret is in this Killer Soy dipping sauce with lots of fresh chopped scallions and sweet green chili peppers. And one pot miso soup again with beef brisket in! You just to have to be here!





IMG_2648The miso is here!

IMG_2647Cabbage, Tofu, brisket, chili and miso.

Honestly I must say “Fooding till Drop” may the main highlight of this trip. Family get together is absolutely the most precious thing but experiencing all these amazing food in Korea has been One cultural shock even to myself as a Korean.

Like Emi Says, ” Korean Kicks Butt!”

LOvE FoOD, LOvE EaT, LOvE SeOuL!!!

IMG_0057Gael’s Plum flash in a Plum Skin boat with Peony leaf Sail floating on organic Apple cider ocean and Blueberry Buoys. A “Dessert” Gael says.

Gael was a always good eater. When I started solid food along the breast feeding, Gael started rather falling a sleep on me and eat up the solid food. I used to tickle his ears to wake him up to keep drinking but it didn’t work so well for another couple months. So there it was I stopped the breast feeding around 9 months as Gael would rather have solid food. And he absolutely loved it.  On a steam tray, I would put down all different veggies that had all those different colors. Carrots in Orange, Zucchini in Green, Potato in Light Yellow….Like any mom would do.  I also made all sort of mushrooms for Gael. Porto Bello was a good meaty texture he loved. Oyster mushrooms, Shitake and also Champignon. I made them all. Cut them into small pieces and put them on the pan with a spoonful of Grandma Livia’s Extra virgin Olive oil from Italy.  How abut Tofu? He must have had trays and trays of them, it was excellent source of protein and such easy food to eat without all those teeth. Then later on, there was ” PASTA.”  Soooo Good! Isn’t it?  Penne with light fresh tomato sauce. So easy to grab and fun to eat. The Penne Rigate ( penne with lines) were the one I would usually buy. The lines hold sauce nicely. So Gael would have good amount of sauce on his pasta as he wasn’t using a fork just yet.  I think we always cared about Gael tasting things properly. Not just being fed.

Then there is all this cooking we do at home. And Gael is always a part of it. Both Emiliano and I believe we eat much better at home. We cook simple and hearty food.  We cook all the time. We do all sort of international cooking. All these prepping, shopping and brain storming is fun and we do it together. Gael gets so fascinated and enjoys watching us and always like to help. Washing up tomatoes was maybe the first Gael’s action in the kitchen. I think we allowed and taught him using a small table knife for chopping since he was abut 6 years old.



IMG_0055Gael lovess to use this dish. It’s a shape of little fish that’s elevated by a stand. We got this dish in Livorno, Italy.

IMG_0049The chef.


IMG_8964Gael’s famous “Juice cocktail”. Gael likes to make this while we are prepping dinner or when friends are visiting. He will just glide into the kitchen quietly and start chopping. No big talk is needed. And I love that! There will be always one big surprise at the bottom in your glass!



IMG_3512Making Panzerotti at Beppe’s. Southern Italian dish. Sort of Fried mini Calzone or Gigantic ravioli. Either way. Here Gael at 6.


IMG_4187Guess which one is Gael’s.


IMG_3534One of Gael’s Favorite ingredients, Cucumber! Now Gael makes his own cucumber salad. I taught him to use mandolin slicer ( always under my supervision). He likes it with apple cider vinegar, salt and olive oil. Gael had written a food truck plan selling all dishes based on Cucumbers a few weeks ago! It comes with truck design, his menu and prices. Oh yes and the combo dishes! Many brilliant ides!

IMG_7468Emi and Gael making pizza dough. Gael here at 6.




IMG_1183Gael cracking eggs for an Easter cake with Riccota cheese, spinach and layers of Filo dough.



IMG_3978Here Gael making dumplings with me. Gael at 5.



IMG_3983Gael’s Excellent job here on shaping dumplings! So cute his little hand.


IMG_3690Here Gael eying on and putting his finger into the batter for fried zucchini flowers. Gael at age 4.

IMG_3695Gael looking over Philipp making apple pies.

Now Gael’s almost 9 years old, Gael volunteers to set up the table and he always puts his flare on it. Gael gets creative with the way he wraps the napkins around the fork and knife or the position of glasses next to plates. He will run between kitchen to the table with plated food for each guest. Gael had well developed amazing palette for food at his only almost 9 years old. Kale, mushroom, carrot, mustard green, tossed salad, arugula his favorite salad green, all the shellfish you can imagine since 3 years old, he started talking to Cheese shop man asking for tasting and got his Cheese list started already, truffle oil does kick a notch for him over his meat, pasta and cheese, al dente means al dente for all the pasta he eats, beans and particular way of cooked rice, loves sashimi and sushi… the list goes on and he’s happy with any great hearty food and willing to try all. I think it all comes from his open mind and our effort of teaching him to be that way.

