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IMG_8814Typical yet Gorgeous Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park

It’s the second day and the last day staying at Rosa Muerta in Joshua Tree area.  We were up early, socked in the hot pool with morning fire going gazing out to low mountain view, then up for quick breakfast sipping local cup of Joe and baked goods from Crossroad Cafe ( where you get good hippie food). Ok now, We were So ready to hit ” Joshua tree National Park”!!

Any sort of Yucca family plant, We absolutely adore and love. The hearty and hard leaves are strong and sculptural and they appeal to us very Modern. And Joshua Tree is one of them among others like Yucca palm, Tree palm and Palm tree yucca. We had planted 2 Yucca Palms in our Brooklyn home back yard last spring and surprisingly they are doing quite well. After bit of reading about the tree, now I know the name “Joshua” was given to itself by Mormons in Mojave desert in mid 19 th century because the shape of tree and the fruit reaching out to the sky reminded them ” Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer”. So it had Biblical story behind how this beautiful tree was named.

IMG_8773Our 4×4 Jeep Wrangler was at the end the Right choice we made to rent. We were first then fancying Vintage Cadillac sort of thinking of  Thelma & Louise , but Wrangler gave us so much mobility and function at real good deal for the entire trip.

IMG_8760You will get to layers of different habitat as driving or biking through up and down hilly mountains of Joshua Tree park.

joshua_drive_01LThere are 3 entrances and we started where the blue line starts through red then moved onto the yellow.  Whole trip is about about under 200 miles. You stop and hike, you stop and break and you stop to gauze. It’s a beautiful trip.


IMG_5661Here we are going through amazing rock formation in Hidden Valley area of the park. Rock formation is believed to have happened about 100 millions years ago by earlier time erosion, then time high rain falls and low temperature. Joshua tree park is much loved by many rock climbers from all around the world!


IMG_8848We have climbed a few good looking rocks!

IMG_5674That’s me and Gael up there!

800px-"Old_Woman"_rock_formation_(Joshua_Tree_National_Park)Here’s the beloved “Old Woman Rock”.

IMG_8787Here’s a close look at Joshua tree! I think it sort of looks like skinny mammoth with pine needles on the top. I LOVE them!

IMG_5687Here we are at Grand scale field of Cholla Cactus. They are absolutely Stunning!  You stand there. You almost feel like you are in the very bottom of the ocean but only the Sunny and Dry one. It feels surreal.


IMG_8871They are absolutely Amazing!


IMG_8879It’s hard to leave them….


IMG_5638Now we are up at about 5000 ft above the sea level. Camera lens just can’t do the justice the beauty of Mother Nature.

IMG_5639That’s Gael and Me.  We are so small at the end in this big nature.

IMG_8797And Emi here…

IMG_5701These are called California Fan Palm and it means you are near the water! In this dry case, Yes we call it Oasis! there are a few Oasis but they are not available for the public as Park rangers protect them for animals and plants in the park.

IMG_8896Joshua Tree National Park. One of few places you Must visit at least once in your Life Time.

IMG_8912After the long day at the park, here we came to check out 29 Palms Inn on 29 Palms area. Ahh Can’t wait for one refreshing Drink!!

IMG_8908Loving a small and quaint lazy pool area with California Fan Palms and Tiki inspired Kick Butt Indoor Bar and dining area.

IMG_8902Nothing like a late afternoon Cocktail while you are vacaying…  She made me a mean Margarita.

IMG_8909As always, Emi has been the tough moving force for all of us. We are dusty and tired but waking our bodies up and getting recharged over a drink and bit of sitting down. We are not done yet for the day!

IMG_891829 Palms Inn’s Heart, their own little Oasis. There are small huts built around the Oasis for your lovely night overs. It’s so cute!

IMG_8922You just look up from the Oasis and the Fan Palms will just look down on you. They are Amazing!


IMG_1181On a way back to Rosa Muerta for a shower and change before dinner, We are here to see Noah’s Art Site. This is 10 acres of land where the Artist Noah Purifoy worked on large scaled sculptures entirely constructed only using junked debris for his last 15 years of life.  Noah’s work has been shown world widely including Whitney museum and Corcoran Gallery. Please read Noah’s Art site Website to learn about this wonderful Artist who dedicated his life to practice Art for the Community.







