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Without a son, there will be no father. Without a father, there will be no son. I love you both so much and that was a rock and roll Father and son day you two!  Doing a sort of throw down at Coney Island Luna Park on June 19, 2011.

Gael, remember, Dad will be always always there for you. Everyday.

































IMG_3129Gael with the Entire Ocean to himself, Samana, Dominican Republic.

Mommy, Daddy and Gael will be Perfect. But Daddy and Gael is just sweet as it is. An Epic Life of Casarosa’s continues here in Dominican Republic…  Samana, Playa Rincon, Las Galeras, Puerto Escondido…

It’s not at Pink all over Disney Land, it’s not at all inclusive busy resort with a stranger nanny… Just Gael and Daddy in front of  honest and powerful Mother Nature.  You make your life where you want to be.

Here come taste Rich and Richer pouring shower of  Incredible Nature with Gael..











































VivA NaTuRE!!!

Mommy and Daddy loves you So much Gael!

IMG_8077Our very first pickle collection!

It was rocket salad with goat cheese and roasted bright red beets then. And we have moved on to raw chopped Kale salad with toasted nuts and something. Today, all the chefs are into serving house made pickles at restaurants especially at those hearty farm food sort of places as complimentary side dishes. They all come in these little small jars and it’s fun to dig into those hot feisty Jalapeno to kick our appetite in!  Order another glass of something to wash it down. So, it’s sort of win win situation here for the both parties. The customers and the business owners.

After lovely brunch at ” Sandwich Society” in Fort Greene, Brooklyn having enjoyed so much munching on their home made pickles, We all knew what we wanted to do to spend cold chilly Sunday afternoon.

Make Pickles!

IMG_80412 of main ingredients, Sugar and Vinegar. And of course Sea salt.

IMG_8042A little chef Gael is putting gloves on. We are about to cut some Jalapenos! ( do not rub your eyes!!)


IMG_8044Jars have been disinfected. These jars are from grandma, Livia!

IMG_8048Crispy and our favorite Kirby Cucumbers. Whole Garlic cloves, Jalapenos!

IMG_8050This is MY pickle juice. We put ourselves into competition to see who’s pickle will come out the best in 2 weeks! This is light soy base with sugar, vinegar, salt and dried chilli peppers. I am boiling this on low heat.

IMG_8052Gael had done a great job!

IMG_8053This is my jar with also whole baby carrots. I am loving such vibrant colors!

IMG_8056Juice is going in. The hot juice is making the camera lens all foggy!


IMG_8059Gael loves to explore! He will be the first youngest ” Modern Chef”!  Yes, that’s beer he’s adding to his pickle juice. We never stop him on his ideas.

IMG_8061HMmmmm , We are very curious how Gael’s pickle will turn out!


IMG_8066Gael’s onto his #2 Pickle. Now it’s Blackberries with Jalapenos!

IMG_8068” Mom, it’s important you crush a couple berries, So the taste blends better!” ” Really..?!”

IMG_8069Now I am onto my next one. Red onion. Only the onions with super classic pickle juice. Salt, vinegar and sugar. All boiled and pour right in.

IMG_8073Now here comes the professional!

IMG_8074The baby yellow peppers. He blenched them first and now cleaning all the seeds out.


IMG_8076Pepper corns, 5 spices, salt, sugar and vinegar for Emi’s peppers.

IMG_8079Emi’s not boiling his pickle juice but doing it in more proper way. He jars it and double boils it!


It’s so simple and easy. It was our very first time pickling apart from Gael and I had made Cucumber kimch, which is quite similar yet different as Kimch goes through serious fermentation process which makes end result whole thing bit fizzy.

Try this weekend at home pickling and next time you are at our home, we will open up our pickle jars!

Gael, keep it up with your cooking and creative exploring, Mommy and Dad are so proud of you, You little chef!

IMG_5315With Emi and Gael at The XX Concert, Paradise Theater, NYC

It has been a while Gael had graduated from Big Time Rush and Beaver.  Jovanotti is maybe the very favorite musician Gael has been after for a longest time in his fairly cute and young life. But as Gael get’s bigger and more exposed to what We are up for, Now there is this strong presence of other bands and artists in his second chapter of life.  Rolling Stones, Beatles, various House music, even Brazilians like Viva Brazil… Then so much more from having an access to mom’s I pod nano…  Was it like around 3 years old then?  Gael would burst out in tears listening to a CD in his room then would say ” Mom I miss my friends…!”  It was not really the friends that made him cry.  It was the emotion and something in the music that touched his heart.  Since then, Gael had many more broke downs with various music. Films, Classical music… Gael would say  ” Dad, I really miss my fish..!!”  his face covered in tears… Gael was already showing signs of his rich emotions and was able to express somehow.

