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IMG_5375From a fur jacket to sandwiches to cheap and cheerful Kate and William’s lovely portrait pins, at Portobello market, it’s impossible for one to walk out the market empty handed!

Sorry readers, I have been bit consumed with work for last few weekends in a row, postings have not been so often enough, but I just can’t miss posting the Portobello Market in London! This was my second time and it did not disappoint me as there are mixed thoughts about the market especially ones in fashion world but actually only thought I had was I should have been there earlier like 7:00 am not 11:00 am and I wished I spent the whole day at the market to brows, taste, try on and bargain!  It does get really packed before the noon already but the crowd quite behaved I think. No pushing or mean talks to ones ahead of you, but I did hear about pick pocketing, so watch out with your bags if you are there.

Portobello market has quite loaded history as the Market started in 19th century as a fresh food market and even today, the food section of the market is quite dominant and packed with quality street food to fresh produce. Then 1940′s Antique dealers have arrived to the market and it has continued to now drawing tons of people to every Saturday’s Antique market. The entire market runs from the north terminus at Golborne Road to very south end at more up-scaled Westbourne Grove occupying about 0.58 mile long street of swanky Notting Hill area. I highly recommend you to continue on to very north end of the market Golborne Road as there are very much eclectic mix of very good vintage shops, antique & mid century dealers as well as good amount of Moroccan community well established on that strip of road with food markets, street food car and bars in a bit more down to earth residential setting.

Now come stroll with me much famous Portobello market!

IMG_5377The market entrance. Shops to the left and tents with vendors are lined up along the Portobello road.

IMG_5376Anything works here in the market. But the Fur is maybe the one you may consider to buy. So many good options!



IMG_5380There are quite many vintage clothing vendors at south end. Not so hip but good furs again. It”s also pricier than the north end of the market where you get broader selection of vintage for both men and women.

IMG_5381and Ton of vintage bags!

IMG_5384Here’s my tourist moment!


IMG_5388Now the food market starts!

IMG_5389Yummy pastries!

IMG_5391Sea of Keish!

IMG_5394I have to say people eat about the same wherever you go….


IMG_5396OK These chicken bits smelled Soooooo goooood! No I didn’t stop for any food at the market this time… But next time, I will!

IMG_5397All right, one more look from a different angle. And sure it smelled still good!


IMG_5399A little quiet  moment off the Portobello road. So pretty and bit Brooklyn here.





IMG_5407The food section ends and there will be a short moment of  ” Whatever works” section, a sort of 99 cent store on your block.

IMG_5412OK now, for me the real deal of the market actually starts at the very end of the market. When you pass about half mile long of antique, food and chachkies you will come to a small square under a bridge where there are great small vendors all get together and sell interesting vintages showing off their own individual great styles!  They are all friendly and super hip. Take your time and chat with them. They may tell you maybe the best kept secret to go out and eat in London. Don’t forget to keep walking toward the north end toward the Golborne Road!

IMG_5416See that’s the spirit I like!  One of cool vendors celebrating his birthday with others at the market!

IMG_5418Another gentleman with a cool vintage Pea number!



IMG_5420After the market ends, you will encounter with many little cute bars, restaurants and vintage shops. And they go on for a while.

IMG_5421Yeap this one is a real good one! Ton of vintage boots, jackets and fur coats.

IMG_5422A great textile shop with their own small line of cashmere, wool, silk blankets.  I love this shop!

IMG_5423So now we are at Golborne road. The frist shop we walked in had this amazing original Venini’s glass lamps from 70′s. The owner had about 6-7 of them. All identical.  Each costs about $2400.

IMG_5427You can find really handsome furnitures here at Golborne road… Or is it maybe just being in London…

IMG_5428One next to another, there are good numbers of great antique furniture and interior shops on Golborne.


IMG_5440Awesome building and an iconic London vintage shop, Rellik. There are many design vintage pieces from the 80′s.

IMG_5442The lovely shop owner of a progressive clothing shop, Convenience.

Ahhh I so wish I had more time at the market and really dug into it. But a sweet half day of visit surely gave me a good idea of what I need to do better the next time. I really feel people in London are really friendly. More than the New Yorkers I have to say!  I have had many small mini chats with many peeps at shops, streets and the market, and they all seem so lovely.  So many people admired my tan from vacation in Puglia, Italy. You know how notorious London’s gloomy weather but we only had one short shower the last day at London so we were very lucky as I remember it rained quite a bit the last time. I forgot how incredible London is and it totally reminded me of Alexander McQueen Exhibition at Met in NY.  He absolutely loved and was always so proud of where he came from. Great London!

LOvE London!

