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IMG_1717Standing with a big smile, Far Rockaway Beach, NY

What a beautiful beautiful weather we had for this weekend! I almost want to put a big red circle on a calendar just to remember how gorgeous weekend we had!! Saturday was 12 mile run in Prospect Park enjoying beautiful sun and light breeze along the lake and lush trees, then long and nice walk down on the Atlantic avenue poking my head into some antique shops then had lovely wine and dinner with Tamara and  Robert from London! It’s so nice to have Tamara and Robert so often! We catch up, always enjoy good food over good laughs and talk.

After a perfect Saturday, here we go we are totally blessed with another beautiful day, Sunday!  After days of heat wave in NYC, this whole weekend feels almost like an reward to me. After quick chat with Beppe and Dani, we are decided on going to Far Rockaway Beach!!

IMG_1791We took A train then on a Far Rockaway Shuttle now. Cute homes on the water.


IMG_1795Surf boards, tank tops, flip flops and bikes. We are all going to the same place.

IMG_1752The Beach.

IMG_1721The place to be. Beach 96, 96 street.

IMG_1724A cute pit stop for yummy lunch! We are STARVING!

IMG_1725I am Not an Empanada. Excuse me.

IMG_1741Coolio, Rockaway Taco. Thank you for Not being Nathans or whatever the chain that is.

IMG_1722We are stopping here.

IMG_1728Real lobster roll with lots of real lobster meat. Lightly tossed and sandwiched. Highly recommend.



IMG_1731Darling, Don’t get Jealous!



IMG_1735Airy, light and juicy!

IMG_1748Happy Feet.

IMG_1743Yeap!  We are talking Summer here.


DSCN5450Hitting the sand.


DSCN5444While I was napping, the sky has been really blue.

IMG_1760Heading back. A perfect day so far.

IMG_17821 more stop for Blue moon and Munches! Round 2.

IMG_1789The best Calamari at “Clam Bar & Grill”, right by the Subway/Shuttle station.

IMG_1785Buying apps.

IMG_0413Dani fu, waiting for a shuttle.


And the Souvenir!

LOvE you guys! Grazie per una bellissima Giornata insieme!

Buon Estate!!!

IMG_5375From a fur jacket to sandwiches to cheap and cheerful Kate and William’s lovely portrait pins, at Portobello market, it’s impossible for one to walk out the market empty handed!

Sorry readers, I have been bit consumed with work for last few weekends in a row, postings have not been so often enough, but I just can’t miss posting the Portobello Market in London! This was my second time and it did not disappoint me as there are mixed thoughts about the market especially ones in fashion world but actually only thought I had was I should have been there earlier like 7:00 am not 11:00 am and I wished I spent the whole day at the market to brows, taste, try on and bargain!  It does get really packed before the noon already but the crowd quite behaved I think. No pushing or mean talks to ones ahead of you, but I did hear about pick pocketing, so watch out with your bags if you are there.

Portobello market has quite loaded history as the Market started in 19th century as a fresh food market and even today, the food section of the market is quite dominant and packed with quality street food to fresh produce. Then 1940′s Antique dealers have arrived to the market and it has continued to now drawing tons of people to every Saturday’s Antique market. The entire market runs from the north terminus at Golborne Road to very south end at more up-scaled Westbourne Grove occupying about 0.58 mile long street of swanky Notting Hill area. I highly recommend you to continue on to very north end of the market Golborne Road as there are very much eclectic mix of very good vintage shops, antique & mid century dealers as well as good amount of Moroccan community well established on that strip of road with food markets, street food car and bars in a bit more down to earth residential setting.

Now come stroll with me much famous Portobello market!

IMG_5377The market entrance. Shops to the left and tents with vendors are lined up along the Portobello road.

IMG_5376Anything works here in the market. But the Fur is maybe the one you may consider to buy. So many good options!



IMG_5380There are quite many vintage clothing vendors at south end. Not so hip but good furs again. It”s also pricier than the north end of the market where you get broader selection of vintage for both men and women.

IMG_5381and Ton of vintage bags!

IMG_5384Here’s my tourist moment!


IMG_5388Now the food market starts!

IMG_5389Yummy pastries!

IMG_5391Sea of Keish!

IMG_5394I have to say people eat about the same wherever you go….


IMG_5396OK These chicken bits smelled Soooooo goooood! No I didn’t stop for any food at the market this time… But next time, I will!

IMG_5397All right, one more look from a different angle. And sure it smelled still good!


IMG_5399A little quiet  moment off the Portobello road. So pretty and bit Brooklyn here.





