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IMG_0435Cutting edge clothing store ALCHEMIST at 11 11 Lincoln Road, Miami, Florida.

It has been like 12 years the last time I went down to Miami. Since then, a few things have definitely changed. If you still like to talk about Ocean Drive in Miami, Please, Talk to the hands. Because that is So over. Ocean drive and the crowd is there. So what?  Let People have fun. But that is Not my first interest when I Now talk about Miami. Why?  Because I saw and I was there for real interesting things. Not in the past. I was having a ” Design Moment” in Miami.

Miami is moving forward.

IMG_0301A Court Yard at MOCA, 770 NE 125th Street, North Miami

A small scaled Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami is located way out of the way from Miami Beach. When I was researching what I need to see in Miami, I assumed MOCA was in Design district but this is even little more out of the way from Design District. Sort of middle of nowhere but I love how handsome the building is. I was envy of space imagining us 3 living a modern life. A beautiful Court Yard, plenty of space to hang our favorite arts, parties with friends… It’s that cozy yet chick and modern. As soon as Atsuko has arrived from NY, we headed off to MOCA for little Art moment.

IMG_0303Yes. It’s a Paradise.

IMG_0327Outside of MOCA.

IMG_0312Current exhibition : Ragnar Kjartansson’s “Song” May 17-September 2.

A room size of about 400 square foot housing multiple screens showing the artists play different part of One song that is being played in physically different locations. Each screen and location plays each layer of components of the song but they complete each others as a whole in harmony. It’s an interesting concept. And the room is surprisingly relaxing and chilled. We were all sitting there on the floor for a while.  It was quite beautiful.

IMG_0309Atsuko and Gael.



IMG_0320Here in a different room. The artist’s 3 nieces sing a gentle folk song that is written by Kajartansson in Carnegie Museum of Art’s Hall of Sculpture. Those pretty faces singing in such angelic voice… I was having a ” Virgin Suicide”  and “Tavi” moment here. Bit spooky and quite beautiful.



IMG_0498Again, 11 11 Lincoln Road on Lincoln, Miami

Here’s the Quote from their site 1111Lincolnroad, “Envisioned by Wennett and Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, 11 11 Lincoln road represents the collaboration of renowned architects, landscape architects, artists and designers to create a unique shopping, dinning, residential and parking experience for Miami’s residents and visitors.”  You should really check out the site. It’s a beautiful thing.

IMG_0437Atsuko walking around bit.  Actually the building also reminds me of  Shanghai’s 1933.

IMG_0436Approaching the shop,  Alchemist on 5 th floor. The only store in the building off the ground floor.


IMG_0429Beautifully edited collection of Balenciaga, Rick Owen, Proenza Schouler…. And amazing jewelries!




IMG_0443A view from the second floor of 11 11 Lincoln. The multi colored glassed building is a cinema.

IMG_0484Now we are at JUVIA restaurant for Cocktails! A pent house restaurant right next to the building of 11 11 Lincoln.  The penthouse deck with a grand view to Miami beach. Ahhhh  It’s a real ideal Miami experience here. The breeze, people, design, relaxed vibe, even to the right volume of music like Atsuko says. All in A Style. Swanky and Smart. Just Perfect.

IMG_0465Sitting Bar. The beautiful planted jungle wall,what ever you will call is out of the world. Emi treated us with yummy cocktails!


IMG_0479How much I love those chairs!

IMG_0477Indoor dinning area.



IMG_0329Here we are now at Design district.  The Art installation called ” The Living room”. Then it used to be attached to low rise commercial building.

p104750-Miami-Living_Room_BuildingThis is photo taken by Ally at IgoUgo.com back in year 2004. See then it even had a curtain!



IMG_0339There are many little low rise commercial spaces in Design district. They are all sort of different architectural style from industrial to Art deco to this sort of to super Modern… all mixed in.  But Always with lots of plants and flowers.


