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Speaking of Kimono, Here are amazing food of Tokyo.

IMG_5519Green Tea Ice cream with Sweet Red Beans and Green tea. Sweet agave syrup and dried deep sea seaweed chips with sugar. The seaweed portion got me all afraid… Did you know over 50% of food that Japanese eat are from the Ocean?

IMG_5525Fruits and Gonyaku with Green Tea Ice Cream.

IMG_5489Spicy Pork Bone broth Ramen with ground bits of Pork meat with scallions and bean sprouts. $7.00 at Taxi Drivers’ Ramen House in Harajuku. Any restaurants where Taxi drivers frequent, they have fast service and generous portion with very affordable price tag! Just something to experience. It’s a local thing to do. Remember everyone was smoking… Not my ideal situation yet it felt almost nostalgic. I mean who allows smoking indoor these days…?

IMG_5504Samples of various noodle soups greet customers outside of restaurants. Shibuya. No, these are not those plastic models. These are real ones.

IMG_0905I looovvvveee this! Sweet Yam being baked and roasted on the hot and smooth stones.

IMG_0900They know how to bake. I think Japanese bread and pastries are quite amazing. Nothing is too over powering . They are delicious and well balanced. Walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese. Yum and beautiful!

IMG_0904Green Mat Cha (powdered one) shaken with ice chunks and milk. Delicious! No sugar for me…

IMG_0897Boiled eggs, Gonyaku, Pork, Oden being simmered in a bath of  ginger and soy broth. This is very iconic flavor of Japan. Sushi and teriyaki is just a tip of iceberg of Japanese Cuisine. Honestly, every time I go to Tokyo, the one thing that excites me the most is the food. It’s a mind blowing experience.

Food Show market at Tokyu Dept, Tokyo. My Must stop in Tokyo. I was politely asked to stop video taping… haha. It only lasts for a minute. This amazing place has everything from fresh fish and groceries to million food vendors make Indian curry to Udon noodles and delicious baked goods, fresh salad, desert and so much more around traditional Bento boxes to world cuisine.  And my favorite, best Sakes you just can’t find in NY.

You all have seen photos of Japanese barbies, fashionistas, shops and whatever that is of  Harajuku.  And yes they are real and true and you can’t imagine Tokyo without them.



IMG_5497Now I have found the real one.

IMG_5494Kimono Flea across from the Harajuku Gap.


IMG_5487You know what Obi is, right?  A Beautiful and very long rectangular textile that functions as a belt and also stylizes the volume and the line of entire Kimono in maximum. I think Obi is the most important part of the Kimono. Like a good coat can define your look,  good obi completes the entire look. Did you read the Memoir of the Keisha yet? Such a beautiful book.


An entrance to one Sweet shop.


Harajuku Girls!

IMG_5498Harajuku Subway Station. I always like to take subways of the city if there is one. It’s the best way to see the city. At least once. If you don’t, you are missing it out.

IMG_0928Creative street vendor’s one of kind pieces.  I think they are quite great. Love the back detail.


IMG_0907Cool shoes.

Blade Runner would be the good movie to reference Tokyo.  All different kinds of sound spilling out from the moving bill boards and swarming people on the street. Crazy intersections and more people. Tokyo is a melting pot of it’s own strong individuality of each. Reserved yet Dare. Quite but Alive.


A view from Cerulean Hotel, Shibuya.

IMG_5439Men in Tokyo are some characters. Sporting permed long hairs and distinctive outfits or anything that works!


IMG_5505Yes the pony tail, hoop earings, big purse. It’s common to see straight men handling  all of these fashion in Tokyo.



IMG_0255_2At the entrance of Shibuya park. The Mod men!


IMG_0247Gap employees at Shibuya store wearing all Gap.

Harajuku and Shibuya are maybe the 2 most famous areas in Tokyo but I just discovered and fell in love with tranquility and maturity of Ebisu in Tokyo.  I met up with Natalia and her Japan office friend, Michelle and her local friends for a drink and dinner for the night. Michelle led us over to a smooth hilly side of Ebisu and it somehow looks bit residential rather than full on neon lighted . You can almost hear foot steps of our group and it feels refreshing.

We walk into this small bar on the corner of the block.  There is more the bar itself than standing room around. We order some sake ( why not we are in Japan!) and the good looking bartender brings out bunch of little panda bears.

“Pandas” from Fukuoka.  Tokyo May 2009

The bartender says they are from Fukuoka. He gives little tap to the bear and you see the transparent sake turns milky.  I think couple taps shock the sake and bring out the texture of the ice.  Now you pop off the top and take a sip right out of it.  It’s frozen but smooth.  Just like frozen margarita.  And it’s delicious!  We may try to freeze some sake this summer?

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