IMG_5407The food section ends and there will be a short moment of  ” Whatever works” section, a sort of 99 cent store on your block.

IMG_5412OK now, for me the real deal of the market actually starts at the very end of the market. When you pass about half mile long of antique, food and chachkies you will come to a small square under a bridge where there are great small vendors all get together and sell interesting vintages showing off their own individual great styles!  They are all friendly and super hip. Take your time and chat with them. They may tell you maybe the best kept secret to go out and eat in London. Don’t forget to keep walking toward the north end toward the Golborne Road!

IMG_5416See that’s the spirit I like!  One of cool vendors celebrating his birthday with others at the market!

IMG_5418Another gentleman with a cool vintage Pea number!



IMG_5420After the market ends, you will encounter with many little cute bars, restaurants and vintage shops. And they go on for a while.

IMG_5421Yeap this one is a real good one! Ton of vintage boots, jackets and fur coats.

IMG_5422A great textile shop with their own small line of cashmere, wool, silk blankets.  I love this shop!

IMG_5423So now we are at Golborne road. The frist shop we walked in had this amazing original Venini’s glass lamps from 70′s. The owner had about 6-7 of them. All identical.  Each costs about $2400.

IMG_5427You can find really handsome furnitures here at Golborne road… Or is it maybe just being in London…

IMG_5428One next to another, there are good numbers of great antique furniture and interior shops on Golborne.


IMG_5440Awesome building and an iconic London vintage shop, Rellik. There are many design vintage pieces from the 80′s.

IMG_5442The lovely shop owner of a progressive clothing shop, Convenience.

Ahhh I so wish I had more time at the market and really dug into it. But a sweet half day of visit surely gave me a good idea of what I need to do better the next time. I really feel people in London are really friendly. More than the New Yorkers I have to say!  I have had many small mini chats with many peeps at shops, streets and the market, and they all seem so lovely.  So many people admired my tan from vacation in Puglia, Italy. You know how notorious London’s gloomy weather but we only had one short shower the last day at London so we were very lucky as I remember it rained quite a bit the last time. I forgot how incredible London is and it totally reminded me of Alexander McQueen Exhibition at Met in NY.  He absolutely loved and was always so proud of where he came from. Great London!

LOvE London!

photo[1]Gardiner, NY, a view from Mauro and Miki’s deck

Brrrrrrrr…! It has been SO cold and snowing a lot! But I must say that I am having one of the most proper winter in many years having lots of fun and relaxing time in upstate NY with many new great friends we have met. At the end, one of few reasons to have bought our new weekend home in Wallkill in upstate NY could be this awesome group of upstate folks being near us all within less than 20 minute car ride. Gael is having a blast since we started really going upstate most of our weekends. When we really all get together, we are talking about over 40 adults and kids!  Lots of chatting and good food, wine will flow all night and kids having too much fun ending up with multiple sleep overs… It feels rich to have all us together. It feels right. The diversity and creativity among all of us has great energy and dynamic. Cheep and cheerful vintage shopping for little Knick Knacks on Saturday afternoons at the barn shops are something not to miss. Nothing like finding $10.00 awesome vintage dresses and cool bowls for tonight’s dinner table… I love running on Sunday morning hunting for a small winding road that would lead me to a quiet spot with a little stream.

Ahhh.. there is a different life outside of city that balances what we got going on in the city.

IMG_1170This is Paola making kale salad with roasted winter veggies. Mmmm, it was so good! For any gathering in upstate, Paola will always make something delicious. Her tiramisu is especially adorned by all friends! One day, I’ll convince her to open a hole in the wall shop called “Paola’s Tiramisu”!

IMG_4064Fabio and Laura’s fresh eggs from their farm!

IMG_4086Edo showing off his carving skill on a rack of lamb. Post Thanksgiving Feast…! So good! Good food is always given on any day of gathering days spoiling all of us.



IMG_4074Foosball tabel at Edo is always a hit!


IMG_4891So cold but also beautiful walk. We all hiked to Sam’s Point. Thanks to Mauro and Miki to get us out! Mmmm, a glass of wine and a warm bowl of soup sounds so good after this!





IMG_1200Ercole and Gael. Typical weekend morning at Paola and Chicco’s. We are regular guests at their coziest weekend home in Highfall. We are so blessed to stay at Paola’s so often during our renovation.

IMG_1211The best financial partners in entire upstate NY. Ercole and I never win these two…!!!  Amelia and Gael.

IMG_1227Look how happy they are stripping us all night! So much fun playing together!