IMG_0341Lots and lots of galleries and design shops.  Check out Miamidesigndistrict and DesignDistrictMag

IMG_0343Here there are couple cute boutiques and One of the Best Restaurant in Miami, Michael’s Genuine. And around the corner from here, there are shops of absolutely beautiful Martin Margiela and Marni.

IMG_0346Inside of Michael’s Genuine.  There’s cute little outdoor space and airy and simple indoor space with this boxed red lighting.  We are having Sunday evening dinner here!


IMG_0347Slowly caramelized Pork Belly sitting on top of a Kimchi bed!  Miami loves kimchi for the moment!  All ingredients are Organic and they are all well priced.  Super low key vibe with great hearty food. Thanks to Anthony Bourdain for the recommendation!

IMG_0356Savory was savory and good. but WOW! Dessert at Michael’s Genuine is Out of the World!  So delicious. Here 2 donuts with buttered Pop corn Ice cream and lemon zest and and and…!  It sounded bit strange to hear the buttered pop corn ice cream, but the chef had nailed the flavor in such nice way. They were amazing.

IMG_0403Beautiful Monday Morning, Atsuko and I are hitting Miami by foot leaving boys by the beach. Palms, Sun and Breeze. It’s really nice!


IMG_0402Checking out Hotel Delano for a cool shop we heard about.


IMG_0412Such an elegant bar at Delano. I love it.

IMG_0413A Wall by the shop, Base at Delano.

IMG_0418A must Check out Concept Store, Webster.

IMG_0417And here’s a good old Miami moment with an Art Deco building…

IMG_0388Our last night at W Miami. There are many great arts in W Miami. Damien Hirst, a few of Basquiat… Usually I associate W with “Trendy” and “Lively” but  W Miami one felt more chick and relaxed. Grown up.

IMG_0391Bar Restaurant, Dutch at W.

IMG_0389I like the shot of soft grey stripe running down the middle of the pillars. Without it, it would have been more of NYC.

IMG_0376Our swanky deck to the ocean.



It was more of an eye opening trip to me personally to learn about where Miami is heading to and was a really pleasant experience of Start of Modern Design in Miami. Something that just will stay in my skin for a long time. Not just pretty clothes. Not just another store.  Me sitting there at pent house of Juvia having one cocktail completely settled in me. The vibe and situation really inspired me heading into Summer research. A life style. But I really hope Miami will carry on and preserve their Art Deco heritage and turn it into the best form they can. I mean where in the world, can you find such a setting? All these deco buildings by the beach!

Hope you enjoyed Miami in My way and hope this gives you a different perspective about Miami.

(By the way $10 meal at Puerto Sagua was Puerto Sagua. It brought all back to me!)

LOvE  Design!

IMG_0057Gael’s Plum flash in a Plum Skin boat with Peony leaf Sail floating on organic Apple cider ocean and Blueberry Buoys. A “Dessert” Gael says.

Gael was a always good eater. When I started solid food along the breast feeding, Gael started rather falling a sleep on me and eat up the solid food. I used to tickle his ears to wake him up to keep drinking but it didn’t work so well for another couple months. So there it was I stopped the breast feeding around 9 months as Gael would rather have solid food. And he absolutely loved it.  On a steam tray, I would put down all different veggies that had all those different colors. Carrots in Orange, Zucchini in Green, Potato in Light Yellow….Like any mom would do.  I also made all sort of mushrooms for Gael. Porto Bello was a good meaty texture he loved. Oyster mushrooms, Shitake and also Champignon. I made them all. Cut them into small pieces and put them on the pan with a spoonful of Grandma Livia’s Extra virgin Olive oil from Italy.  How abut Tofu? He must have had trays and trays of them, it was excellent source of protein and such easy food to eat without all those teeth. Then later on, there was ” PASTA.”  Soooo Good! Isn’t it?  Penne with light fresh tomato sauce. So easy to grab and fun to eat. The Penne Rigate ( penne with lines) were the one I would usually buy. The lines hold sauce nicely. So Gael would have good amount of sauce on his pasta as he wasn’t using a fork just yet.  I think we always cared about Gael tasting things properly. Not just being fed.