It is a beautiful thing to watch my little child or maybe it’s more correct to say  a little human being shaping his own palette and depth of sensibility and sentiment.  And we can help him as parents by providing him opportunities to have exposed to all sort of everything.  It’s an amazing journey to be there together and share the moments.  I see Twinkles in his eyes. It’s just so beautiful to see that.

Here’s our very second concert with Gael after Jovanotti at Terminal 5. The XX, the absolute favorite band of this moment in Gael’s 9 year old life. Every song, every lyric. It touches Gael’s heart in such a strong way. Here now we are together to love them only in a better way.  It’s a live concert!

IMG_5204Paradise Theater, It’s our first time here. it’s a beautiful theater!



IMG_5212XX Souvenirs!

IMG_5213The British Indie pop band,  XX formed in August 2009 and they have 3 albums out so far. Maybe one of the most talented and well established indie bands out there today in such a short period.

IMG_5218Walking in!

IMG_5219It’s still early. Emi got us great Orchestra seats!

IMG_5226An opening band. Not a bad sound, but like any other opening bands, they were just all right. I liked the back drop images though.

IMG_5274Patiently waiting for XX to come out. Emi and Gael playing” Chop Sticks” ( a real fun game using fingers. It needs a good Addition skill!)

IMG_5249Bit of John Currin -ish moment here.

IMG_5278Romy Madley Croft shows up first. The audience jumps out of their seats. Swirl of applause and screams in the air. It’s exciting!

IMG_5281Such a great and edited sound in many layers.  It’s very powerful.

IMG_5282Jamie XX has such a beautiful voice. Deep, clean and intellectual sort of.



IMG_5302Gael absolutely loved lighting effects. He thought it was one of the coolest thing he has ever seen.

IMG_5307A beautiful theater. Very Romanesque.


IMG_5316Ahhh  It was Such a Great Concert…!!!

I am thankful that Gael is big enough to do this together with us. Emi and I are both around 40′s and We have so much more ahead of us.  And I like to thank to those Great Artists out there offering their performance for All age groups.

Heading back home, we are putting who’s music on? Yes XX.

Here are Gael’s 2 favorite songs of XX. Enjoy it!

IMG_2374 Happy Aunt and Gael at Heyri, Aunt’s Studio. It’s almost surreal for me to see Aunt and Gael together!

After another hearty breakfast at Mom’s, We are headed to Aunt’s and Uncle’s in Heyri for the first time for Emi and Gael! Aunt and Uncle have not met Gael yet, So we are very excite!

The door opens up, Uncle and Aunt come out in bare feet much welcoming. I see aunt’s eyes get teary with happiness and emotion to see Emi and Gael. Ahhh it’s so good to be here. I get all teary too. Uncle’s the same way. I have never seen him so happy and having a good time. Emi and Uncle hit it off right away on mutual interests. Love for Wine and good food.

IMG_2376It’s always good to see Tang and Brandy.

IMG_2377Emi and Uncle. The first time meet. Deep in conversation on Italian Wine and Mushrooms. Ha-Ha!  Uncle had studied to be a Sommelier as a hobby recently.

IMG_2381All of us enjoying Aunt’s Fermented Ume, Apricot and fresh Peppermint drink.  Sweet and refreshing with nice squeeze of Lemon. So Delicious!!!  Ume is much used in our family daily in cooking meals in place of honey and vinegar as after it goes through fermentation, it gets sweet and sour. Think sort of maple syrup like consistency. It’s delicious and it does body good for you. Talking about rich in vitamin C and good for digestion.


IMG_2435Beautiful and modern Heyri. Click Here for More Pics.  Now we are about to explore!



IMG_2396The Best Coffee in Heyri Aunt says: Coffee Coffee.  Heyri’s biggest charm is living a Modern and Artistic life in organic and sort of nostalgic way. There are lots of old school details that are re born in most current setting.