IMG_7766Day 1 at Rose Bowl Flea, Pasadena, LA

Auwheee!  It has been So long that I have been at Rose Bowl Flea!!  Maybe almost good 8 years have passed by since the very first glorious visit to the market. Ahhh it was a hot beautiful day then with blazing sun on my back complaining at myself not thinking of bringing a tube of sun block with me. But this time around, it was quite chilly and cloudy only reaching up to 45 degrees. Only after 5 hours of sleep, Emi, Gael and myself hit the road to Pasadena munching on complimentary continental breakfast in the car to go (Chocolate Croissants and some coffee from Viceroy, Santa Monica). By the way, Viceroy Santa Monica was bit of disappointment after all for that whooping nightly rate they charged on us. ( Pls send me an email if you were planning to stay there and have any questions).  The market opens at 5:00 am with VIP admissions then regular admissions from 7:00 am till 4:30 pm for the last minute bargains. The market is HUGE with 6 colored areas. The white area across 2 small canals is where most of hard core vintage clothing lovers will be at and that is where you get to do most of people watching. And be ready to say ” Kawai and Ohaio”  to those well vintagely dressed Japanese friends popping everywhere!

IMG_7765We arrived right before 7:00 am and our admission costs $15.00  From 8:00 am and on, admission reduces down to $10.00.  12 years old and younger gets in for free.

IMG_7768The Rose Bowl Stadium itself. We pay a quick visit.

IMG_7791Welcome to Rose Bowl where Real Vintage Hippies exist.

IMG_7816Epitome of Men’s Vintage and Cool Gals: ARMY AND NAVY.  You go crazy here. Experiences like this truly sharpens your eyes to spot what is Really good Vintage or not.

IMG_7779Plus Turn of the Century ones. They are too good!


IMG_7811Motorcycle is Huge here.

IMG_7808Dress comfy and casual to dig at Rose Bowl.



IMG_7795Two things here. One, you need to have at least 1 breakfast Burrito when you are in Rose Bowl Flea. Two, all those tough denim and leather Rose Bowl girls.

IMG_7796Then real highlight of Rose Bowl this time was these Heavy weight Vintage Insiders and Dealers visiting Rose Bowl only a day after now the 4th annual event:  Japanese Vintage God Father Rin Tanaka’s Kulture Recycling Show, INSPIRATION LA in Long Beach, LA. Lots of Hand shaking, huddled groups deep in conversations, exclusive U haul trucks with highly collectible vintage items being dealt inside…  Then beautiful Japanese buyers completely decked out in Kapital denim pieces with all those Army jackets and Native American accessories.  How about sharp and stylish Italian buyers dealing all those sexy leather jackets… It truly felt like we were in a week of Grammy of Vintage in LA as we kept bumping into those insiders feeling lots of energy in town!

mf8coverweb1Here is the 8th edition I purchased of Rin Tanaka’s MyFReedamn! Book series. A great book that shows Tanaka’s wealth of Knowledge and love for Vintage Clothing, Motorcycles and Accessories. It’s a Great source for everything I do.  It’s inspiring and I really respect how far Tanaka had taken his love for the Vintage and it’s history. Rin Tanaka was born in 1970 in Japan.

IMG_7785Then here’s the owner and a crew of Irons and Duck.: An awesome Wear house full of Vintage and Vintage Inspired Industrial Design furniture and clothing.  They Fuel many of important design showrooms, retail places and residential homes in west coast.  Great guys with all the positive energy.  And I LOVE their about to shred to a string small yet well edited vintage clothing.


IMG_7772Awesome collection of Vintage Iron Rail road nails. The number indicates what year the nail has been produced and used to repair or build the rail roads. They are beautiful.


IMG_7803Serious buyers will come prepared with big bags. I had brought luggages on wheels!

IMG_7782We also browsed Home stuff and mid century modern. By the way, we saw very little of Mid century modern furniture at Rose Bowl.

IMG_7780Ever so getting popular NA and European Farm Crop Sacks ( for any end use).  The stripe indicates which farm the crops belong to.

IMG_7787Crop Sacks come to a Life in one way.

IMG_7831Day 2, we are hitting Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach Area. All the business opens at 11:00 am so we came to the Venice beach to stroll a bit and check out also the Canal area. ( it got little warmer! yay!)



IMG_7853Ahhh We love Canals of Venice beach!  It’s so quiet and It’s Lovely! Sun is finally out and homes are cute. I am totally envious of beautiful palms, cactus and flowers… I want to have a home here!


IMG_7875A lady on a surf board in canal. It feels so surreal to see such thing as I am from NY. This is Very LA.











IMG_7906Ahhh I So want this tree!


IMG_7929Gosh, they are Gorgeous.  I am in LOvE!!



IMG_7900Keep Walking.


