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IMG_0435Cutting edge clothing store ALCHEMIST at 11 11 Lincoln Road, Miami, Florida.

It has been like 12 years the last time I went down to Miami. Since then, a few things have definitely changed. If you still like to talk about Ocean Drive in Miami, Please, Talk to the hands. Because that is So over. Ocean drive and the crowd is there. So what?  Let People have fun. But that is Not my first interest when I Now talk about Miami. Why?  Because I saw and I was there for real interesting things. Not in the past. I was having a ” Design Moment” in Miami.

Miami is moving forward.

IMG_0301A Court Yard at MOCA, 770 NE 125th Street, North Miami

A small scaled Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami is located way out of the way from Miami Beach. When I was researching what I need to see in Miami, I assumed MOCA was in Design district but this is even little more out of the way from Design District. Sort of middle of nowhere but I love how handsome the building is. I was envy of space imagining us 3 living a modern life. A beautiful Court Yard, plenty of space to hang our favorite arts, parties with friends… It’s that cozy yet chick and modern. As soon as Atsuko has arrived from NY, we headed off to MOCA for little Art moment.

IMG_0303Yes. It’s a Paradise.

IMG_0327Outside of MOCA.

IMG_0312Current exhibition : Ragnar Kjartansson’s “Song” May 17-September 2.

A room size of about 400 square foot housing multiple screens showing the artists play different part of One song that is being played in physically different locations. Each screen and location plays each layer of components of the song but they complete each others as a whole in harmony. It’s an interesting concept. And the room is surprisingly relaxing and chilled. We were all sitting there on the floor for a while.  It was quite beautiful.

IMG_0309Atsuko and Gael.



IMG_0320Here in a different room. The artist’s 3 nieces sing a gentle folk song that is written by Kajartansson in Carnegie Museum of Art’s Hall of Sculpture. Those pretty faces singing in such angelic voice… I was having a ” Virgin Suicide”  and “Tavi” moment here. Bit spooky and quite beautiful.



IMG_0498Again, 11 11 Lincoln Road on Lincoln, Miami

Here’s the Quote from their site 1111Lincolnroad, “Envisioned by Wennett and Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, 11 11 Lincoln road represents the collaboration of renowned architects, landscape architects, artists and designers to create a unique shopping, dinning, residential and parking experience for Miami’s residents and visitors.”  You should really check out the site. It’s a beautiful thing.

IMG_0437Atsuko walking around bit.  Actually the building also reminds me of  Shanghai’s 1933.

IMG_0436Approaching the shop,  Alchemist on 5 th floor. The only store in the building off the ground floor.


IMG_0429Beautifully edited collection of Balenciaga, Rick Owen, Proenza Schouler…. And amazing jewelries!




IMG_0443A view from the second floor of 11 11 Lincoln. The multi colored glassed building is a cinema.

IMG_0484Now we are at JUVIA restaurant for Cocktails! A pent house restaurant right next to the building of 11 11 Lincoln.  The penthouse deck with a grand view to Miami beach. Ahhhh  It’s a real ideal Miami experience here. The breeze, people, design, relaxed vibe, even to the right volume of music like Atsuko says. All in A Style. Swanky and Smart. Just Perfect.

IMG_0465Sitting Bar. The beautiful planted jungle wall,what ever you will call is out of the world. Emi treated us with yummy cocktails!


IMG_0479How much I love those chairs!

IMG_0477Indoor dinning area.



IMG_0329Here we are now at Design district.  The Art installation called ” The Living room”. Then it used to be attached to low rise commercial building.

p104750-Miami-Living_Room_BuildingThis is photo taken by Ally at IgoUgo.com back in year 2004. See then it even had a curtain!



IMG_0339There are many little low rise commercial spaces in Design district. They are all sort of different architectural style from industrial to Art deco to this sort of to super Modern… all mixed in.  But Always with lots of plants and flowers.


IMG_0341Lots and lots of galleries and design shops.  Check out Miamidesigndistrict and DesignDistrictMag

IMG_0343Here there are couple cute boutiques and One of the Best Restaurant in Miami, Michael’s Genuine. And around the corner from here, there are shops of absolutely beautiful Martin Margiela and Marni.

IMG_0346Inside of Michael’s Genuine.  There’s cute little outdoor space and airy and simple indoor space with this boxed red lighting.  We are having Sunday evening dinner here!


IMG_0347Slowly caramelized Pork Belly sitting on top of a Kimchi bed!  Miami loves kimchi for the moment!  All ingredients are Organic and they are all well priced.  Super low key vibe with great hearty food. Thanks to Anthony Bourdain for the recommendation!