IMG_1172Open Desert and Art. It can’t get any better…

IMG_8651Stopping by couple places in town of Joshua Tree. Saloon. I remember seeing these places in John Wayne’s Movies! The Saloon itself is sort of an artistic place in many ways.







IMG_8934OK Now we are at a very popular Saloon and Restaurant, Pappy and Harriet’s. in Pioneer town! It’s a wonderful place where Locals go out and also visitors to Parks come and all mingle for good food and music. They got a great stage for a night of live music and all different cuts of meat for grill and all the beer you like to have on tabs.

IMG_5720About 15 mt car ride through local town of Joshua tree, you will get to Pioneer town headed toward Palm Spring area. Pioneer town is situated on upon hilly mountain area, and was built as work and live in Motion Picture Movie Set back in 1945.  It’s surreal to see all of these small houses and business structures are still left and some of homes are still occupied by home owners.

IMG_8953Gael having fun!


IMG_8936Right by the Pappy and Harriets, there are a few shops open for actual business. A long time resident here. A saddle maker!



IMG_8960Here we stopped and had bit of chat with one of resident in town. The gentle man owns this home and a shop next door.

IMG_8957This gentle man gave us whole walk through of history of the town. Apparently the town had produced hundreds of Western films during it’s golden time like Cisco Kids and Roy Rogers. (Thank you for the nice talk again!!)

IMG_8955This is a shop space the gentle man owns. He’s opening up a Guitar shop where also you can learn hot to make a guitar. It’s quite deep inside and has lovely quaint vibe.



IMG_8987Ok, Now we are inside of Pappy and Harriet’s. This Place ROCKS!  It’s a big space with high ceiling. There are ton of tables and seating but people are lined up for the table. The vibe is warm yet and got that All American coolness. Bit of rock and roll. I am loving the place!

IMG_8983Beer first!

IMG_8989There are ton of signs everywhere make you feel that you are at  “IT” place.

IMG_8988A serious sound system station.


IMG_5783Yay, We got a real good table after all. We were waiting for more than a hour! right in front of the band and a dance floor!


IMG_9010Pappy and Harriet is a place for all. It’s wonderful to see there is a place for entire family can entertain not being kiddish. Just great music and why not a 5 year boy can dance to it. Right? I love that.


IMG_8970Mean Grilling going on at Pappy and Harriet’s. They got this out door grill/kitchen and also generously open outdoor tables as well. This dry and hot climate makes everything possible for year around.




The sun is finally going down and we had done SO MUCH today!

What a wonderful day full of adventures!  I am so thankful that here we are all together again exploring what’s out there out of our comfort zone.  Every trip opens our eyes and makes us realize how lucky we are, that we get to do these trips then also to know how little we have seen of this world.

Our vacation is becoming more of Investment in time and learning about things for Our Life together ahead of us. We just Can’t Stop! Hoping many more to come, and with curiosity and excitement to know how the rest of the trip will go, we are heading back to precious last night of sleep at Rosa Muerta.

IMG_9789Sequoia National Park, Gael standing tall under a fallen Sequoia tree root.

Day 7. Here we are at Sequoia National Park. “Sequoia” means ” Big” in Native American language.  When I was growing up in Seoul, South Korea, I would hear some people traveled to America came back and bragging about how “Big” everything is in America. The road, people, land, river…  And Now, here I am standing in front of one of fallen Sequoias, I myself experience the moment of the truth that the bragging I heard is real!

The park is located in Southern Sierra Nevada, CA. Not only it is vast spanning 404063 acres but also it encompasses a vertical relief of nearly 13000 feet ( 4000m) of height, the park reaches the highest point in the contiguous 48 United states, Mount Whitney, at 14505 feet above the sea level!  So the park makes the perfect home for World Largest Trees, Sequoia.

IMG_1204Ahhh it’s a beautiful day! The ride leaving from Palm Springs to Sequoia was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Coming out of such hot and deserted surrounding to have experiencing all different layers and progress of changes of vegetation along the elevation and temperature is a wild experience. Something that you just can’t feel or even imagine reading such information through a text book. Here we are at near the town underneath the park.