IMG_7993After day 2 at Abbot Kinney and my favorite store in LA, Opening Ceremony in West Hollywood, here we are on Day 3 at Silver Lake. We are here for some breakfast and a few store visits.

IMG_7969Inside at Inteligentsia Coffee in Sunset Junction. I love cool Blue mosaic tiles against the rustic warm lighting.


IMG_7979Here we are sitting at Cafe Stella the next door to Itelligentsia for some warm breakfast. LA has been chilly the whole time…!


IMG_7971It’s a French place in Brooklyn sort of way in Spanish style architecture. It feels like home here.


IMG_7983Warm pita on Soft eggs and Merguez.  SOOo delicious!

IMG_7988Entering a Cheese Shop the next door. A cutest little places here. Got some locally made Sea Salt Caramel bags for my design team back home here and they are delicious!



IMG_8000Shop Lake. We had such little time before taking off to Airport and Shops open late in this area. But managed to hit a few good ones.

IMG_8005Lovely Wall paper.

IMG_8007The Last place we visited in LA. High Mart in Los Feliz.  A great airy space that offers Tranquility and quality.  Japanese owned and this place will take you right to Tokyo ( in Zen way).

Here’s my LA list:

Sunset Marquis

Lemonade Venice

Rose Bowl

Opening Ceremony


Abbot Kinney

Cafe Stella

Eams House

Mohawk General Store


Unlike.net LA

IMG_6415Entrance at Dekalb Market, Downtown Brooklyn

Salvaged and stacked up colorful shipping containers make walls, shops and a small semi open urban market in downtown Brooklyn.  It’s a great and beautiful concept to promote small entrepreneurs in a small cultural community setting using 20 foot shipping containers with electricity, water, stove tops and even AC installation.

It was our first time visiting and it was late afternoon on Saturday. It felt bit empty but I see a great potential. But then, would this really work? It’s located by Flatbush Avenue near the Dekalb avenue where now all these luxury high-rise condos are getting built. There are good amount of commercial and office spaces around the market, so Lunch time, it may get bit crowded but not sure how much foot traffic this market gets in general. Despite it’s charming vibe, the market is not so substantial enough to go for either food or shopping. I see coffee, donuts, sandwiches, tacos.  All those usual suspects. Then there are these small shops. The containers are great looking. Thy are itsy bitsy super cute but are they too small? Most of food vendors occupy the full spaced containers then there are many other containers divided in half, and that’s when it gets bit too small for me. Once there 2 people in, there’s no more room for any other. It’s a great concept but I see much room to be improved.

The market needs better P.R and more vendors in general for customers to feel it’s worth the trip. There should be a lot more food vendors to bring greater foot traffic daily then need bigger space occupying non food vendors like vintage, books, magazine stands, Arts, maybe even flower shops, graphic tees and so on to sustain as a daily market.  It totally got this cool vibe going but it feels like the whole thing is a bit of temporary set up. Kind of one night stand like. There were concerts, DJ gig and even a night Bazar. They all sound great and heard it was successful but it is missing this Core strength to sustain this market to be not just a cool gig but as a real community’s daily market. Hope for a good boost for Christmas shopping time and wish for better improvement with stronger vendors and entrepreneurs bringing more fresh creative product to the market.





























For more detail, Click here.

IMG_0098A new handsome home for “Artists & Fleas” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. North 7 between Whythe and Kent.

So I’ll say the real golden time for the Flea markets in NYC was then about 10-15 years ago when Manhattan was still managing some low rises and a few empty lots including outdoor parking lots near Chelsea.  Remember the big parking lot with $1.00 admission?  It was real chilled and cool same time with ton of vendors bragging awesome mint condition vintage clothing’s picked out from some old ladies’ closets from the upstate NY or kicking mid century Danish numbers or Art deco pieces under the beautiful summer sky of sexy Manhattan Island. We always spotted  John Galiano in his acid wash disco jean or Anna Sui in her blacker than black bangs and her whimsical yet dark outfits.  I learned how petite the designer Alaia was then while I was trying on this big 70′s Miami floral floor length caftan over my shorts and a tank top. Every Saturday was me,  Jaehee day spending pretty much an entire day browsing, trying on and bargaining on pair of little heels or cutest sun dresses. Ahhhh I loved it sooo Much!!!  Also then vintages were that much younger so they were in better condition.  My impressive collection of vintage clothing had really started then. I just loved it all.