IMG_0298Karaoke nights and Argentinian grilling at April and Diego’s. ( The best chimichurri sauce!!)

IMG_0704The barn parties at April’s. This was on Luella’s Birthday!

IMG_4798On the Christmas eve, chilling and watching a film after the table set up for the night’s feast. We watched so many movies in this room!






IMG_4802Mada and Jorg right before our Christmas dinner!



photo[3]Spritz first!

IMG_4808Then some bites

IMG_4820The master chef, Paola and me! (I’m just a helper)

IMG_4859Our main dish of the night was Korean braised short ribs and heavenly polenta. Can I say I often think that Korean and Italian do really go well together! Delicious!

IMG_4840Edo’s home made bread.










IMG_1001We would go visit Beacon sometimes, I love here!



IMG_0986Then Saugherty for $10 vintage shopping and bowling nights!



IMG_4935We love our kids…!

IMG_1161And now we repeat! Jenny’s dinner setting for the kids. Can I sit here?!


I may have thousands of pictures of our moments together in upstate NY. The pictures do not justify it all but they help me to remember our good times. I cherish them all and I feel good that I put down little notes of our winter in upstate. I can’t wait for our home to be ready in Wallkill and have our big group over for pool parties when Summer arrives…!

Here I like to share what we do of our creative group of friends in upstate NY!


Union Pizza Works

Diego Uchitel

Westwind Orchard

Ryan Roche


Ice and Ghiaccio

Jorg Badura

Creative Chaos

Matter Matters














































































It’s our second year going to Miami for Art Basel. We have not been going to Miami since 2001 because we sort of swapped Miami with Tulum. But we are falling in Love with Miami all over again. We forgot its beautiful water. We forgot its gorgeous weather. Ocean drive’s cheesy crowd used to annoy hell out of us, then so be it. Let them enjoy their weekend drinking and let loose. Why not?  Art Basel has this amazing energy. I love the fact that people will fly in from all around the world for some art shows. There is this sense of belonging to people I see on the street during this week, that we all made an effort to leave whatever we had going on to be in Miami for this. Art and Beach. It’s rejuvenating and super inspiring for me. It is just so much fun to be in Miami during this time. We would walk for hours to see all these pieces of Art. We will spend days talking about what we love and what inspires us. The beauty of Art Basel is being in Now. Contemporary Art. Even though I do get disappointed by contemporary art in general because I feel it lacks quite of depth and fineness. In many times, they feel quickly done rather to shock people, like some reality shows on TV. But I believe Miami Art Basel Week brings superior quality and taste in general. And I see what I see during this week definitely happening in everywhere later: fashion, graphic art, typography, decor… you name it!

There are so many great individual Art shows are happening in the same time, so you should plan it well. Also Art basel week attracts various great events all around the city in all different scales. That could be a simple happy hour to mega installation and collaborations among anything from fashion, music to restaurants. I mean Everyone is here this time!

Here’s our Hit list! These are the ones you should not miss!

Artbasel Miami 2014

Pulse Miami

Nada Miami

Design Miami

Untitled Miami


Design district

Marine Stadium

My Ceviche

Michaels Genuine


LOvE ArT, LOvE MiaMi!!!!




























































We were All dressed for the birthday girl, Luella in our Halloween Spirit!

The Barn.

The DJ and DJs ( you know who you are!)

The sheriff and the thief, Werewolves, Zombies and Indian Tribes.

Dancing, singing, chatting, drinking, laughing, grilling and Trampolining!

Thank you, Diego and April for one kicking fun night and friendship.

We are already thinking of the next year’s outfit!


Be the one who you want to be and be the one who makes differences in this world!

October, 2013, Casarosas

IMG_8077Our very first pickle collection!

It was rocket salad with goat cheese and roasted bright red beets then. And we have moved on to raw chopped Kale salad with toasted nuts and something. Today, all the chefs are into serving house made pickles at restaurants especially at those hearty farm food sort of places as complimentary side dishes. They all come in these little small jars and it’s fun to dig into those hot feisty Jalapeno to kick our appetite in!  Order another glass of something to wash it down. So, it’s sort of win win situation here for the both parties. The customers and the business owners.

After lovely brunch at ” Sandwich Society” in Fort Greene, Brooklyn having enjoyed so much munching on their home made pickles, We all knew what we wanted to do to spend cold chilly Sunday afternoon.

Make Pickles!

IMG_80412 of main ingredients, Sugar and Vinegar. And of course Sea salt.

IMG_8042A little chef Gael is putting gloves on. We are about to cut some Jalapenos! ( do not rub your eyes!!)