IMG_9708Here we are at Gateway, about 6 miles to the Park Entrance. We are going to have a nice dinner before a big day to the Park next day.

IMG_9710Looking over a small brook, we are seated at terrace. It’s lovely here.


IMG_9717Tasting Gateway’s own vino. The town’s main income source is Farming. There are ton of Orange farms to Tree nuts and Wineries.

IMG_9726It’s getting dark and we are having a good time… I see my Brother in Gael’s smile. Love you both!

IMG_1210It’s a beautiful day! we are up early and ready to hit the park.

IMG_9734Next morning. Loving the Visitor’s guide! We are So excited to go in. We are about to have a Life Time experience!


IMG_9847They are enormous but we were told we have not seen anything yet!


IMG_9822We stop to look out and take moments. Clear air and clear mind.

IMG_9831Here we are hiking up on Moro Rock, a gigantic granite dome located just off the Generals highway near Giant Forest. There’s a 1/3 mile staircase from the ground level that ascends more than 300 feet to the summit. The reward is spectacular views of the western half of Sequoia National Park. It’s leg shaking walk up but it’s definitely worth it!



IMG_9837Planet Earth is Magnificent.




IMG_9858Here we are in front of  “The World Largest Tree”, General Sherman!


IMG_9857Studying the tree.

IMG_9853The Tree’s diameter is 36.5 feet. Our brownstone home back in Brooklyn is 17 feet wide. So this tree is about twice big as our home. That’s impressive!


IMG_9796You will see a few of these Sequoia tree Tunnels at the park. This one is quite popular as you get to climb up and cars can pass under. It’s so much fun!









IMG_9767We all got to hug lots of trees including the world largest one. We inhaled and exhaled cleanest air and opened our eyes to what’s out there. There are such powerful lessons when you see yourself in this world. This beautiful world.

IMG_9692After 2 days of amazing experience of Sequoia trees, now we are on the road again to hit the south tip of San Francisco to explore much beloved California Highway 1 and Big Sur! We are talking about 8 hours of drive!







IMG_1234Here we are Finally Hitting Highway 1!!!

IMG_1283We stopped countless times to sock up these amazing views. So grand and So beautiful!  Here we are at the point of Big Sur!








IMG_1284Here we are for our Easter Lunch at Sierra Mar on Big Sur.  I just got on line while we were on the road and made a quick reservation. They are known for the most amazing view of the ocean!

IMG_1286Beautiful estate with sculptor garden and high end guest houses. It’s an amazing place. Sierra Mar restaurant is part of Post Ranch Inn.


IMG_0029Wow, we didn’t know what we were getting into. This place is absolutely beautiful overlooking never ending horizon of pacific ocean and open layout with natural light and subtle and tasteful decor.

IMG_0031A private dinning rom is also very lovely.



IMG_0005The way this restaurant is built overlooking the ocean is breathtaking! You feel like you are up in the air floating sort of.

IMG_9979The Lunch Menu. Lunch is a really nice way to experience Sierra Mar restaurant. You will be sitting in natural light setting, which enables you to gaze out to the ocean and it is quite a good deal to have beautiful full course meal including dessert at $40 per person. We are also doing wine tasting today. It is Easter!  Loving the Wood Sheet menu and the name of Chef is represented.


IMG_9991Gael with his pretty appetizer. Mmmmmm Happy!

IMG_9993House cured goose prosciutto with wild huckleberries, acorn bread ( crunch flat), creme fresh and touch of arugula.

IMG_9994Emi and my choice of Appetizer. Dungeness crab meat salad. They are plump and juicy. They are Soooo Goood!!!


IMG_0021YuuummM!  This is my main dish! It’s so pretty to look at. Amazing green off dark purple on white back ground. I had to stare at it for a while and eat slowly. Braised Sonoma Lamb. Fried Black wild rice and green peas.

IMG_0023Emi’s choice was Local Sand Dabs in cockle broth with braised fennel. Delicious!

IMG_0019Gael’s dish. Ione Mountain Ranch Wagyu steak with crispy Pork Belly. So tender!

IMG_1295On a little break waiting for dessert. Gael’s out on the deck. Wonder what Gael has on his mind looking out to this big ocean. It’s always a priceless moment to see you provide such experience to your child.