Gael, I think it’s about a time for you to learn to make a few pasta dishes!  Sharpen your knife and roll up you sleeves! Here comes mama to show you a few things.  Love you Gael!

VivA Food, VivA Gael! A little Iron Chef!

It’s that time, the World Cup!!  What an exciting event! And I feel extra special about South Africa is hosting this amazing world event this year. A few years ago, I had a privilege to visit Cape town and Madagascar in South Africa. Tony Kretten, Michael Jarvela and myself were 3 main designers who launched the (RED) line within the Gap brand as an effort to educate and help people with Aids in Africa along 4 other major world wide partners: Motorola, Amex, Converse and Apple. The (RED) was founded by a lead singer of U2, Bono, and Bobby Shriver, a current mayor of Santa Monica and long time activist with below in their mind.

Here’s the manifesto of  (RED): www.joinred.com


IMG_3797IMG_3798IMG_3799IMG_3814Actual few proto styles of (RED) first Launch Collection back in 1995. INSPI(RED) tee, (RED) jean, hoodies… The bottom photo shows Men’s and Women’s surplus jacket from the sketch book. Below continues on following seasons’ inspiration photos, scribbles, brain storms and sketches. We were all fired up to be inspired by the beauty and the culture of land of Africa itself for continuing seasons to develop the line. Ghana, Namibia, Kassena, Cape Town…

IMG_3802IMG_3801Tony, Do you remember,  The Black gold of Sun..?

IMG_3800africa1africa2This was one of my favorite season. I was whole lot inspired by the beauty of Kassena Country of Africa’s Architecture and their most amazing murals.

africa3africa4This Safety pin with one African bead was the Pink ribbon that fights against the AIDS for Gap (RED).

africa5The Town Ship of Cape Town. Where the majority of locals live. Brightly painted Patched wooden walls inspired me to create things that were joined, pieced and stacked with great help of Emily Harris, my long time favorite graphic Artist.


Now Gap’s first 5 years dedicated participation of this amazing journey has been just ended but I hope one day we will re-join the (RED) in bigger and better way. When I was actively designing the RED line such as simple Graphic tees to jeans,woven shirts, sweaters and leather jackets, I was sent along Kim Lim, an amazing woman who really worked her heart out for RED under the Gap brand to go visit all the vendors and factories who were actually doing the production in South Africa. From NY to Paris, Paris to Senegal then finally to Johannesburg then to Cape Town. What a long journey to get there …! And,  I was on constant short flights within the South Africa region to visit one of the most prominent Design expo, INDABA( which means ‘ Bringing together’ in South African) in Cape town,  and also the vendors who produced all our graphic tees and  some of the woven pieces and  a few other vendors in Durban and Madagascar as well.

All of these were such an eye opening experience for me.  One, I knew I underestimated Africa. I mean What did I reaaaallly know about Africa? Hunger? the Aids? then what? Who knew so many haute couture houses such as Chanel and Armani were working together with one of the most highly skilled textile houses and trim suppliers. INDABA expo completely blew my mind. So many artists based in South Africa were already well established working with top interior design firms and brands providing one of kind lamp to artistic pottery, furniture and more world wide. And You know what?  They were cutting edge Modern. Also I had met most amazing people with cause ( yes to help and build the South Africa) by utilizing their creativity at the expo. The scene of Cape town also surprised me. Despite of 15 or more Townships (undeveloped and poor urban living towns for non whites in Cape Town), many parts of the city was quite well developed reminding parts of here in NYC.

But then Yes, it is true that majority of locals do live in this poor Town ships with impossible to cure disease.  South Africa along the rest of Africa does have a huge problem of AIDS. I mean the factories that I visited literally have to calculate the possible deaths of their workers up coming from having an AIDS into their productivity for their production. All the Airports or many other places that require steady work force in Africa have similar problems. Can you believe such a death is so common that you have to constantly fill in the work force?  This causes vicious cycle as follow: the death-new worker-re-training-wasted time over the learning curve -lack of experts in their field-poor quality – death… Ahhh, It breaks my heart..

township1Typical Township in Cape town.