Then there is all this cooking we do at home. And Gael is always a part of it. Both Emiliano and I believe we eat much better at home. We cook simple and hearty food.  We cook all the time. We do all sort of international cooking. All these prepping, shopping and brain storming is fun and we do it together. Gael gets so fascinated and enjoys watching us and always like to help. Washing up tomatoes was maybe the first Gael’s action in the kitchen. I think we allowed and taught him using a small table knife for chopping since he was abut 6 years old.



IMG_0055Gael lovess to use this dish. It’s a shape of little fish that’s elevated by a stand. We got this dish in Livorno, Italy.

IMG_0049The chef.


IMG_8964Gael’s famous “Juice cocktail”. Gael likes to make this while we are prepping dinner or when friends are visiting. He will just glide into the kitchen quietly and start chopping. No big talk is needed. And I love that! There will be always one big surprise at the bottom in your glass!



IMG_3512Making Panzerotti at Beppe’s. Southern Italian dish. Sort of Fried mini Calzone or Gigantic ravioli. Either way. Here Gael at 6.


IMG_4187Guess which one is Gael’s.


IMG_3534One of Gael’s Favorite ingredients, Cucumber! Now Gael makes his own cucumber salad. I taught him to use mandolin slicer ( always under my supervision). He likes it with apple cider vinegar, salt and olive oil. Gael had written a food truck plan selling all dishes based on Cucumbers a few weeks ago! It comes with truck design, his menu and prices. Oh yes and the combo dishes! Many brilliant ides!

IMG_7468Emi and Gael making pizza dough. Gael here at 6.




IMG_1183Gael cracking eggs for an Easter cake with Riccota cheese, spinach and layers of Filo dough.



IMG_3978Here Gael making dumplings with me. Gael at 5.



IMG_3983Gael’s Excellent job here on shaping dumplings! So cute his little hand.


IMG_3690Here Gael eying on and putting his finger into the batter for fried zucchini flowers. Gael at age 4.

IMG_3695Gael looking over Philipp making apple pies.

Now Gael’s almost 9 years old, Gael volunteers to set up the table and he always puts his flare on it. Gael gets creative with the way he wraps the napkins around the fork and knife or the position of glasses next to plates. He will run between kitchen to the table with plated food for each guest. Gael had well developed amazing palette for food at his only almost 9 years old. Kale, mushroom, carrot, mustard green, tossed salad, arugula his favorite salad green, all the shellfish you can imagine since 3 years old, he started talking to Cheese shop man asking for tasting and got his Cheese list started already, truffle oil does kick a notch for him over his meat, pasta and cheese, al dente means al dente for all the pasta he eats, beans and particular way of cooked rice, loves sashimi and sushi… the list goes on and he’s happy with any great hearty food and willing to try all. I think it all comes from his open mind and our effort of teaching him to be that way.

Gael, I think it’s about a time for you to learn to make a few pasta dishes!  Sharpen your knife and roll up you sleeves! Here comes mama to show you a few things.  Love you Gael!

VivA Food, VivA Gael! A little Iron Chef!

















































Beautiful people. Beautiful mind. Beautiful food. This hidden gem in Brooklyn, Celestino will melt your heart with all the charm you can’t ask any more!  If you haven’t been yet, you should.


562 Halsey St, nr. Stuyvesant Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Auguri Paola!!!  Bravo Chicco!! Grazie per l’invito!!

IMG_9664Sitting out in the garden: Dani, Robert, Tamara, Gael from the left. The sun feels warm and lazy on your back and well chilled crisp prosecco is refreshing and perfect with our on going Saturday Brunch!