IMG_2384In front of the coffee shop, there’s a true nostalgic ‘ TTong PPang’ machine baking Sweet Red bean cake. The real common name is ” gold fish cake” as the old time cake mold was in gold fish shape but here today’s new version is in ” poop” shape. Now you know what ” TTong” means. PPang means ‘ Bread’.  You eat it while it’s hot. Delis!!!

IMG_2387Gael having fun!

IMG_4246Inside of the Coffee shop. The Coffee Bar. Loving the stools made out of part of barrel I believe?  Just following coffee shops in Seoul can be one good way to see Seoul today especially for innovative interior designs.

IMG_2402The family.






IMG_2407Now we are exploring Artists’ space in the building where the Cafe is. Light fixtures.


IMG_2409Creative Open Space.




IMG_2420Now here we are where Aunt regularly works on her Ceramics.  Gael’s abut to experience Ceramic making!

IMG_4277Gael getting ready!




IMG_2425After 20 minutes, Gael had made his Noodle bowl and a Tea cup!

IMG_2428Gael putting his Artist’s signature on.  Clay is just too wet for Gael to put his name on. So we are making a tag that can be attached to the bottom and to be baked in a right timing.

IMG_2429Thank you So much Master Choi and Thank you Aunt!  We will be back again!!

IMG_2433Now moving on to a Traditional market next door. It says “From the farmers”.

IMG_4295Mini legume samples and sacks contain them for sale.


IMG_2439Back home at Aunt’s Studio for power rest. Then we are off for dinner! Some of Aunt’s small work.

IMG_2440Emi on a nap… Zzzzzzz

IMG_2454OK now it’s time for Dinner! This is one of my favorite place to dine!  The place is called  “Old Country Table”.  They serves up typical Korean table that comes with many little side tasting dishes. You get to choose the main dish such as grilled Beef, pork or Pollack. Today we are going for spicy grilled Pollack.

IMG_2453A few different kinds of kim chi, Mountain veggies that are picked, dried, socked and steamed with great seasonings, simple ssam with lettuce and crunch green chili, soy sauce soaked blue crabs, individually prepared amazing miso soups…. It goes on!

IMG_2458Made to order rice is just prepared and served right at the table on  rice cart.

IMG_2459YUUUummmmmm!  Ginko, chestnuts, red beans and rice.  Delicious! So nutty!

IMG_2462Spicy and Sweet Chilli paste Grilled Pollack! Yum Yum Yum

IMG_2455Uncle, Thank You!!! for the great time and all the generous treats!  ( two little legs behind Uncle are Gael’s. He fell on a sleep…)

IMG_2380Aunt and Me. We look alike.

Aunt in Korean is “Imo”.  Which really means “A different Mother” in Korean.  My aunt is a younger sister of my Mom and She is my another mother. Uncle in this case is called ” Imobu”, which means ” A different father”.  I also had lived with Aunt, Uncle and my cousin which actually really is a sister, Yoon hee when I was studying in NY for like a year. So it is very special feeling and love that I have for all of them.

Imo and Imobu, Thank you so much for all your warm hearts and love. We had a wonderful wonderful time!  I can’t speak enough how happy I am that we all got to finally meet and had time together.

For many more years, Cheers to us!

IMG_0057Gael’s Plum flash in a Plum Skin boat with Peony leaf Sail floating on organic Apple cider ocean and Blueberry Buoys. A “Dessert” Gael says.

Gael was a always good eater. When I started solid food along the breast feeding, Gael started rather falling a sleep on me and eat up the solid food. I used to tickle his ears to wake him up to keep drinking but it didn’t work so well for another couple months. So there it was I stopped the breast feeding around 9 months as Gael would rather have solid food. And he absolutely loved it.  On a steam tray, I would put down all different veggies that had all those different colors. Carrots in Orange, Zucchini in Green, Potato in Light Yellow….Like any mom would do.  I also made all sort of mushrooms for Gael. Porto Bello was a good meaty texture he loved. Oyster mushrooms, Shitake and also Champignon. I made them all. Cut them into small pieces and put them on the pan with a spoonful of Grandma Livia’s Extra virgin Olive oil from Italy.  How abut Tofu? He must have had trays and trays of them, it was excellent source of protein and such easy food to eat without all those teeth. Then later on, there was ” PASTA.”  Soooo Good! Isn’t it?  Penne with light fresh tomato sauce. So easy to grab and fun to eat. The Penne Rigate ( penne with lines) were the one I would usually buy. The lines hold sauce nicely. So Gael would have good amount of sauce on his pasta as he wasn’t using a fork just yet.  I think we always cared about Gael tasting things properly. Not just being fed.