Local MarketA local market scenes at Madagascar. I absolutely loved the market! Ton of hand crafts to textile, it’s super colorful. But then this is one of my favorite photo of the market. The Blue sky and quite view. It feels peaceful…

cape town market

fabulous cape towner *I thought her look was super interesting in her thrown in together outfit. And of course… the Bare feet. in Madagascar, maybe good half of the population does not own a pair of shoes. Of course the factories where I had visited they did, but on the street it is much easier to spot people without shoes than ones with shoes.

water hole for residentsUNESCO built water holes. I heard most of locals does not have water at home in Madagascar. You will see water holes here and there through out the town. There are ton of people living on the street and wash up their clothes and sheets in the small river when it rains and lay them on the grass field off the street to dry them. It was such a humbling experience to see what they have and realize what I have.

cape townCape town scene across the street from a small Bed and Breakfast where me and Kim had stayed.

cape town taxiCape town Taxi

table moutain at Cape townA view of Table mountain Cape Town.


I really hope the World Cup 2010 in South Africa will give a healthy financial and mental lift to the land. Mostly for the people who suffers and dying. The Young Generation. Also I hope South Africa government can somehow utilize this opportunity to get some serious attention from the world to help out their social issues-lack of education, poverty and AIDS. So many people live with their myth in Africa. People think AIDS will go away if they can sleep with a virgin or have a connection with their God through a ritual ceremony. We need a constructive education that starts from the womb of a mother for people in Africa and the world. We need a powerful wake up call.

Africa, It’s year 2010 and You are the one who is hosting the FIFA today! I want you to succeed. Succeed in building a better economy, succeed in educating, succeed in healing and succeeding in hosting the World Cup!

And you can help right now by joining (RED)!


What a great movie! Saw it again and falling in love all over again with Woody. Woody’s genius witty lines and Woodie’s love for NYC. Adorable and lost Annie and hilarious and depressed Alvy. Woody’s study on Annie and Alvy’s relationship is classic yet so refreshing. And True. His ability to articulate all of that in such details. Ha! Only Woody Allen can do. All the scenes around beautiful 1977′s New York City. Here I feel almost sort of triumphant of being a New Yorker all the way having come from Seoul. Yes I feel proud!

And Can we talk about their matching couple outfits?! So subtle yet Super obviously matching outfits just add more fun to this delicious film.

IMG_1697After their meeting for the first time at Annie’s home and her famous boy meets girl khaki pant, white shirt, the vest and the neck tie. Sort of Gap in a nostalgic way… And Alvy looks handsome(?) in a simple white shirt.


IMG_1700Annie storming off the NY street after her first lousy audition for singing at a small bar… love her wide leg pants!

IMG_1701Alvy convincing Annie how good she was no matter what and making a deal to get over with “Having a first kiss” .


IMG_1703What a smart couple! Remember the first book Alvy gets Annie? At the book store.

IMG_1709Sort of confessing how much they love ( or Alvy insists more like L-O-V-E) each other. Love this scene with Brooklyn Bridge behind. Pretty romantic, ha?


IMG_1715Hahhahaha, love this Scene. Look how fabulous Annie’s shrink’s office is and her green Crock.

IMG_1716At their friend’s Party. Woody sneeze over couple grand worth substance here. Hahaha. The shirt and the vest.

IMG_1719Their amicable breaking up/ moving out matching outfits. that’s that first book Alvy got Annie for her cat.



IMG_1711 Annie and Alvy in NYC.  Ahhh INSPIRED!!   Now, I’m off to MOMA and get lost in the city today!

Fall in Love with New York Again folks!

The Meeting!

It was my second trip to Adam’s town in Pennsylvania. If you like flea markets, you are in. Woooooh, I love the whole action. Get a car. Hit the road. Finally arriving. Browse and browse. Photos. Brainstorming. Silly ideas. Laughs with Emi and Gael. Earliest dinner ever at whatever restaurant in town. More Laugh. Cheap Wine. Holiday Inn. Hitting outdoor markets at 5 in the morning. Crisp air. Fog. Sun rise. Gas station coffee in my hand. Good talks with townees at the markets. Always inspiring to be out there and see things sharpening and relaxing my eyes and tastes. I just love it!

IMG_4416I so regret I had never taken pictures of Twin towers from the Manhattan or the Brooklyn bridge. When we used to party a lot till sun rise, I remember gauging at beautiful Twin towers from the Taxi crossing over the bridge and thinking how hot NY was…


I think the Manhattan bridge is just beautiful as Brooklyn bridge. And also it’s just that much closer to our house on Washington Avenue.

IMG_4426I always complain how America is bit weird with timing. We have not had Thanksgiving yet but everyone is selling things for Christmas. Though I liked what’s going on in Adam’s town. Bit of Christmas vibe here and there…


IMG_4450Duckies in front of Mad Hatter Antique.

IMG_4446The green one looks almost not real.

IMG_4474So wanted to get this, but too big and waaay too heavy to carry to where we wanted… Darn!




IMG_4471Absolutely love this. It turns and all.