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IMG_3260It’s like a part Canal Jeans (do you remember our Canal Jeans on Broadway in our better days of NYC?), a part CBGB gallery (this one too, of course)  and a part Urban Outfitters. 64 rue Tiquetonne. That’s the address and you want to write this down. Because you want to check this place out. It’s big, it’s cool as hell and it’s a very well organized mixed vintage and modern day clothing Mad House.

You may want to check out thier fantastic websitehttp://espacekiliwatch.fr/


IMG_3265A portion of beautiful ceiling with kicking 70′s atomic chrome bubble light fixture and a good dozen of well framed butterfly collection. This shop is wide and impressively long. You would think the room where you were would be the last one, then there would be three more after with well stocked and organized army jackets, motor boots, hats, ton of jeans, shirts, sweaters, leathers, sneakers, bags, scarves and the list goes on.  There are enough of amount of shop helpers to help you with anything. But again you need a good half day to even look through and decide where you want to even begin.


IMG_3268This is the last room at the end where western meets the leather motor jackets.

IMG_0618I really wanted to get better pic of the main cashier area because they just looked so awesome but this was the best I could do at the moment. ( I was not supposed take any photos…!)


IMG_3263Ha ha, lastly more leopard prints in Paris!


Heidi and I were trying to walk through more off the beaten path kind of streets to meet any fresh surprises for Fall 10 research.  We had well covered and studied the main stream, but like a refreshing quick shower, We were longing for something cooler and things that were more nurturing.

A second after we walked into a quaint yet handsome looking street, rue Sainte Anastase, we knew we would like this right away.  Gallery after gallery, we saw these very much attractive arts showing through big open glass windows.  Atsuko Ishii. A Japanese illustrator born in Osaka and now works and lives in Paris, definitely threw fresh breath of air to us.



Through small as 10×20 cm pieces to big wall poster sizes, the artist weaves dream like stories and touches our soul in her light filled softly colored beautiful etching work.  There`s naiveness in her work but you can also read her complex thought processes under lying.  It was such a nice unexpected surprise to encounter her exhibition and I felt so lucky that we were able to catch her last day of this solo exhibition. You must love Paris!


When you finish the main streets of Marais area (mix of Soho and Nolita of NYC)  for all the good shopping like `Loft` and `Sandro`, you will hit a small street filled with Moroccan and Greek restaurants and bakeries, Rue des Rosiers.  And right there in the heart of everything, you will see this small but lively great vintage shop where you will feel like you are hitting a Jack Pot with flea market like finds with great prices.  Eh-hem, of course you will not find anything more selected and up-scaled or mint condition items as in Lacasapark, but you can definitely have great fun in this shop digging and browsing.

vintage desire

vintage desire 3

Fur coats start at 35 euros up to 150 euros, classic sailor tees at 10 euros, bus-boy caps are around 5 euros. Not bad for Paris!

vintage desire 4

desire 5Bags and shoes and bags and shoes and bags and shoes…!

animalAnimal prints are everywhere in Paris right now from the high ends to high street fashion and of course  the Vintage ones.

There are sweaters, kilts, track jackets, fedoras,  western shirts and so many more in this shop. Check it out next time you are out in Paris. 

And here are all those yummy restaurants on this strip.




bag2bag1Clay scull bag at St Germain, Next to Isabel Marant shop.

the barber shop so cool
barber shop close up Barber shop, Marais.
cxmas gallery
lightsOne of many galleries we stepped in, Marais.

lampAt St Germain market, next to Gap store

shopOne of many home furnishing bodegas at St. Germain

fuzy ballWool felted bird house at Ben Simmon, undergournd level, Marais.

macarron1Oh so good and Oh so beautiful Macaroons. To make it clear, the green one is Olive Oil, not pisctachio!

macarron 2More macaroons at Pierre Herme; passion fruite, apricot, mint, caramel, jasmin, chocolate, and more!

elephantOK. How smart is this? An elephante made out of detergent bottles and bottle caps. Do you Green youself?

A lot more to come!!!

rubber lamprubber lamp from sidestacked up lamp

These are not glass or poly lamps. These are made out of PU, so they are lighter and safer.  And also fantastic looking!  It`s about 130 euro each. Do you want a few?

Check out their web site http://www.bubblewood.com/

bubble wood store front

When the fashion week took off in NYC, the Gap had opened a joined pop-up store with the hottest new life style store, Merci from Paris. Gap had stocked up their new premium jeans and vintage clothing, accessories and even vintage and modern furniture. And the result was one big success by making impressive amount of sales.

Today, I visited the original store where everything had started.  The Merci , Paris.

merci outside

So there are 3 entrances to get into the Merci. One through the flower shop to the left, the main one in the middle and the book shop to the right. But once you are in, you are in for all.

main entrancecourt yardThe main entrance and the cutest court yard.
mercie cupHundreds of china cups hanging from the eye soaring glass roof greet the customers. The ground floor houses the cashier, perfumery, stacked up casual chinas and a room dedicated to a metal cabinet installation and posters.

hanging cups from topwooden box wallperfum counterinstallation boxwedding boxMy favorite box of all. The wedding. (Chrissy!)

second floor clothingtop floor livingSecond floor carries many mixed designer`s clothing such as Isabel Marant, Gap, vintage and tons of more great lines. The third floor is all about home furnishing and textiles with more upscaled plates, kitchen-wears and lamps. And also the basement level with more home and kitchen stuff is great.

couchcool paris signIt`s a life style store that has ease and air. Comfortable air. You can find at least one thing here in all sort of price range. There are so many more to share, but I`m stopping here, so you can enjoy them yourself next time when you are in Paris!  Happy Life…!



I can’t deny the feeling of it being quite touristy at it’s heart, but once you start walking around the edge of it, you will find small town style old houses and cafes and also quite residential neighborhood with cute restaurants. Montmartre is only 10-15 minute walking distance from the hotel Amour where we stayed, so it was quite convenient.

IMG_2266The Church of Montmartre.






This is one of most beautiful Squares of Paris in one of most swanky areas, Le Marais.  Marais is sort of mix of Soho and Lolita in NY toward the center of the area with impressive food, drink and grocery streets along the outer edge where main traffic is running. There are great small boutiques and art galleries near the square.

IMG_2210One of many bars along the square.


IMG_2212Arches under the buildings surrounding the square.

IMG_2214Hotel Pavillon De La Reine, it’s located in the heart of the square.

IMG_2231Nap time..zzzzzzz

They call it a hidden gem of Paris which means somehow not that touristy. It’s small enough to feel intimate but also big enough to browse around. You can go buy flowers, cheese and wines or sit down and have nice relaxed easy meals there with a glass of wine or two.






IMG_2201Our Moroccan Lunch. It was deeeelicious!!!  There are also other small food vendors and actual restaurants serves French and other cousins. The vibe is perfect for a sleepy sunny weekend.



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