IMG_0013The view of the restaurant from the deck.

IMG_0012Guest Homes around.

IMG_0026The sorbet was so delicious. Light and delicious! Hibiscus flower sorbet and Mayer lemon meringue.

IMG_0027A cheese plate. Loving the plate itself.

IMG_1564Cheese! before we leave this wonderful lunch!

IMG_1565Love you guys!

IMG_0041Mr. Post, the owner and founder of the Post Ranch Inn.


IMG_0053Heading back to LA, we can’t believe what we are seeing here. Thousands of Elephant Seals!!



IMG_0060They are Fabulous!




The trip is almost coming to an end. But we are very present Now to be there for every moment. Living at fullest. That’s who we are even if it means wiping the front shield of a car. There is no Someday. Why not Now?  Being in right at this second fills up whatever it is to be Whole.

Do something Now! Live Every Second!

LOvE being in the NOW!






































How Little Do I Know of  This World.

But I Know How Eerily Beautiful This World Could Be.

We Are Moving Forward to See More of This World that We Know little of.


Aarons_PoolsideGossip_HiRes“Pool Side Gossip ” Photographed by a jet setter and socialite photographer, Slim Arron at the house designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar Kaufman, Palm Springs, 1970

Welcome to Palm Springs!  Above opening picture completely captures what Palm Springs Life is all about since the New Architectural and Design movement, Mid Century Modernism was born in America around 1933-1970, which could have been a reflection of International and Bauhaus Movement that was going on in time, but in Our opinion, American Mid Century Modernism has this bright and sort of happy side yet maybe even more minimal than where it all may have started.  And Palm Springs is a Living Museum, Showcase and Real life Evidence of American Mid Century Modernism, and I hope all of you Americans are very proud of it!

Palm Springs has a unique geographical set. It only takes about 1 1/2 hour long car ride from LA airport area. The ride is beautiful along the non stop chain of mountain view and as you reach the town, these gorgeously lined up  California Fan Palms will greet you. The heart of town is protected by breathtaking San Jacinto mountains and sitting on the vastly open desert field.  Closer to the mountain, you will get to more expensive area of the town filled with some of the most prominent Mid Century Homes designed by Donald Wexler, Lautner, Neutra, William Krisel and more.

In My opinion, the dry and hot open desert land filled with lush palm trees surrounded by the most beautiful mountains right int the heart of the town could have been the Critical Natural Setting and Reason for why Mid Century Modernism could have been particularly flourished right here in Palm Springs.

IMG_8496You’ve all have seen this picture before in books or magazines. This is Palm Springs Tram Way Gas station then, now is turned to  Palm Springs Visitor Center designed by Albert Frey in 1965.

IMG_8489Palm Springs Visitor Center. It’s unreal that we are here!

IMG_8518Visitor Center carries All the information you need plus good range of post cards and AMAZING Mid Century Modern Architects’ Books and Documentary films. We went bit crazy buying All the films and more…! It’s a place you must stop by when you visit Palm Springs!






IMG_8510Please check out my past blog post on Julius Shulman. Julius Shulman resided in Palm Springs for many many years. By the way, from watching Shulman’s documentary, I learned that the 2 men on this book cover is actually Julius himself and his uncle. This is Bop Hope’s house designed by John Lautner and photographed by Shulman. Isn’t it just amazing?

IMG_8508Gael browsing books at the Visitor center.



IMG_8513Donald Wexler not only designed Mid century residential homes but also was the first person who designed Steel houses. Only 7 of them were built and they were all built by Wexler.  Wexler also has worked on many prominent public buildings such as Palm Springs Airport, Water system office, Public Schools and more in Pam Springs and areas near. This book cover shows Wexler’s signature roof detail.

IMG_8533Palm Springs and close areas are known to get windy. America is blessed with big land everywhere. Right outer edge of Palm Springs, you will see these thousands and thousands windmills creating energy. They come in different heights and sizes. I find the quite beautiful.


IMG_9284Yay! We are arriving at ACE Hotel Palm Springs Swim Club!!  Our Glorious And Fun Stay base in Palm Springs!