IMG_8044Jars have been disinfected. These jars are from grandma, Livia!

IMG_8048Crispy and our favorite Kirby Cucumbers. Whole Garlic cloves, Jalapenos!

IMG_8050This is MY pickle juice. We put ourselves into competition to see who’s pickle will come out the best in 2 weeks! This is light soy base with sugar, vinegar, salt and dried chilli peppers. I am boiling this on low heat.

IMG_8052Gael had done a great job!

IMG_8053This is my jar with also whole baby carrots. I am loving such vibrant colors!

IMG_8056Juice is going in. The hot juice is making the camera lens all foggy!


IMG_8059Gael loves to explore! He will be the first youngest ” Modern Chef”!  Yes, that’s beer he’s adding to his pickle juice. We never stop him on his ideas.

IMG_8061HMmmmm , We are very curious how Gael’s pickle will turn out!


IMG_8066Gael’s onto his #2 Pickle. Now it’s Blackberries with Jalapenos!

IMG_8068” Mom, it’s important you crush a couple berries, So the taste blends better!” ” Really..?!”

IMG_8069Now I am onto my next one. Red onion. Only the onions with super classic pickle juice. Salt, vinegar and sugar. All boiled and pour right in.

IMG_8073Now here comes the professional!

IMG_8074The baby yellow peppers. He blenched them first and now cleaning all the seeds out.


IMG_8076Pepper corns, 5 spices, salt, sugar and vinegar for Emi’s peppers.

IMG_8079Emi’s not boiling his pickle juice but doing it in more proper way. He jars it and double boils it!


It’s so simple and easy. It was our very first time pickling apart from Gael and I had made Cucumber kimch, which is quite similar yet different as Kimch goes through serious fermentation process which makes end result whole thing bit fizzy.

Try this weekend at home pickling and next time you are at our home, we will open up our pickle jars!

Gael, keep it up with your cooking and creative exploring, Mommy and Dad are so proud of you, You little chef!

IMG_7766Day 1 at Rose Bowl Flea, Pasadena, LA

Auwheee!  It has been So long that I have been at Rose Bowl Flea!!  Maybe almost good 8 years have passed by since the very first glorious visit to the market. Ahhh it was a hot beautiful day then with blazing sun on my back complaining at myself not thinking of bringing a tube of sun block with me. But this time around, it was quite chilly and cloudy only reaching up to 45 degrees. Only after 5 hours of sleep, Emi, Gael and myself hit the road to Pasadena munching on complimentary continental breakfast in the car to go (Chocolate Croissants and some coffee from Viceroy, Santa Monica). By the way, Viceroy Santa Monica was bit of disappointment after all for that whooping nightly rate they charged on us. ( Pls send me an email if you were planning to stay there and have any questions).  The market opens at 5:00 am with VIP admissions then regular admissions from 7:00 am till 4:30 pm for the last minute bargains. The market is HUGE with 6 colored areas. The white area across 2 small canals is where most of hard core vintage clothing lovers will be at and that is where you get to do most of people watching. And be ready to say ” Kawai and Ohaio”  to those well vintagely dressed Japanese friends popping everywhere!

IMG_7765We arrived right before 7:00 am and our admission costs $15.00  From 8:00 am and on, admission reduces down to $10.00.  12 years old and younger gets in for free.

IMG_7768The Rose Bowl Stadium itself. We pay a quick visit.

IMG_7791Welcome to Rose Bowl where Real Vintage Hippies exist.

IMG_7816Epitome of Men’s Vintage and Cool Gals: ARMY AND NAVY.  You go crazy here. Experiences like this truly sharpens your eyes to spot what is Really good Vintage or not.

IMG_7779Plus Turn of the Century ones. They are too good!


IMG_7811Motorcycle is Huge here.

IMG_7808Dress comfy and casual to dig at Rose Bowl.



IMG_7795Two things here. One, you need to have at least 1 breakfast Burrito when you are in Rose Bowl Flea. Two, all those tough denim and leather Rose Bowl girls.

IMG_7796Then real highlight of Rose Bowl this time was these Heavy weight Vintage Insiders and Dealers visiting Rose Bowl only a day after now the 4th annual event:  Japanese Vintage God Father Rin Tanaka’s Kulture Recycling Show, INSPIRATION LA in Long Beach, LA. Lots of Hand shaking, huddled groups deep in conversations, exclusive U haul trucks with highly collectible vintage items being dealt inside…  Then beautiful Japanese buyers completely decked out in Kapital denim pieces with all those Army jackets and Native American accessories.  How about sharp and stylish Italian buyers dealing all those sexy leather jackets… It truly felt like we were in a week of Grammy of Vintage in LA as we kept bumping into those insiders feeling lots of energy in town!

mf8coverweb1Here is the 8th edition I purchased of Rin Tanaka’s MyFReedamn! Book series. A great book that shows Tanaka’s wealth of Knowledge and love for Vintage Clothing, Motorcycles and Accessories. It’s a Great source for everything I do.  It’s inspiring and I really respect how far Tanaka had taken his love for the Vintage and it’s history. Rin Tanaka was born in 1970 in Japan.

