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What a freaking awesome movie….!!!!

Just came acrross on IFC channel. ( taking a break from Barcelona  writting…) No need to explain, Just watch the movie.

What a great movie! Saw it again and falling in love all over again with Woody. Woody’s genius witty lines and Woodie’s love for NYC. Adorable and lost Annie and hilarious and depressed Alvy. Woody’s study on Annie and Alvy’s relationship is classic yet so refreshing. And True. His ability to articulate all of that in such details. Ha! Only Woody Allen can do. All the scenes around beautiful 1977′s New York City. Here I feel almost sort of triumphant of being a New Yorker all the way having come from Seoul. Yes I feel proud!

And Can we talk about their matching couple outfits?! So subtle yet Super obviously matching outfits just add more fun to this delicious film.

IMG_1697After their meeting for the first time at Annie’s home and her famous boy meets girl khaki pant, white shirt, the vest and the neck tie. Sort of Gap in a nostalgic way… And Alvy looks handsome(?) in a simple white shirt.


IMG_1700Annie storming off the NY street after her first lousy audition for singing at a small bar… love her wide leg pants!

IMG_1701Alvy convincing Annie how good she was no matter what and making a deal to get over with “Having a first kiss” .


IMG_1703What a smart couple! Remember the first book Alvy gets Annie? At the book store.

IMG_1709Sort of confessing how much they love ( or Alvy insists more like L-O-V-E) each other. Love this scene with Brooklyn Bridge behind. Pretty romantic, ha?


IMG_1715Hahhahaha, love this Scene. Look how fabulous Annie’s shrink’s office is and her green Crock.

IMG_1716At their friend’s Party. Woody sneeze over couple grand worth substance here. Hahaha. The shirt and the vest.

IMG_1719Their amicable breaking up/ moving out matching outfits. that’s that first book Alvy got Annie for her cat.



IMG_1711 Annie and Alvy in NYC.  Ahhh INSPIRED!!   Now, I’m off to MOMA and get lost in the city today!

Fall in Love with New York Again folks!

The Meeting!

A new program Discovery channel is running. It only started on March 21. Amazing. Wonder if these are the same people waiting, following and filming the Nature who created “Planet Earth” Gael’s jaw dropped and so as mine. Unbelievably gorgeous. Sundays 8:00pm



Philipp, Thank you for forwarding this to me!
You know Parsons. 
Yes where the Project Runway kids make through challenge by challenge. 
The one of 2 top fashion schools in NYC. 
(The other one is F.I.T where I actually studied Fashion)
Parsons' School of Art and Design History and Theory
and MA Fashion Studies

  New York City"

April 6-27, 2010
All screenings in Tishman Auditorium
The New School, 66 West 12th Street
7:30–9:30 p.m. Free and open to the public.

April 6
Dir. Woody Allen, 1977
Introduced by JUDITH THURMAN
Opening Reception at 6:30pm in lobby of 66 W 12th St

Woody Allen’s classic tale of New York City romantic neuroticism stars Diane Keaton
in the era-defining title role. Introduced by Judith Thurman, staff writer at the
New Yorker, and author of Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller (winner of the
National Book Award), Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette, and, most recently,
Cleopatra’s Nose: 39 Varieties of Desire.
April 13
Dir. Vincente Minnelli, 1970
Introduced by ARMOND WHITE

Barbra Streisand and Yves Montand star in Minnelli’s technicolor masterpiece, with
costumes by Cecil Beaton and Arnold Scaasi. Introduced by Armond White, film critic
for the New York Press, chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle, and author of
groundbreaking books on pop culture including, most recently, Keep Moving: The
Michael Jackson Chronicles.

April 20
Dir. Billy Wilder, 1954
Introduced by AMY FINE COLLINS

Audrey Hepburn, Hubert de Givenchy, and Edith Head—a fashion-in-film trifecta—create
magic in Billy Wilder’s bewitching comedy-romance. Introduced by Amy Fine Collins,
special correspondent for Vanity Fair covering art, cinema, design, fashion, style,
and society; author of The God of Driving; and a fashion icon in her own right.
April 27
Dir. Alan J. Pakula, 1971
Introduced by JOHN EPPERSON
Closing Reception at 6:30pm in lobby of 66 W 12th St)

Jane Fonda turns in an astonishing performance as hardened call girl Bree Daniels in
Pakula’s film, which ushered in the golden age of 1970s paranoia thrillers.
Introduced by John Epperson, the creator and performer of Lypsinka, and writer of
the acclaimed shows Lypsinka! The Boxed Set, John Epperson: Show Trash, The Passion
of the Crawford, and, most recently, My Death.
I know Klute will be my Favorite!!!!!
For more, visit www.newschool.edu/thinkparsons.