When Millennium arrived, things started changing. NYC went crazy riding on so called ” Luxury Condo” business buying up all the empty lots including my beloved weekend flea lots. Ahhh… So disappointing and heart breaking.  Ugliness of Home Depot tasted not so luxury buildings were coming in pushing away charming and fun filled such NY things away.  There’s still one left inside of parking place called ” The Garage” on 25th street on Sundays in Chelsea area still keeping the tradition in authentic styles and vibe. Then Hell’s Kitchen and all others started but they are just not the same at all. But today is bit different. Manhattan being over developped in general forces to find alaternatives outside of the city. The answer? It’s Brooklyn.  Housing, Restaurants, Art, Music and Flea Markets.  Young, talented and broke handsome people of city started flowing into down town Brooklyn like Fort Greene and  Williamsberg from lower east side and east village. Bettern rent and less compettition brought in new kind of mainds and brains for new food culture in Brooklyn. There are so much more undergournd scenes in Brookly now especialy for fashion and music which goes side by side. Things are ineterstin ghere in Brooklyn.  And that includes also Flea markets and vinatage shops!

IMG_0099Artists & Fleas houses many independent designers and numerous excellent vintage vendors. This one above I love! It’s very Janis Joplin from the 70′s. Hippie, Rock and Roll and bit of Voo-doo all mixed in. This booth is located  right by the entrace to your right hand side.

IMG_0093Then there is a New home for Sunday portion of  famous and beloved ” Brooklyn FLea” also in Williamsberg right by the “Artist & Fleas”. North 6 between Kent and East river. Below, one of over 300 vendors at the Brooklyn Flea. You will also find him on Saturday Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene, Layfayette between Flermont and Venderbuilt.



IMG_1519Yummmm! The Porchetta Sandwich guys at Saturday Brooklyn Flea. And here check out the vendor list.

IMG_0151Then there are Vintage shops in Brooklyn. Many. There are many especially in Park Slope now! Check out ” Guvnor’s” on 5th avenue between Lincoln and Berkeley, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

IMG_0120Love the shop. It’s small L.A in Brooklyn!  Two vintage motos welcome you at the entrance.

IMG_0112Here at Govnor’s, you will find equal amount of boys and girls vintages complete down to accessories.



IMG_0150Just about a block away from the Govnor’s, there is ” Odd Twins” more of feminine version with bit flea market vibe. Check it out!

IMG_0149Hey there will be a party at Odd Twin on April 15th celebrating their 2 year anniversary. Free beer and a live band!




IMG_0134By the way, nice floor at the Odd Twin.

IMG_0142While Emi picking out a few vintage records, I picked up a set 5 very cute grid printed glasses. I think they are awesome! $4.00 each any vinyl and $35.00 for the glass set.


IMG_0139There they are where I spotted. The shop has small objects everywhere up for sale.


IMG_0154And here’s my own shop and showroom, Lacasapark!  542 Washington Ave between Fulton and Atlantic.

IMG_0003I carry ton of awesome jeweleries, high end designer vintages to rare find collectibles!



And here are a few of my favorite vintage places in Brooklyn!

Beacon’s Closet

Bufalo exchange

Film Biz Prop Shop




Today at Fort Greene Flea, We totally scored 11 of these loose doll eyes. How freaking awesome!!

Head starts moving heart starts pumping. Wooooo Feeling Sssso itch to have some D.I.Y time with these cool eyes. Yes they blink and all. The best part of it!

Thought of a ring. Thought of a Necklace. Thought of an abstract collage painting sort of thing. Thought of a pin. Thought of a tee shirt. Thought of so many possibilities.

I’ll definitely share a pic of whatever that will be done with these lovely eyes!

It was very windy when we were setting it up this morning but it got calm down bit and sun came out and Emi got quite a sun on his face. Ha ha! It was quite a day for us and thank you everyone who came by to say hi and also hang a bit and all the new friends we met. Thank you and Thank you!

flea 1












flea11We sold many fresh items and met so many great peeps!  And you all stylish people! I guess this is the beauty of the flea. Blue sky, great people, fun coversation and providing what you want!

Sure we will do it again soon!!! Thank you again for great business today!

Go Brooklyn Flea!!



Lacasapark will be attending Brooklyn Flea on this Saturday the May 15th!

We will be carrying Designer vintage to cheerful summer dresses, accessories, shoes and Vintage and Antique Barn objects, lamps and awesome period crates! So come hang and shop with us!

Where: One of the ” Fence” booths at Brooklyn FLea on 176 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn

How to ge there: C to Lafayette Ave Station. G to Clinton Washington Station.  B/D/Q, M/N/R,  2/3, 4/5, to Atlantic Ave.-Pacific St  (www.brooklynflea.com/map/index.html)

Flea Hour: 10:00 am-5:00 pm

See you all  at the Flea!!!

p/s there are ton of delicious gourmet food vendors at Flea from Red Hook Taco stand to brick oven pizza to Organic Ice creams!!

Question?: contact Jaehee 917-373-1548, Jaehee@lacasapark.com