Then there is all this cooking we do at home. And Gael is always a part of it. Both Emiliano and I believe we eat much better at home. We cook simple and hearty food.  We cook all the time. We do all sort of international cooking. All these prepping, shopping and brain storming is fun and we do it together. Gael gets so fascinated and enjoys watching us and always like to help. Washing up tomatoes was maybe the first Gael’s action in the kitchen. I think we allowed and taught him using a small table knife for chopping since he was abut 6 years old.



IMG_0055Gael lovess to use this dish. It’s a shape of little fish that’s elevated by a stand. We got this dish in Livorno, Italy.

IMG_0049The chef.


IMG_8964Gael’s famous “Juice cocktail”. Gael likes to make this while we are prepping dinner or when friends are visiting. He will just glide into the kitchen quietly and start chopping. No big talk is needed. And I love that! There will be always one big surprise at the bottom in your glass!



IMG_3512Making Panzerotti at Beppe’s. Southern Italian dish. Sort of Fried mini Calzone or Gigantic ravioli. Either way. Here Gael at 6.


IMG_4187Guess which one is Gael’s.


IMG_3534One of Gael’s Favorite ingredients, Cucumber! Now Gael makes his own cucumber salad. I taught him to use mandolin slicer ( always under my supervision). He likes it with apple cider vinegar, salt and olive oil. Gael had written a food truck plan selling all dishes based on Cucumbers a few weeks ago! It comes with truck design, his menu and prices. Oh yes and the combo dishes! Many brilliant ides!

IMG_7468Emi and Gael making pizza dough. Gael here at 6.




IMG_1183Gael cracking eggs for an Easter cake with Riccota cheese, spinach and layers of Filo dough.



IMG_3978Here Gael making dumplings with me. Gael at 5.



IMG_3983Gael’s Excellent job here on shaping dumplings! So cute his little hand.


IMG_3690Here Gael eying on and putting his finger into the batter for fried zucchini flowers. Gael at age 4.

IMG_3695Gael looking over Philipp making apple pies.

Now Gael’s almost 9 years old, Gael volunteers to set up the table and he always puts his flare on it. Gael gets creative with the way he wraps the napkins around the fork and knife or the position of glasses next to plates. He will run between kitchen to the table with plated food for each guest. Gael had well developed amazing palette for food at his only almost 9 years old. Kale, mushroom, carrot, mustard green, tossed salad, arugula his favorite salad green, all the shellfish you can imagine since 3 years old, he started talking to Cheese shop man asking for tasting and got his Cheese list started already, truffle oil does kick a notch for him over his meat, pasta and cheese, al dente means al dente for all the pasta he eats, beans and particular way of cooked rice, loves sashimi and sushi… the list goes on and he’s happy with any great hearty food and willing to try all. I think it all comes from his open mind and our effort of teaching him to be that way.

Gael, I think it’s about a time for you to learn to make a few pasta dishes!  Sharpen your knife and roll up you sleeves! Here comes mama to show you a few things.  Love you Gael!

VivA Food, VivA Gael! A little Iron Chef!

IMG_1750Home sweet Home at Vale Benedetta, Andrea’s garden, Livorno, Italy

We had left for Italy on Gael’s Birthday this time, so auntie Suzy and uncle Andrea were throwing a birthday party for Gael where Andrea lives. Vale Benedettta. A small village where there’s much history of Casarosa’s family as a few generations have lived there and now Emi has a small country home and Emi’s big brother Andrea actually resides right below Emi’s country home daily. Emi and I had married at this small church in Vale Benedetta 12 years ago and I definitely feel like this is a home at heart for the family even though we only get to come up to Vale Benedetta only a few times a year. But I feel the root of the family history here somehow.  As usual it would be either Emi’s or Andrea’s. We rotate 2 homes and we get together time to time with all family and it would be usually lots of home cooked food and enjoying typical Italian style family conversation sitting out in al fresco by peach trees if it was at Emi’s or by a small fish pond if it was at Andrea’s.