IMG_0356Savory was savory and good. but WOW! Dessert at Michael’s Genuine is Out of the World!  So delicious. Here 2 donuts with buttered Pop corn Ice cream and lemon zest and and and…!  It sounded bit strange to hear the buttered pop corn ice cream, but the chef had nailed the flavor in such nice way. They were amazing.

IMG_0403Beautiful Monday Morning, Atsuko and I are hitting Miami by foot leaving boys by the beach. Palms, Sun and Breeze. It’s really nice!


IMG_0402Checking out Hotel Delano for a cool shop we heard about.


IMG_0412Such an elegant bar at Delano. I love it.

IMG_0413A Wall by the shop, Base at Delano.

IMG_0418A must Check out Concept Store, Webster.

IMG_0417And here’s a good old Miami moment with an Art Deco building…

IMG_0388Our last night at W Miami. There are many great arts in W Miami. Damien Hirst, a few of Basquiat… Usually I associate W with “Trendy” and “Lively” but  W Miami one felt more chick and relaxed. Grown up.

IMG_0391Bar Restaurant, Dutch at W.

IMG_0389I like the shot of soft grey stripe running down the middle of the pillars. Without it, it would have been more of NYC.

IMG_0376Our swanky deck to the ocean.



It was more of an eye opening trip to me personally to learn about where Miami is heading to and was a really pleasant experience of Start of Modern Design in Miami. Something that just will stay in my skin for a long time. Not just pretty clothes. Not just another store.  Me sitting there at pent house of Juvia having one cocktail completely settled in me. The vibe and situation really inspired me heading into Summer research. A life style. But I really hope Miami will carry on and preserve their Art Deco heritage and turn it into the best form they can. I mean where in the world, can you find such a setting? All these deco buildings by the beach!

Hope you enjoyed Miami in My way and hope this gives you a different perspective about Miami.

(By the way $10 meal at Puerto Sagua was Puerto Sagua. It brought all back to me!)

LOvE  Design!

IMG_9809Kraftwerk, Die Robotor, 1978 at Kraftwek Music Festival, MoMa PS1.

No, we were not able to get tickets to Kraftwerk’s Retrospective Spectaculars at MoMa. But we definitely checked out  the 2 day Kraftwerk Music Festival to celebrate this awesome event at MoMa’s sister museum, PS1 in Queens on Sunday. “All ages are welcome” is my kind of event so we can take Gael with us to have him experience something more stimulating, creative and out of ordinary.  On top of it, the hosting DJ for the Sunday event was mine and Emi’s all time favorite, Francois K, the father and the house DJ of our much beloved good old time dance hall, Body and Soul. What good fun and memories we have there…!!  The weather was fantastic hang out outdoor and also it was a definitely event we wanted to check out. It has been a while having gone to listen to Francois K and this tie was even more special that he was spinning all of his own spin on 8 albums of Kraftwerks that have been loved by millions of people for all these years.

IMG_9719The dome was originally built for PS1′s Sunday Sessions.  Juan Atkins on Saturday and Francois K on Sunday were spinning inside along the multiple images of Kraftwerk. Drop Dead Gorgeous.

IMG_9720Walking in!











IMG_9747Amazing Music! Francois K





IMG_9749Gael was super fascinated by all the images and it was ” COOL” music to him!









IMG_9761The indoor sounds flows to outdoor. ( Real) Cool Crowds chilling on steps to the museum entrance. Love you all.

IMG_9760And the museum pop up air stream book store. Brilliant.

IMG_9785And the only outdoor dancer: him.


IMG_9789Not kidding. I had this urge to join him. I was just not brave enough to embarrass Gael.


IMG_9781Always love the murals in PS1.

IMG_9779Re visiting for the 10th times.. James Turrell’s light filled sight specific project, ” Meeting”


IMG_9774I still ask myself if this is for real. The real open sky light. With real breeze flowing into the room.

IMG_9775Under the sky light. People like to chill.


IMG_9790At the Beer and burger garden. PS1



One more hit of Kraftwerk! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO.

ViVa MuSiCa!

IMG_7374Much anticipated De Kooning Exhibit at MoMa, NYC











De Kooning at MoMA, NYC


IMG_7310A Beautiful grand view of Boom Boom Room, Standard Hotel, NYC

It’s a day before Thanksgiving weekend, Emi and I had met up in the city late afternoon to kick off our official Mental Holiday clock in our spirit! Let’s have a drink! So where is the perfect place to do it? Absolutely the Boom Boom Room at Standard Hotel!