In right this moment,
an immersive 3d environment is being set up collaborating with
artist Ail Hossaini at the ise cultural foundation @ 555 broadway
between Prince and Spring.
A celebration of music and video art with proceeds to benefit our ongoing support
for the arts.
The Benefit includes multiple channels of video art
in the street and in White Box’s gallery, Buttoh dance by the Vangeline Theatre,
installations, urban projection and DJs spinning late night dance grooves.
After that, an after party at white box!!
@ 329 Broome Street between bowery and allen, as a fund raiser.
Artists, Djs, dancers will be partying all night after the opening.
Participating artists include Seth Carnes, Ali Hossaini, Hye Rim Lee, Shantell Martin, Devan Simunovich, 
SWEATSHOPPE, Seanna Sharpe, Vangeline Theater. Featured DJs are Smirk of Wolf + Lamb Music, 
Josh Doubles of Backseat Buzz, and Kimyon. Curated by Koan Jeffrey Baysa. 
It would be great if you could make either,
if not the gallery is open from tues-sat 11am-6pm

I have not watched this film yet. But Where WAS I??

As soon as I come back from Berlin and Paris, THIS will be the home coming film. Did you all see this yet?

Quote from Wikipedia:

Liquid Sky is an independent American film produced in 1983 with a budget of $500,000. It won a cult following shortly after its release. In New York, Boston and Washington D.C. the film played non-stop for more than three years and grossed more than a million dollars in each city. Liquid Sky was the recipient of five international film festival awards. In April 16, 2009 Dan Person of current.com recalls that upon its release Liquid Sky “provoked heated arguments and, love it or hate, was required viewing for anyone who really cared about film.” Dan Person considers the film “one of the formative forces of indie film. ” Carlos James Chamberlin wrote in March, 2004 at senseofcinema.com: “It’s about time people started rendering unto Liquid Sky. Its long lipstick trace is smudged through much of indie cinema.”

Thank you Michael H Berkowitz!!

300px-liquid-skyliquid 1liquidsky6

Edgar is our main contact for our interest in real estate in Tulum. The more we travel the more interesting people we meet. We meet we talk we share. From Mexico city to Tulum changing his life yet growing bigger dream to build a top notch artist, sound and photo studio in the middle of jungle of  Tulum.  Meet our new friend, Edgar and his Sound Design for Hasta Los Huesos!

Edgar says, “Well, Hasta los Huesos is a 9 minute short film that took 2 years and a half to finish it, you know, everything was sponsored, materials, film, and everybody’s work. About 80% of the sound design was made specifically for this short and the other 20% was from sound libraries. It took me almost 4 months to do the 9 minutes, and mix it in THX.
I remember playing 64 tracks at the same time, it was awesome! The music was done by the best Mexican rock band called Cafe Tacuba. The animation is in stop motion which is frame by frame, and the director is Rene Castillo from Guadalajara.”

Long chatting and long night over the bottles of wine with Edgar and Jorje at Edgar’s home. Great place and great time!






IMG_8762Edgar, Thank you for having us. Gracias por la tua Hospitalidad!! Keep building your sound and dream!

The thing is I am not from US. I came to America, well to NY ( and NY is really not America) when I was well grown up of age, 22-23?  So, I kind of guess what it is all like but  I’ll only learn through Gael growing up here in Brooklyn. But again it will be never the same as how it was then.

The interesting thing is that now we have the movie Sophomore directed by T.lee Beideck, then there is a short film made by designer Sophomore for their Spring 2010 collection, practically a look book.  And I’m loving the juxtapose of what then and then of the fresh 10th grades. The naive and fun nostalgia of Beideck’s movie VS  raw and freshness of Sophomores moment in time for Designer Chrissie Miller. It’s almost like dorks VS cool kids.

Now check these out. I love them.

The film, Sophomore written and directed by T.Lee Beideck

Sophomore Spring 2010 look book directed by Cass Bird.

stills-pull-10_20-031Check out the website for more photos of the look book. Downtown Cool. www.sophomorenyc.com


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10 day non stop hard work dry stress was broken into pieces by Avatar’s greatest fantasy at it’s max. Thank you James Cameron.








By the way, the movie reminded me of Alexander McQueen’s Spring 10 runway.

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