IMG_9288LOVING ACE HOTEL! We highly recommend you to stay at ACE Swim Club in Palm Springs. Hotel itself is not only a Mid Century Architecture but also it got all the right attitude with casual easiness. The staffs are easy going like next door guys and the hotel draws great bunch of crowds. You will see good mix of hip and cool adults to beautiful young family with fully tattooed rock and roll mom and dad , most amazingly dressed hipster grannies in white shades and floral swim suits… This is the Place to BE! Here we are waiting to check in at the front desk area. It feels bit like we are at Opening Ceremony shop.


IMG_9068So Here’s a Quick history on ACE Hotel Palm Springs. ACE Hotel was built on the foundation of a 1965 Howard Johnson Hotel and the Restaurant space today was then Denny’s chain from the later years. ACE had done an excellent job keeping it all simple and also highly functional ( Good design is also high in function: this is my personal motto and strong belief). Rooms are excellent with right decor and function again. Here we are to grab a quick bite for lunch. Restaurant at ACE is called ” King’s Highway”.




IMG_9297Emi and I were wondering if these cute Sun Shades were already here from Howard Johnson time. You can buy one from Modernica website today. The shade you can adjust in any angle you want. I think they look quite fun and modern. By the way, Pool Area!!


IMG_9308ACE hotel is located in quiet area, Twin Palms where is one of main areas you can see numerous Mid Century Modern Homes built right near to San Jacinto Mountain. It’s lovely to have that mountain view from the pool.

IMG_9325That’s Gael, il Lupo di Mare ( wolf of the ocean), jumping in. You get full bar and food service right by the pool. Again friendly staffs, beautiful sunny dry weather, the pool. Life is good here!

IMG_9331Our Captain, Emi deserves some lay low time by the pool. He had driven quite a bit already.

IMG_9094The Pool and generously sized Jacuzzi is open till 2:00 am.

IMG_9102Gael enjoys night ping pong with dad and other guests at ACE.

IMG_9109By the pool food and drinks goes from early morning to late night. Everyone is respectful and relaxed here.

IMG_9110Each building has outdoor communal fire place lounging situations. Ir’s soooo nice. Everything is set up for outdoor. I really envy out here for this.

IMG_9320The indoor full Bar at ACE Kicks Your Butt!  They open for all day and have fun small events at night like concert, karaoke, parties…

IMG_5825Here we are outside of Edgar Kaufman’s Home designed by Richard Neutra. This is the house of the very first picture I put on this posting. Can you believe this home was built back in year 1970?  Today, We are dedicating our day to go see and visit Mid Century Architecture. Residences and also some public buildings. We are very excite! You can hire a private tour guide or get a self guided map for all the prominent Mid Century Modern architecture. We decided to do self guide one and made an appointment to go see inside of 5 mid century homes in Palm Springs.

kaufmann-house-palm-springs-ca-1947-c2a0architect-richard-neutra-photo-julius-shulmanThis is the interior of Kaufman house. The picture is taken by Julius Shulman.

IMG_5882This is one of Wexler designed Mid century home with classic and key detail, Butterfly roof. Butterfly roof was created to prevent roof leaking.

lDonald Wexler’s big break and main training stared by working for an Architect, Richard Neutra.

DONALD-WEXLER-by-Spa-Hotel-Bath-House-1958How Beautiful is this?!!  The gloriously famous and much loved Palm Springs Spa. Then it was the hot spot for old Hollywood heavy weights. Designed by Donald Wexler. 1958.

Donald_Wexler_shore_house10Donald Wexler’s Shore House. San Jacinto mountain must have been the key natural inspiration for these Palm Springs Mid Century Modern Life Style. All the Houses were built with minimal and simple lines to bring indoor to outdoor or vice versa. The Pool is a key point.

ff95011792cdebc1fe38fa4337b52db3Another Wexler Designed home in Palm Springs back in the 60′s. The photo was taken by Julius Shulman in 2005.

IMG_9352Now we are at inside of one of recently sold Donald Wexler’s Mid Century Home. We are here to see the house with one of agents from a much respected Real Estate Agency, Paul Kaplan, Palm Springs.  Chris, Thank you for your time and your selection!