It was then the Empire state building to steal the best view of Manhattan, then Brooklyn prominent looking over the East river admiring soaring Twin Towers then the little door open to the balcony outside next to the DJ Booth on the second floor of Tin Cup in Williamsburg for the Drop Dead Gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge in your face with undeniably amazing entire Manhattan’s skyscraper….  Then now, I would not hesitate for a second to call out loud the Boom Boom Room is definitely the Sexiest and Most elegant place to enjoy 360 degree of gorgeous Cityscape of  Manhattan…!!

You just have to be there.

IMG_7316Hot Hostesses greeting us at Boom Boom Room. Tall, beautiful, lanky and friendly..!







IMG_7282If I write up a recipe of Boom Boom Room itself it would be something like this: 1 part of James Bond, 1 part of Tom Ford, 1 part of Rainbow room, and a splash of lemon and 1 big solid Square Ice cube. Do not Shake. Just Stir!  Very Elegant. Nothing trendy here.

IMG_7284Here’s my drink. ” Lady Lavender” with St. Germain. Nothing sweet or sour either. Just perfect and just an elegant smile of quiet lavender…

IMG_7285And  a just right amount of nibbles to accompany my Lady Lavender and Emi’s manly Negroni.




IMG_7298There are 2 fire places: 1 on the northeast corner and the other one on the north west corner. So swanky..!









IMG_7320Going down in an awesome elevator. A moving images of Heaven and Hell, I would call.




IMG_7329A mini ice rink outside of Standard Hotel. Genius!

IMG_7331The Standard Hotel, Meat Packing District, NYC


Now buying Stakes and Salad at Chelsea market in full of warm and bit tipsy Holiday Sprit after a couple delicious cocktails and much chat with my Best friend, Emiliano!

Emi, I love you so much and Happy Begin of our Holidays together!!





















For more, just be there!


IMG_4805The Harbor of Stockholm, the capital and the largest city of Sweden full of over 2M of beautiful people reside!

This is my second time here in Stockholm since the last visit about 3 years ago. My little doubt about how much I would remember the city has quickly gone after my good 7 mile run along the water soon after I have checked into Berns Hotel  early morning. A strong and perfectly sweetened cup of cappuccino right outside of the hotel gauging out to the park did a quick fix for my 4:00 am NY time Jet lag!

I am here with Gap office to do Fall research and luckily the weather was quite great for our 2 days in this gorgeous city.  Filled with beautiful girls and guys, (Really!) the city is just chilled and beautiful. You can walk to everywhere as it is small enough to do so and I definitely believe it is the best way to experience the city. You can do rent a bike but there are also lots of hilly streets, so it can get very tiring especially when you get to the old area of the city, Gamla Stan and Artsy and hip Sodermalm area. You can easily get taxis but again the most areas where you don’t want to miss can pretty much be covered by your two feet!

Here now, come stroll with me to taste the streets of Stockholm!

IMG_4808We are staying at Berns Hotel in City Center area.  We were debating between Berns and Lydmar. If I get to come back to Stockholm, I would love to stay at Lydmar. Berns Hotel is super convenient for the location wise with great complimentary breakfast but I think rooms could be better at it’s price range.

IMG_4745The dinning room at Berns Hotel. Their dinning room is the center of the hotel I believe. Somehow Breakfast and Lunch is more popular than the dinner time.

IMG_4749A cute sun-room at Berns hotel. You have a nice view to the park outside. I love this room!

IMG_4810My cute and delicious breakfast at the hotel sun room. Lots of flax seeds over fresh black berry yogurt and muesli. A cup of cappuccino and delicious lox on a piece of multi grain and pumpkin seed bread. Yum! By the way Lox in Stockholm is to die for. Sooo Amazing!

IMG_4741All striped out and I am ready to hit the road!

IMG_4688A clean city, beautiful city and…

IMG_4939It is filled with beautiful him, beautiful her and beautiful couples!

IMG_4687Simple up-dos and ponytails are definitely dominant with little black everything and little denim jackets.



IMG_4752This lady at COS store so chick in her simple yet elevated neutral colors and great accessories.




IMG_4889Saw lots of long braided hair too.

IMG_4670All lean and lanky as majority of other youngsters in the city, this friendly shop girl at Acne pulls off tiny black leather skirt super cool!





IMG_4951Second day going in we are at Sodermalm area. It’s one big mix of Williamsburg, Lolita, bit of Soho and Fort Greene. There are more than enough of good vintage shops in this area. This is a vintage and thrift shop, Emmaus.