Ahhh Spring has Sprung!  Early morning 10 mile long run at Prospect Park through beautiful breeze and fully blossomed cherry trees gave me just right boost and perfect mood to prepare a brunch for Tamara and Robert who were visiting from London.  Beppe and Dani would join us too!  While I am running, I am thinking of gorgeous meaty oyster mushrooms, garden salad with dandelion leaves, roasted tomatoes… and what else….Oh yes, little flowers will be lovely too. I’ll also grab some freshly made turkey links at the Saturday Farmer’s market at Prospect park.  Some good fresh eggs and well ripen avocados.. Yum…!! Running faster now !

IMG_1327Running to Prospect park. Our neighbor, Clinton Hill’s Spring switch has been officially turned ON!  So lovely around here…

IMG_9651Get going Sages and Oyster Mushrooms ( grey ones are usually bigger and meatier than yellow ones) on hot olive oil. Just some sea salt.

IMG_9652Roasting tomatoes with onion and garlic. These babies are ready. Yum!

IMG_9653Mixed greens with dandelions.

IMG_9678Yay, Tamara and Robert are here!

IMG_9663Dani Fu showing off lingering tan from Miami trip.

IMG_9665Sausages are Eggs are being done on an BBQ in the garden.

IMG_9674Digging in.  Sunny side ups or Scrambled. However you wish!  We are all easy here. Some lean turkey links to go with. And drizzle of truffle oil over our salad with crusty whole wheat bread…. Beppe slicing some… Pour you some, Pour me some. Keep passing them around… and repeat!




IMG_9677After a big brunch, its not enough for Gael.  Beppe runs in to make world’s fastest home made pizza. So lucky Gael!

Good friends. Good food. Good garden.

Good Spring Folks!

IMG_9555Kicking off an Easter Brunch at Sweet Home Casarosa’s with Kaja, Jay, Jessica and Nick!

A last minute  Easter Brunch we planned felt nothing short in any way!  A good sunny day. Check!  Hearty delicious home cooked meal. Check!  Gathering with a circle of good friends we haven’t seen a while. Check Check Check!!  Especially we missed out Kaja’s birthday a couple weeks ago, it was a perfect occasion to spend some good afternoon with friends over a good meal and laughs.

Easter always does an official start of Spring for me in my great spirit apart from all the religious reasons for the most people out there, and Here I am happily ready to celebrate ” Pasqua Italiana: Italian Easter !”

IMG_9548A Menu first!



IMG_9558Prepping, Chatting and Sipping… The cake to the right is Kaja’s Easter cake with Peaches and Yogurt!

IMG_9559Thanks for the flowers, Jess and Nick!

IMG_9568Potatoes ready to be popped into the Oven. Rosemerry, olive oil and Sea salt.

IMG_9569OK, We are Starting the brunch! The first, Crostini al Pate’ Toscano. Mamma Livia’s recipe. Chicken liver, garlic, crushed pepper corn, butter, sage, sea salt and a tea spoon of vinegar on a hot crusty piece of bread…!!

IMG_9567As we make them,  they fly off fast!  Hot, nutty, salty, buttery over the crusty and Soooo savory.. Delicious!!

IMG_9565Wash them down with Spritiz!

IMG_9578Shhhhhh.. Our secret!  A Leg of lamb roasting over the tub of roasting potato. Where does all the juice go? You do the math.

IMG_9576Slowly cooked for hours. A whole organic chicken makes rich and much much flavorful delicious broth!  Can I say this is So traditional Italian Easter soup with a whole boiled egg but then Also Soooo everyday Korean?  We go together in so many ways. It still surprises me.

IMG_9571The couple, Jay and Kaja.

IMG_9581Yay, One toast to the day, One toast to the friendship! Check out Gael’s face. And the center and to the left, Jess and Nick! Cheers to you all!

IMG_9582That’s right peeps. This soup is so comforting and so delicious and So Easter!

IMG_9583Such a big boy now.  Having a good time.

IMG_9591Now the Chef carving and us watching drooling…

IMG_9588Nothing like perfectly sauteed Broccoli Rabe with roasted lamb.


IMG_9586Gael making sure to check off each course.