IMG_7785Then here’s the owner and a crew of Irons and Duck.: An awesome Wear house full of Vintage and Vintage Inspired Industrial Design furniture and clothing.  They Fuel many of important design showrooms, retail places and residential homes in west coast.  Great guys with all the positive energy.  And I LOVE their about to shred to a string small yet well edited vintage clothing.


IMG_7772Awesome collection of Vintage Iron Rail road nails. The number indicates what year the nail has been produced and used to repair or build the rail roads. They are beautiful.


IMG_7803Serious buyers will come prepared with big bags. I had brought luggages on wheels!

IMG_7782We also browsed Home stuff and mid century modern. By the way, we saw very little of Mid century modern furniture at Rose Bowl.

IMG_7780Ever so getting popular NA and European Farm Crop Sacks ( for any end use).  The stripe indicates which farm the crops belong to.

IMG_7787Crop Sacks come to a Life in one way.

IMG_7831Day 2, we are hitting Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach Area. All the business opens at 11:00 am so we came to the Venice beach to stroll a bit and check out also the Canal area. ( it got little warmer! yay!)



IMG_7853Ahhh We love Canals of Venice beach!  It’s so quiet and It’s Lovely! Sun is finally out and homes are cute. I am totally envious of beautiful palms, cactus and flowers… I want to have a home here!


IMG_7875A lady on a surf board in canal. It feels so surreal to see such thing as I am from NY. This is Very LA.











IMG_7906Ahhh I So want this tree!


IMG_7929Gosh, they are Gorgeous.  I am in LOvE!!



IMG_7900Keep Walking.


IMG_7993After day 2 at Abbot Kinney and my favorite store in LA, Opening Ceremony in West Hollywood, here we are on Day 3 at Silver Lake. We are here for some breakfast and a few store visits.

IMG_7969Inside at Inteligentsia Coffee in Sunset Junction. I love cool Blue mosaic tiles against the rustic warm lighting.


IMG_7979Here we are sitting at Cafe Stella the next door to Itelligentsia for some warm breakfast. LA has been chilly the whole time…!


IMG_7971It’s a French place in Brooklyn sort of way in Spanish style architecture. It feels like home here.


IMG_7983Warm pita on Soft eggs and Merguez.  SOOo delicious!

IMG_7988Entering a Cheese Shop the next door. A cutest little places here. Got some locally made Sea Salt Caramel bags for my design team back home here and they are delicious!



IMG_8000Shop Lake. We had such little time before taking off to Airport and Shops open late in this area. But managed to hit a few good ones.

IMG_8005Lovely Wall paper.

IMG_8007The Last place we visited in LA. High Mart in Los Feliz.  A great airy space that offers Tranquility and quality.  Japanese owned and this place will take you right to Tokyo ( in Zen way).

Here’s my LA list:

Sunset Marquis

Lemonade Venice

Rose Bowl

Opening Ceremony


Abbot Kinney

Cafe Stella

Eams House

Mohawk General Store


Unlike.net LA

IMG_5081At NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, Rhinebeck, Upstate NY.

In mid October, when all the leaves just started turning to those gorgeous autumn like colors in golden mustard and velvet reds, we were invited to a lovely weekend home of Chicco and Paola‘s for a cozy sleep over and visit to Wool Festival up in Rhinebeck, NY.  The sun was cuddly and warm against crisp air that signals true beginning of beautiful fall. It has been many weekends and long hours of work, so a get away over a weekend felt much needed to rest my soul and recharge a bit. A small back pack does the magic, a warm pair of socks and sweaters for the family, we are ready to Off!!!

On a way to Chicco’s, we also had stopped at New Paltz for a quick lunch and bit of stroll. Its always a nice drive you have going through New Paltz for it’s warm and cozy scenery and the small down town’s lively antique shops and restaurants to spend a good half day.  Water Street Market by the old Train station is also a cute spot to browse and get nick knacks to local cheese and wine to take home for the weekend. While you are in downtown, I also like to suggest you to go visit Huguenot street Historic Site for bit of French style historic Stone houses and this one amazing shop where you can taste all sort different kind of aged Balsamic vinegars and olive oils you can bottle your self: Scarborough Fare.