IMG_4899You all love Cheap Monday from Sweden. This is the shop in Sodermalm area. Each platform is in letters.

IMG_4900Cheap Monday is the second chain shop where I saw a sewing machine right in the middle of the floor after ” Monki”. I guess they possibly do alterations for the customers right at the sight.

IMG_4901A cool Tee shirt fixture.

IMG_4907On the underground level at Cheap Monday, there is a Screen Print studio with a big glass wall. It’s very cool to see how they make the screen tees.


IMG_4837Now here we are at the Old part of the city, Gamla Stan. This little island is located in between Norrmalm and Sodermalm. Gamla Stan takes you back to the old time of Stockholm with pretty Mediaeval streets and buildings. Royal palace is also located in Gamla Stan.



IMG_4845There are many cute little shops in Galma Stan including super touristy ones. This shop carried many cute posters and stuff. Not bad.

IMG_4838There were quite a few shops of linens and stuff.. Soft, cotton bit antique like and boho-ish..



IMG_4791Lastly, quite amazing dinner on the first night at restaurant Mathias Dahlgren at Grand Hotel, Stockholm.

IMG_4770Every seating at the table is pre- set with this quite Zen like a sheet of brown paper menu, a cracker bag, silver wears and a wooden butter knife and glasses.

IMG_4773Common and widely loved multi grain crackers.


IMG_4777Menu is set up by region and kind of ingredients and all the portion is in between appetizer and main course.


IMG_4785Reina, Cynthia and I ordered 3 dishes and shared them all. The first, Salmon and Deer Sashimi. The Salmon in general here is like gold to me. I know salmon is body does good kind fish but I am not usually so crazy about it unless it’s a top quality sashimi.  This was the top quality sashimi and it was amazingly delicious!

IMG_4783They love dill here and actually it has grown on me. Mixed Mushroom with steamed coal fish. Amazing.

IMG_4784Pumpkin and broccoli with Truffle and Parmesan.


IMG_4787Baked chocolate and 2 more… It was so good!

As we are moving on to Paris and London for the rest of the week, we only had really a day and a half in Stockholm but surely fell in love with the city! It’s a great place to people watch, eat, feed your eyes with great modern design and get inspired. Full 3 days will give you plenty time to do the museums and all.

LOvE Stockholm!

Viva Brigitte!



1. 10:30 pm, Summmer by Jules Dassin

2. IL Divo by Paolo Sorrentino

3. Blow Up by Michelangelo Antonioni

4. Before Night Falls by Julian Schnabel

5. Mother by Bong Joon Ho

6. Diva by Jean-Jacques Beineix

7. White Ribbon by Michael Haneke

IMG_0156-1024x768A scene from Diva


IMG_2841Awesome Breezy Entrance at MoMA PS1.  Warm Up Ps1:  the Ultimate Summer Party for NYC!

I can’t believe it’s already the 14th year now MoMA PS1 is holding this music, dance, art installation that’s all happening in one gigantic outdoor party on Saturdays all summer long at this cool industrial area in Queens, NYC!!!  When we all heard then MoMA was branching out a sister MoMA out to Queens: PS1 taking over formal Public School #1 on Queens, We all were bit skeptical even though there are a few prominent Art and Design institutional places like Noguchi museum in the same neighbor hood.  \It felt bit out of the way compare to the mail one is on posh and touristy uptown in Manhattan. But PS1 had proved that was only a worry that we didn’t have to have at all after all. PS1 now has grown into a proud and even more rebellious and interesting little yet not so little sister of MoMA fueling Powerful Energy of New and Young Generation of Cool NYC peeps. And  maybe even of the “World” as you will be surprised to see and hear how many international visitors at not just “Warm” but maybe more of “Hot” summer Dance parties that PS 1 is housing year after year.  Every year PS1 holds a competition to design and doll up their envious grand schemed concrete and grabbled awesomely modern yard, and I personally like to thank to MomA doing this so as this is an absolutely a brilliant idea and also a another definite reason what attracts me and sure all other visitors to go visit PS1 as the yearly brand new Summer installation is something that you must not miss.

This year’s simple yet breezy and green installation is another winner that you want to see and I highly recommend the actual exhibitions that are going on in this beautiful formal public school space as it’s filled with much entertaining (I rather like to call it entertaining! ) Rayan Trecartin’s Any Ever : the short film series, and my absolute favorite of all, a screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain ( the screening ends on July 24th) which I ended up buying the DVD at the bookstore is another one you should not miss!!