IMG_9373Here we are at the second house to see. This place is all about the outdoor space. There’s more outdoor than the actual home. Average Mid Century Home is built on about 1300 square foot indoor space including kitchen, bedrooms and the bathroom. And there will be about double the size of outdoor space or more.


IMG_9378A typical entrance situation of Mid Century Modern homes.

IMG_5852We also ran and biked around the Twin Palm area one morning for couple hours. That’s Gael on the bike! The neighborhood is really quiet and safe.







IMG_5902Some homes have serious front gardening going. Ahhh we so envy these desert plants..!


IMG_9119One of the Most fun we had in Palm Springs was going on a Horse back riding across the desert field and arrive at a small oasis in San Jacinto mountain. I am just excite as Gael! We chose to go for Smoke Tree Stables. Friendly, safe and conveniently located near ACE hotel.







IMG_9185Desert is Dry. But when you get to Oasis, it’s Unbelievably LUSH!!!!  Here we go again, The sign of where water is in desert, California Fan Palms. I learnt couple things about desert plants in this trip for sure.

IMG_9186It’s literally a little Oasis. Oasis comes in all different forms by the way. It’s an amazing feeling you have after a hour long of horseback ride gazing such grand and open mountain and desert view. Then finally arrive at the Oasis. It is our very first time to have such an experience. We are usually beach goers, so this entire trip has been definitely bit of shock to us.



IMG_5807Cheese! From left, Cholla, Poncho y Pedro. Thank you horses! We love you guys!!

IMG_5908Palm Springs Tram is famous for being the world largest rotating Tramcar and also the Tram station itself is designed by Albert Frey.

IMG_5967It’s 15 minute ride but boy, you get to feel the thrill of going up to 8500ft from the sea level.

IMG_5920The View is Absolutely amazing. Up here at 8500ft high, the temperature drops down about 30 degrees lower than the town. Bring a warm jacket. The Air’s bit thin, but also so clean.


IMG_5946After we got off the tram, We had gone for a nice walk. It’s so crazy how cold up here!

IMG_9421The vegetation completely changed. It’s a different kind of beauty.

IMG_5906Here’s the Tram station designed by Albert Frey. Read about it’s history here.

tumblr_lkoer3MFtf1qat99uo1_500Albert Frey’s Russel House.

3422436050_59d896e72f_oAlbert Frey’s residence.

IMG_1361Here are some good souvenir we got from Palm Springs. They are all great.  Especially William Krisel was our favorite one for his much stylish life, amazing taste, exotic travels and the happiness he had brought to his family as a wonderful father and a man who only got to do what he loved to do. If anyone is interested in watching any of these documentary films, Please see below!





There are So many things to do in Palm Springs and near areas.  Especially if you are interested in Mid Century Modern Architecture, this is The Place to visit. The weather is hot and dry year around. From June to August, many businesses are closed as it reaches up to 120 degrees or higher.  January to March is a really good time to visit for wonderful weather. Annual Modernism Week is definitely a main event in Palm Springs to check out. Most major important Mid Century Modern Architecture is open to public for visit along auctions and special lectures.


Now we are heading out to Salton Sea!

IMG_8553Our very first 2 night stay out of 9 day road trip across the West Coast at  Rosa Muerta , Joshua Tree, CA

Since the last trip to LA back in February for more of business reason, We were brewing this West Coast Fever a bit under our cold toes for a while. Regardless chilly weather then in LA, after the longest winter that is still continuing to very much Today ( 04/04), Spring Break for Gael to visit West Coast was one big thing to look forward to. ( almost desperately!)

All the Love we have for Mid Century Modernism and Modern Architecture in general, “To Follow” a trail of very best work of Mid Century Architects such as Donald Wexler, Albert Frey, William Krisel, Richard Neutra, John Lautner and more in Hot and Dry Palm Spring area was definitely the Biggest Focus in our trip and also hitting major natural parks in high desert such as Joshua tree, and going to see world Largest trees in Sequoia National Park were super adventurous and added fun!

Here come and get on the Ride of our total 1800 mile long road trip and very exciting journey that we are about to share with you! Whatever you will get to on the road, we will get through together with lots of fun!