IMG_9557The Brunch goes on from 2:00 and now for 5 hours…  Jay and Jaehee

IMG_9595Sitting out in the garden with Dolci now.  Kaja’s amazing Peaches and Yogurt cake. So delicate and delicious!

IMG_9598Emi’s airy and melting in your mouth, ” Mascarpone folded with Nutella and fresh Mixed berry compote” Ahhhh, Life is Good!  And Happy Belated Birthday Kaja!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter or  just good One happy Sunday!  Emi, Gael and Jaehee


IMG_9194Setting up our simple yet delicious meal prepared by Emi.  27 days aged rib eye and gorgeous grilled jumbo prawns with garlic and ginger. 02-14-12

I am terrible at Valentine day or any sort of day. Actually I completely forgot about it all day until Emi texted me. Ahhh… Work consumes me so much there’s never enough room to think about such things really. Walking back home from Angela’s, Gael tells me Angela prepared 3 course meal with Meat stuffed Whole lobsters and home made chocolate dipped strawberries. Hmmm. Feeling bit guilty that I am about to walk into the house with empty handed for both Emi and Gael.  But also I have this sort of slight hopeful excitement that Emi would have some plan for us..?  Please Emi, that would be So great if we would have some nice dinner with a good bottle of wine…!  That would make up for my nothing-ness for this Valentine day…!

And this is why I have the best Husband and a Son in the world!





















IMG_9279Gael ready to give me a little back rub.  So sweet!

Valentine day = Jaehee’s day

A sweet life of Casarosas. LOvE you GuYs!!!!

IMG_7818Quick drawing and Water coloring.  Zazilkin beach.


IMG_7821Take out Ceviche on the beach from El Camello ( the best in town)

IMG_7824Twinkle moment with Gael and Sun.











IMG_7950The Kitchen at Mateo’s.

IMG_7779Pollo con Cille y Paprica verde in Horno at La Onda.

IMG_7885New Year’s Eve, Tulum Style.








Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Viva Tulum!

IMG_7381Gael and Emiliano, just about to step into Morimoto, NYC

It’s Emi’s Birthday and this time we decided to go to Morimoto for some great food to celebrate!  It’s our very first time being at Morimoto and we are bit excite and but also nervous because we really would not like an Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s restaurant being disappointing. So many of these foodie places we find over rated. Not that great at the end…

Oh Chef, Please, you better be Awesome!!!

IMG_7382Chef’s cook books greet you the second you walk into the restaurant.


IMG_7384We get seated in one of the smaller section of the restaurant. Not so open, but then also quite intimate. We are quite happy so far. And the drink and main menu.

IMG_7387This is the very first dish of 7course tasting menu both Emi and I had chosen.  All the On trays sound excellent in good range of fish and meat.  There’s also a list of Sushi and Sashimi, but we pretty much knew we would go for the Chef’s choice 7 course tasting menu: Morimoto Omakase, a multi course tasting menu to allow you to experience the essence of Morimoto’s Cuisine. This first dish is ” Toro Tartar” on a bamboo plate over a sheet of banana leaf underneath with 6 small portion of garnish that were unbelievably flavorful. This plate is a size of any guy’s palm, so the portion is small but then perfect as a starter and it was absolutely satisfying with gorgeous flavors.  THANK YOU CHEF!

IMG_7389You will scrape off bit of tartar with this stainless steel flat spoon sort of, then also steal bit of any garnish then dip the whole thing in the light Dashi in a small bowl that came together. It’s amazing.

IMG_7391While Emi and I are tasting Omakase, Gael’s having a hot stone bowl Yellow Tail Buri. A sort of Korean Dolsot Bibimbap but with Morimoto’s twist. No chili paste here. Fresh Shiso leafes and delicate and light sweet soy based sauce adds quite powerful flavor to this super fresh Yellow Tail Sashimi over the rice. There are some Japanese mountain veggies and toasted nori and raw egg to be all mixed together. The serving staff who was helping was friendly and casual.