A little get away here we come, and I am so ready for this!

IMG_5018In Korean expression we call Autumn for a season when Horses get to really grow and the Sky gets real high. And I think that is so right.

IMG_4992It was such a warm day. We are near the New Paltz, NY here.

IMG_4946In New Paltz downtown, taking a walk along a small river.

IMG_4984This little shop, Scarbrough Fare carries Mighty flavors to be bottled by you!



IMG_4951Gael tasting almost every kinds of Vinegar here. They are really great kinds. Most of them are imported from Italy and Spain.

IMG_4960We took 3 flavors home. Espresso ( yes Espresso, the coffee), Bianco white  and Apple.

IMG_5036We picked up Vintage Cricket set at one of Antique shop in Water Street Market.  It was both me and Gael’s first time! We had fun playing it at Chicco’s Garden.

IMG_5050At lovely kitchen having some pasta dinner. We are waiting for the home owners to arrive. They are bit stuck in the traffic back in the city…

IMG_5058The morning after long and relaxing Sunday breakfast. From the left, Amelia, Gael and Ercole. Yum Fluffy and Warm home made pancakes. Kids are the Best.

IMG_5066Yeah we are here at Rhinebeck!  Wool Festival!!!

IMG_5065It’s a big venue full of much to see!

IMG_5069Hays, Farmers, Sheeps and Lamas, Yarns and Knitters… It’s Fantastic here!!

IMG_5072Hand dyed cashmere rugs. They are So soft and Very expensive.

IMG_5077Some demonstrations. She’s weaving a rug.

IMG_5090And they are Just so irresistible!! Lamas.

IMG_5076Gorgeous wool Yarns. Colors are amazing. It’s very inspiring.



IMG_5084Omg, How cute is he!!!  Kids are going nuts.

IMG_5087By the way, A great pattern at one of animal booth.  Many of cuties are walking around and getting ready for ” Best in show” for the later afternoon.

IMG_5098It’s truly a big party!  Proud farmers!


IMG_5109Emi and Ercole.

IMG_5112OK , I am back to see some yarns and rovings. Roving is carded stage of airy wool balls. Once you twist the roving, it becomes a yarn. I always love rovings as somehow colors are true to how it’s dyed than a yarn form. It’s gorgeous.

IMG_5119Amazing Rovings.  They come in millions of colors. All Felting Artists use these to create anything that is done through felting technique. Paola is one of them and She makes the most beautiful art pieces by wool felting.

IMG_5117This booth had some amazing colored rovings in Cashmere and Alpaca and so much more. All of these are to be sold by weight. Which is a very typical way to do so.

IMG_5118You can also buy all sort of tool related to make yarns from rovings and fleece. Carding machine, spinner, spools and knitting pattern books….

IMG_5123He’s making wool yarn by using a Yarn spinner. There’s a little foot paddle and you need to coordinate while you hold the string of roving. The paddle spins the machine.

IMG_5122Knitters, Hold your breath.

IMG_5114She’s needle quilting.


IMG_5126This is a typical wooden basket/back pack for the farmers and you can dare it and rock it like this cool wool lady!  Yes you can buy this basket at the festival.

IMG_5127Here we are at the ” Best in Show”

IMG_5128Showering light on Emi and Chicco.


IMG_5143Vegetable dye demonstration.


IMG_5149We have been waiting for the 2:00 pm Sheep Shearing!




IMG_5161To Shear a fully grown Sheep takes a well experienced skill and also strength to hold her down during a full shearing that lasts about good 5-7 minutes.  Depends on the time of the year when you shear or clip the woolen fleece off the sheep, the quality of wool can change quite a bit.

IMG_5173Impressive amount of Sheared Fleece. Usually they go through once a year shearing.

IMG_5185Hand Dyed felted Wool sheets.  They come in a square shape and  they are quite soft.

IMG_5182Ercole and Gael

The Wool festival up in Rhinebeck comes back every year for 2 days in October.  If you haven’t been yet, you should visit one for the next year.  The drive to get there  is beautiful and there are ton of amazing yarns and other source around wool related and also great farm food that’s based on Lamb.  And as it is peak of Fall, stopping by farm shops here and there is also lots of fun. Pumpkin picking, Apple picking, apple cider and all those home made pies coming right out of Farmer’s kitchens…

And absolutely amazing Alpacas!

IMG_0520Gowanus Grove Bridge, 400 Carroll Street, Brooklyn. Always peaceful.