IMG_1307Here’s our quick scribble map for the road trip planned.  I like to pay special thanks to Emi for driving All these miles all by himself!! ( yeah, no, I don’t drive…)

IMG_9047I like to ask all of your full attention to the beauty of this Architecture. Landed in LA then we drove through Palm Spring to get to our real first stop was all about doing 2 things. EXPERIENCE Rosa Muerta and Joshua Tree National Park in Joshua Tree Area.  I present you the beauty, Rosa Muerta, a Modern Architecture built in the middle of high desert by an Architect and Designer, Robert Stone.































Rosa Muerta. This was the place where we got inspired, appreciated and recharged for the first 2 days and nights.

Mr Stone,

If I dare take your concept to my way, for me, it was all about the structure that is boldly edited yet naked open then unbelievably complete sitting in this dry open high desert that takes this natural light in so many different ways in every hour and angle if that is inside of the house or the outside.  I saw your black in countless shades. The outdoor was the indoor and the indoor was the outdoor. The ceiling was the sky and the sky was the ceiling.

I could not allow One single object of ours in the sleeping area because it felt like a crime that is so against your strong vision. We happily did our best to keep the entire space as the second we walked in. It was our challenge and respect for the space and such a pleasure. It was a shocking experience for me to be there just to realize what just ” being” is.  I felt shaken in a wonderful way. I am completely blown away and much touched by Rosa Muerta and I have highest regard and respect for your vision and concept.

Thank you.

IMG_0152Gael on a swing at Eames House, Pacific Palisades, LA

The very last day of our 9 day long Road trip ends at Eames House in LA.  Whole experience was beautiful and bit emotional. We were able to see Charles and Ray’s very residence. We got to see personal belongings and little objects in the house they cherished for years. It felt like we were friends of them. It was such a special moment!

The Eames House, Case Study House #8, was built under a concept for a real or hypothetical client taking into consideration their particular housing needs. Charles and Ray proposed that the home they designed would be for a married couple working in design and graphic arts, whose children were no longer living at home. They wanted a home that would make no demands for itself, and would serve as background for.  And if you are here to see the house and take a moment to be in, you will completely see that concept has been successfully executed. It’s amazing.

IMG_0077Approaching. I fee bit nervous from gentle excitement.

IMG_0083I can’t believe we are here!!

IMG_0087Leaving our names. A humble moment.


IMG_0091We are standing in between the 2 buildings. One Gael is facing at is the Studio. The lady is from Eames foundation. All visits are possible by appointments only.

IMG_0090Gael looking into the home. The Kitchen is located close to this court yard like space.

IMG_0107One of the entrances to the residential home side.

IMG_0109The living room.



IMG_0111Not like other many modern homes, Eames publicized the house as a thoroughly lived-in, usable, and well loved home. While many icons of the modern movement are depicted as stark, barren space devoid of human use, photographs and motion pictures taken at the Eames house reveal a richly decorated, almost cluttered space full of thousands of books m art objects, artifacts and charming knick-knacks.


IMG_0094Charles and Ray at home.

IMG_0135All these little objects in the house are the actual belongings of Charles and Ray.



IMG_0116The design was first sketched out by Charles Eames with fellow architect Eero Saarinen in 1945 as raised steel and glass box projecting out of the slope and spanning the entrance drive before cantilevering dramatically over the front yard. The structure was to be constructed entirely from off the shell available from steel fabricators catalogue.





IMG_0148The back of the house.

IMG_0139The Studio, Office.



IMG_0158We really took time to enjoy the house and chatted up about so many things around Eams personal lives and the house itself.

IMG_0157Me and Genny ( hope I spelled your name correctly!) from the foundation. Cheese! Thank you so much for your time and good talks. We had a wonderful time!


The Eames House Foundation is established in 2004 and run in part by the grand children of Charles and Ray Eames. They have overseen the conservation of the structure and have preserved Charles and Ray’s collections and decor. It felt much personal us being there. We relate to Eames’ creatively rich yet truly real life they had. We could just see it from the way the house has been. I saw Emi leaving the house with his hands over at his heart.  It was a beautiful experience and we felt fortunate to have this time together with Gael.

Our very first time Road Trip with Gael ends here at Eames House only opening for more possibilities to create many more.

INsPiRe YoUrSelF!