It’s so good to be back home with Emi’s family!!  Especially to celebrate Gael’s big 8th birthday together!!!

IMG_1765Andrea’s festive entrance. The man who worked his entire life in the ocean sure chose the right decor. The world’s flags. The typical ones for the yacht clubs and ports. I always enjoy seeing Andrea’s particular love for the ocean in his life.


IMG_1752Denny So grown up now!

IMG_1779Suzy’s fresh pesto: rucola, cherry tomato, black olives, almond, basil, garlic…. Delicious!

IMG_1797Uncle Giorgio and me!

IMG_1790Andrea and Giorgio working on a grill.



IMG_1793The familiar running around of Gael in and out of Andrea’s home. The lush pines, the dark green door, warm yellow washed wall of Emi’s home behind. Aaaaahhhh!

IMG_1766Merlino, Denny’s dog but really Giorgio’s I believe. Right, Suzy..? Haha!

IMG_1800As it get’s darker, Andrea’s garden starts get really shinning.  So pretty…


IMG_1744Suzy holding one of her cake she made for Gael. Delicious. Suzy also had made a Cheese cake with runny chocolate icing on top. Yum!!


Now watch the family singing!!

IMG_1814Suzy’s gift, The Soccer shoes!!!

IMG_1830Grandpa the director!

IMG_1817Emi, Chiara and Andrea Jr.

IMG_1811Ahhh Happy Gael!

Grazie a tutti per una belissima festa per Gael!!!!!!!!

Ti vogliamo sempre sempre bene!!

IMG_0004It’s an annual “Crazy week” at P.S 11 this week. Preparing for the ” Crazy Hat day”.

Gael now approaching big 8 in this up coming June is getting taller and super skinny, loosing teeth, does better job tying shoe laces, so into dancing and singing is a best friend with Emi and the Wii world cup soccer match partner who always seriously gets upset when Emi makes a goal and a still my little not so little son. Gael takes 4 after school programs like Capoeira, Mad science, Hip Hop dance and his on going passion for Soccer. Gael’s developing his list of favorite & non favorites and also started faking speaking French all of sudden and enjoys imitating his friend Kofi’s Trinidad heavy accent! He totally is amazing and fluent in Italian that makes me nervous that I need to really bring his Korean up to the level so by the next summer We can keep up with Dad’s side of family!!!!   (competition!)

I so don’t want to miss this time and this moment Gael growing up so fast so I thought I would pause a little and document what he’s into and up for right now.

IMG_0005The crazy battle field hat we are making! Gael was so excite confident about his would be the best one ever! Emi and I labored a couple hours picking things out and sewing them all up with Gael. It was a great fun project to do together.




IMG_0001Mastering Wimpy Kid.  All of them and the Movie as well. He loves it!

IMG_0020A note maker. So these days, I find Gael’s notes left every corner of home including on the last page of my note book. He talks about concerns, upsetting things and simple facts just like this. His soccer shoes are too tight!




IMG_0430He has lost 4 teeth so far and got one set of new teeth.

IMG_0002Italian tooth fairy just doesn’t leave a dollar for your tooth. She takes your very first lost tooth away and put a gold crown around it and deliver it back! Fancy…!

IMG_0109Gael’s recent favorite Youtube watch is sophisticatedly  shot beautiful 7 minute short film series of ” Original Skateboards“. Especially ones in shot in Puerto Rico. They are beautiful. You should check it out!

IMG_0457Brotherhood. Bonding with Marlowe, Philipp and Kit’s little baby girl. Gael loves her..!

More to come…

IMG_0034Regardless you are Japanese or not, many NYC peeps were there to support to raise every dime to help Japan’s Tsunami relief. Union Square, NYC.

Last weekend, Emi was busy working with Beppe shooting Alegri’s Spring Campaign. So it meant a day date with Gael for me!