IMG_0522It opens at 3:00. Still quiet. It’s 5:00 pm now. People enjoy couple drinks and still gathering up.



IMG_0527Mister Saturday, Mister Sunday tees.




IMG_0533The charm of Gowanus Grove is these vastly located cool industrial buildings. All types. Love them!

IMG_0534Not a bad idea to dance under the trees by the water.


IMG_0536Arrive! Jay, Kaja and me.

IMG_0537Mister Dee Jay.

IMG_0539The Bar.

IMG_0541Sangria for me.

IMG_0542Jackson proves that you have paid and now you can dance.



IMG_0545Maybe good 5 degrees cooler here.


IMG_0548Not only you dance here you Hula Hoop too.  Whatever works.

IMG_0549Jaehee and Jay.


IMG_0554High as A Kite.


IMG_0558The Beat goes on. The Night goes on.

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IMG_0822Ruins of St. Paul’s, in Portuguese: Ruinas de Sao Paulo, Macau

Another trip to Asia working on Spring 13 for Gap right now and for the first time in all these traveling years to HK, I am having real full 2 day weekend without work.  Saturday was relaxing spending much time to work out and sweating out all the toxin out of my system in the steam room then had good laughs over lovely dinner in Central HK catching up with Daniel, Kim and Joey. It’s always good to see friends especially when I am away from Emi and Gael.

Then how about Sunday?  A long ago, I have watched a documentary on Macau, a formal Portuguese colony back in the 16th century and lies between China and Hong Kong bordering Guangdong province. The Portuguese influence still runs through their food and also architecture that makes the city so exotic from anything I knew about China and it always stayed in my head. I thought I would visit Macau one day, and that One day finally came to me in just right timing!

Here come check out my day in Macau.

IMG_0717The day started with bit of rain. It’s super humid for the moment in HK and Macau is just the same. There are 2 main stations where you can catch a ferry depends on which side of HK you are. I am on Kowloon side, so I took the ferry at China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is also walking distance from Inter Continental and Sheraton Hotel in Kowloon side of HK.

IMG_0711The ferry gets quite full but clean and comfortable with good leg room and cushy chairs!  You get your seat assigned. And a good Air Conditioning. Ahhh you so need it with weather like here but you may want to bring a light cardigan as it gets bit chilly.  About 1 1/2 hour ride one way fair from Kowloon to Macau is about HKD 160. By the way, Macau’s own currency is SAR but literally Everyone takes HKD as norm in Macau.

IMG_0706Bring your Passport!! And check if your nationality needs a Visa. Koreans are waived from getting a Visa for up to 30 days. HK$166.00 ( about US $24.00) for one way ride.

IMG_0744My first stop at A-MA temple. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS TEMPLE! This temple was built back in 1488 dedicated to Matsu the Goddess of seafarers and fishermen.

IMG_0746So shrine and peaceful with lots of soft warm colors at the temple. These cone shaped shades are hanging at many little spots at temple holding visitors’ wishes and prays…


IMG_0752Always love the smell of incense… I feel blessed when it covers me over… especially at temples.

IMG_0754More prays.

IMG_0762A-MA temple is located on the south east tip of Macau peninsula cascading down from a small but good 50 feet high hill right off a main road along the water.  Quite curved up and pointed tips of roof are cute and fun. I love the washed down mints against the brick red together.


IMG_0764Pressing down my own urge to kneel and pray… I am still looking for a right spot for me. There are plenty of little pockets where you can unleash and get blessed at the temple.


IMG_0769I am in love with these circular opening gates sort of. Do you think the circle means eternity…?

IMG_0777HK$30 can get me that little connection to my superior God in Macau. It’s about to be my turn. I found the right spot. It’s at the very top of the hill.


IMG_0787I pray and think of all those faces including you. Emi, Gael, mom, brother, dad, Yoon, Hun, aunt, uncles, grannies, all of my in-laws, Suzy, Livia, Luciano, especially their health, family at work all around the world, their little worries, issues, happiness and health, all of friends here and fiends there. Ben and Ben’s Mom. Angela’s and Beppe’s. Tania and Tamara far away in England. And good business after all of our hard work. Love among the family and friends…

IMG_0790But most of all I ask for Strength. Not some powerful magic for things being solved by itself or God. I’ll do that. But I can’t ask enough for solid strength, agility and resilience. Just like my running and just like being a mother.


IMG_0793You can also burn a candle. They come in different sizes but all in Lotus flower shape. By the way there will be Lotus Flower festival in Macau from June 16 for a week.