IMG_7403Our turn again for the second course. The Yellow tail Crudo with Pea shoots, Mushroom and sesame infused warm olive oil and drop of soy and yuzu. It’s a perfection. It’s just so delicious. The first and the second courses were our two favorite. I can probably have this everyday.

IMG_7405The third dish. OK. Just OK. This one we didn’t care for much. We actually didn’t need this at all. It’s sort of ” Veggie” dish with dipping sauce idea. The anchovy reduction was just all right and veggie were not substantial enough. I would’ve rather not had this at all or maybe would’ve liked something very simple and refreshing salad like.  Chef, Please don’t let us down for the rest..!

IMG_7407The fourth one. A fresh oyster accompanied by Foie Gras and warm drizzle of delicate Teriyaki sauce.  This one was quite lovely. Emi liked this much more than I did perhaps. Still the first and the second course is lingering on the tip of my tongue….!



Too busy eating and chatting, forgot to take a snap of Course 5, a plate of assorted 6 piece Sushi. They were bit small at bite size with impeccable freshness. They were excellent!

IMG_7413Now the On tray, course 6.  Surf and Turf. A lobster tail over a slightly fried sweet potato sticks and lightly seared Korean style marinated Yagyu beef accompanied by whipped up lemon mousse.  DELICIOUS!!!  It was quite satisfying as portion wise and the lobster tail was perfectly cooked tenderly with amazing seasoning and the beef just melts in your mouth… This On tray made our quite pricy Omakase experience all worth it!

IMG_7415The Lobster tail on the front and the Yagyu beef on the back.

IMG_7421The last course, Dessert. A cup of Sweet potato flan/custard sort of. With a soy stick, poached pear slices, black berry and dollop of cream fresh and an edible flower on the side.. The Soy stick I didn’t go for. I don’t know why. I love the potato flan! Ahh, It also had passion fruit syrup over the flan!









Thank you Chef Morimoto for a great experience! It was quite amazing!

and Happy Happy Birthday to you Emi!  Thank You and Gael for everything we have together!

and….LOvE, NYC!




















For more, just be there!


IMG_6415Entrance at Dekalb Market, Downtown Brooklyn

Salvaged and stacked up colorful shipping containers make walls, shops and a small semi open urban market in downtown Brooklyn.  It’s a great and beautiful concept to promote small entrepreneurs in a small cultural community setting using 20 foot shipping containers with electricity, water, stove tops and even AC installation.

It was our first time visiting and it was late afternoon on Saturday. It felt bit empty but I see a great potential. But then, would this really work? It’s located by Flatbush Avenue near the Dekalb avenue where now all these luxury high-rise condos are getting built. There are good amount of commercial and office spaces around the market, so Lunch time, it may get bit crowded but not sure how much foot traffic this market gets in general. Despite it’s charming vibe, the market is not so substantial enough to go for either food or shopping. I see coffee, donuts, sandwiches, tacos.  All those usual suspects. Then there are these small shops. The containers are great looking. Thy are itsy bitsy super cute but are they too small? Most of food vendors occupy the full spaced containers then there are many other containers divided in half, and that’s when it gets bit too small for me. Once there 2 people in, there’s no more room for any other. It’s a great concept but I see much room to be improved.

The market needs better P.R and more vendors in general for customers to feel it’s worth the trip. There should be a lot more food vendors to bring greater foot traffic daily then need bigger space occupying non food vendors like vintage, books, magazine stands, Arts, maybe even flower shops, graphic tees and so on to sustain as a daily market.  It totally got this cool vibe going but it feels like the whole thing is a bit of temporary set up. Kind of one night stand like. There were concerts, DJ gig and even a night Bazar. They all sound great and heard it was successful but it is missing this Core strength to sustain this market to be not just a cool gig but as a real community’s daily market. Hope for a good boost for Christmas shopping time and wish for better improvement with stronger vendors and entrepreneurs bringing more fresh creative product to the market.





























For more detail, Click here.

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