We were at the Union Square movie theater to see Johnny Depp’s Rango ( quite surreal for the 7 year old boy! ) then strolled through Union Square farmer’s market ( spring branches, tulips and all) and not to forget to donate for Japan’s Tsumani relief, then quick yummy Korean lunch at Manna! It was bit windy but beautiful as sun was shinning and quite lovely to have a small walk down to Soho. We also checked out great Prada store on Broadway as I wanted Gael to know ” What a great shop means” pointing out at amazing murals in the store, the fab transparent cylinder shaped elevator, fabulous Spring 11 line of acid Bananas and Monkeys that takes you back to the 70′s swanky sea side Castiglioncello or Porto Fino in Italy ( just imagine Sofia Lauren and Marcelo Mastroianni sipping on chilled campari preferably listening to her own song ” Soldi Soldi Soldi from Boccaccio 70″ despite their kicking Super modern Spring Campaign… And the fab custom jeweleries in bright colored resins of everything you can or cant imagine!! KidRobot is always a must stop as Gael just absolutely loves the place and he gets to pick a small something. Then stop at the corner of Prince street to watch a street band singing Motown songs as munching on pretzels then the last stop at Pearl river! When was the last time I was at the Pear River?!!  As much as I love nick nacks and all that chachkis, Pearl river can absolutely satisfy you on a dime!  Hopefully Pearl river will never close down as my beloved Canal Jean has long gone from Soho since when…? Ahhh I ssssso miss my Canal Jean filled with the best everything from vintage army pants to $10.00 wool coats! Hip. Cheap. And understated Massive Hit!  I just found out that Canal Jean had re opened up on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, so I must check it out and I hope it will not disappoint me…  Anyway, it’s always a big fun to walk around and do “me and Gael thing two of us together” in the city. Go shopping, movies on a shared kids’ package, street food, fancy shops, spoil him a little with sepecial purchase then stop and watch oh so amazing break dancers on the street of NYC. And what else… oh and just chatting and catching up hand in hand and it just feels so right to spend some descent time with my little cool son on the weekend… Love you Gael and love you NYC!!!

And… the pics!


IMG_0047Proud Gael after a small donation for Japan.

IMG_0042Beautiful colors of bundles of hanging wool yarns.

IMG_0049Is spring here yet…????





IMG_0062Gael inside the Prada store, Soho.

Screen shot 2010-11-21 at AM 09.37.19Prada Spring 11 !


prada-ad-campaign-2011 2

Watch this!

IMG_0074The absolute reason why you love NYC! Prince street.


IMG_0084At the shop, KidRobot, Soho.


IMG_0080And the NYC babes.

IMG_0075A street band, Soho.

IMG_0094MAC meets Wonder Woman, Spring street.



And… Mommy and Gael… Cheeeeese!


IMG_0211Gael approaching the board where the instructor Henry awaits, Trapeze School of New York

Today the Saturday, 26th of February, It was a very special day for Gael as Emi enrolled Gael for a Trapeze class at Trapeze School of New York located on 518 West 30th Street, NYC.  Gael was the youngest and the only kid in this total 9 student class and he did an excellent job and was super brave! The 2 hour long class starts with putting on this heavy duty belt where you hook the ropes, then quite quick demonstration from 3 instructors regarding general posture, ways to handle the ropes and finally the simple gymnastic movements that will help you to get you swing and do back flip sort of fancier tricks while you are on a flying Trapeze.

IMG_0167Instructor Laura and Henry takes turns on the ground and up on the board. Laura helping Gael to put quite a belt. And we like those carpets duct taped to make the mega carpet!

IMG_0188Gael looks extra kid here today but also a super kid! Students are learning how to hold the Trapeze bar. Notice Gael’s miss matching socks as always. Or “Mix and Matching” as it is his signature style. Ha-Ha!


IMG_0195Gael volunteers to be the 3rd guy to go on the Trapeze.

IMG_0208All students get to do one on one low bar exercise on the ground in between the turns with Henry.





IMG_0226Make sure to put chalk powder on your palms before you get on!

IMG_0212Slowly but surely, Gael’s on the top.


IMG_0216Ready to hold the bar and launch!

And… Watch the Video of Gael Flying! He did an awesome job!!! Even the adults were getting tired to resist and keep up! Instructors were friendly and clear, and the class is well organized with plenty of time to practice. If you buy a bunch of classes at a time, of course there is good saving there and if you do the full course, at the end of the course you can be a shining star performing in a professionally put together mini circus by the School with costumes and lighting and all! Hmmm… Do I want to be a star..?  I was bit tempted to try it today regardless.  It’s an exciting and different kind of experience. I may go on it one day!

Gael,  Mommy and Dad are so proud of you ! You brave son! The BEST!

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