IMG_0803Larger than life size incenses!

IMG_0810The main room.  Most colorful and ornately decorated.


IMG_0733Right outside of temple, Portuguese music and dance is going on, The mosaic tiled flooring reminds me of Rio in Brazil.

IMG_0820 A typical Macau Bakery. Macau got some good thing going on when it gets to food. Delicious Portuguese warm egg tarts and Almond cookies!! Yum! and Crispy pork sandwich on the street!!!

IMG_0815Egg tart! I am getting one. About US$1.00 Cheap and Cheerful!

egg tartThe first bite is warm and flaky. Ssooo good!  Then it gets creamy getting into the custard. Not too eggy. It tastes sort of Cream Brulee in a pastry cup as the surface of custard has that slight crunch and caramelized texture to it. Not too sweet but just right. I really had to stop myself for buying the second. I may search to see if I can find this back in NYC!

IMG_0823In and out of sun, it’s getting really really hot in Macau. You can see the humidity in pictures!  Walking up to the facade of Ruins of St. Paul right near the main square in Old City.

IMG_0825Built back in from 1582-1602, this facade is what is left from the complex of St.Paul’s college and Cathedral of St. Paul. As many other sites in Macau, Ruins of St.Paul is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage site.

IMG_0824Right in front of the site, there were these handsome young men playing Macau’s traditional music.

IMG_0827OK, Check out their awesome instrument in such geometry. I love it. And i like to pay huge respect that they are wearing these heavy boots and all. I am talking about 90 degrees at 90% humidity! Here I am watching them sipping on chilled PocariSweat which is Asian Gatorade. Or I would have fainted already in this heat.  Their song does not have any lyrics. It’s more of this instrumental like low and high sound that they make through the air inside of their head and throat. It’s quite fascinating.


IMG_0834OK. There is only One street that connects from the main square of Old City to Ruins of St. Paul. You know what that means, that little street gets quite crowded but maybe it was the very best kind of touristy spot I had so far! About 50 feet long walk will give you the best taste of what Macau can offer as far as their savory Jerkies, Fried Pork chop sandwiches and delicious Macau cookies. It’s overwhelming and so much fun!

IMG_0831These are all sort of different meat that is dried and seasoned. They are gooey tender sweet savory and sticky! There are plenty of little shops lined up on this street giving away little samplers. They cut and pack to each order while you wait.

IMG_0832There is High Competition selling these delicious crunch Almond Cookies on this alley. They seemed to be steamed on a steam tray, but amazingly crunch it feels like they are baked. The cookies also called ” Chess Cookie” as they are in a shape of Chinese Chess.  This guy is a sample/sales man.

IMG_0839Before they get on to the steamer. They have this system they can steam, a few trays at a time by stacking them tall.


IMG_0833This guy got them all!  Jerkies and various cookies. Another sample man.

IMG_0836Sesame cookies.


IMG_0844There are 33 churches, 44 temples and 100 banks in Macau ( think gambling). This is a small temple off the market.


IMG_0847I am thinking it’s in lychee family.

IMG_0871I assume this is a kind of plum. It’s me that I don’t speak the language… They told me what it is but I didn’t understand.

IMG_0854This Oh-so-smell-good fried pork in a bun is Everywhere!

IMG_0856One more look at Egg Tarts!

IMG_0853This sign sort of sums up a vibe of Macau to me. It feels like an outskirt of what old HK could have been. It feels old school and quite sweet despite all these crazy Casino business they got going on. There are plenty of little streets and churches and temples and little signs. Lush trees in between old buildings. I like it.


IMG_0859Getting into the heart of Old city. Apparently all these building are 500-700 years old!  There are plenty of weekend visitors from HK and China.

IMG_0860The main square where the church ST. Joseph is. Check out the tiling! Just like Rio.



IMG_0863Quite humble interior of Church. Here I was going for the second round of stop and pray.


IMG_0869One of the most popular ways to get around in Macau.

IMG_0868Bean, Tofu and dessert place.


IMG_0875Cute Macau moment.

IMG_0876Main downtown with lots and lots of banks.

IMG_0879Heading back to Ferry station. The white and cream building with wild windows are one of many high rise Casino/Hotel buildings.

Two things that I didn’t do this time visit to Macau were 1. Gambling and 2. Proper meal as I am not interested in gambling at all and I actually hate it and I was quite exhausted from the heat so I kept drinking water rather feeling for any food. So I have one good reason to visit Macau one day again. Food!!

But click Here to see where you can eat in Macau and watch Anthony Bourdain’s 2 day visit to Macau!

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