The Warm Up Summer party at PS1 runs until the September 3rd with various DJS from around the world, So you haven’t missed much but certain exhibitions will do end at certain point, so if you are not sure what to do on Saturdays, pS1 Warm up party will be the perfect thing to do for this entire summer!

Now I like to share some pics from my visit to PS 1 Warm Up party this Saturday, July 16!

IMG_2840Yes the kid are welcome, but if you like to bring your little ones go early and live early. It get’s bit intense for the little ones later on. The party hour is 2-9 pm.

IMG_2844Hay Garden. No Smoking!



IMG_2848Real good seating this year. Not too obscure to sit down and there were plenty of these to mingle and chat.



IMG_2851Loving the fact they had brought quite an amount of trees this year.




IMG_2857Gael, no worries, I promise you I’ll take you here! The September 3rd, We will come back all together with Dad!

IMG_2858Yes, we will play ping pong too! Love you. Miss you Gael!


IMG_2860Loving the Crowd. The People. All together. Can’t help it!


IMG_2866DJs and Bands rotating all day.



IMG_2881Inside the Museum building. Entrance at Ryan Trecartin’s.

IMG_2884There were 6 rooms I believe set up in all different way with Head sets for you to use. Plenty of odd and fun seating were built for the audience. And comfy!




IMG_2894Hospital beds turned to mega seating.




IMG_2910I have mixed thoughts and feeling about Laurel Nakadate: Only the Lonely work series. Hmmm , If anyone likes to discuss about it with me, shoot me an email!

IMG_2911I adore PS1′s staircase murals!




IMG_2921Permanent collection: James Turell’s ” Meeting”, 1986

IMG_2920Visitors gaging and enjoying this wonderfully opened up room with natural light and air coming through.

IMG_2923Here’s the movie I was talking about. Crazy, beautiful photography, not normal, disturbing, funny, sick, calm, tripping and everything else. Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Holy Mountain, 1973 and couple more scenes from the film below.






IMG_2929The Book store.

IMG_2932The cafe.


IMG_29337:30. Now it’s really crowded! Music’s  pumping, people are dancing, being silly, whatever!





IMG_2970Ahhh Emi, I so wished you were standing right next to me!! I miss you Emi!!

IMG_2973With Adriana and Dani.


IMG_2991Good job Sir! The last DJ.


If you haven’t yet, go check it out!!!

ipanemaIpanema  Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ahhh, I so wished it was warmer, no actually really hotter!  See Brazil right now is in winter even though it’s around 65-70 degrees, it just does not do the justice of hot hot sun slowly baking you to the sexy glowing golden goddess in bright fun bikinis!  But we were lucky on Sunday to have descent temperature and lovely sun caressing the city, it was the best day to hit the actual Ipanema beach and markets for a day!

The word “Ipanema” comes from “Tupi Language” which means “Bad water” and what it really means in this case is bad water for fishing since the surf dies too close to the sand that it pushes the fish away.  The surf can reach up to high as 9ft in winter time, Ipanema beach is filled with surfers as well as many volley ball & soccer players and also was packed with many Cariocas strolling, running and roller blading along the beautiful and famous mosaic tiled board walk enjoying beautiful Sunday afternoon. Ipanema belongs to the safest area called ” Zona Sul” in Rio and  I totally felt it was quite safe and neighborhood like with smaller streets and colorful homes with couple markets like Fiera Hippie on Sundays and everyday vegetables and fish market called Fiera Ipanema where there are many  small boutiques and typical Carioca style easy restaurants are.   Cynthia and I had walked everywhere to hunt down good images, colors and some good artisanal props and anything that could be great inspiration for our work for Summer 12!



IMG_1307Through out the city, You sill see much of these Mosaic tile work for pedestrian side walks to walls to these major beach like Ipanema and Copacabana. Copacabana’s tile work carries more of big wave like pattern which actually I personally prefer. Quite cool, Ha?

IMG_1328We did NOT see Gisele Bundchen. Or some sort of Rio beauties At ALL this time!! Is it because the weather is not hot as their summer which is more from December to March, the temperature reaches around to 86-87 degrees.  Actually I am convinced that those hot Brazilian babes are not form Rio. Maybe from Sao Paolo vacationing in Rio? Or are they all hiding…?





IMG_0986Typical drink and snack shacks along the board walk.

IMG_0766Now walking into the farmer’s market, Fiera Ipanema on Rua Maria Quiteria. It’s a friendly and vibrant awesome market!

IMG_0767 I fell in love with Simple and bold bright striped tents!


IMG_0769Samplers are everywhere!!! Sweet as honey, gorgeous strawberries, juicy water melons, Amazonian fruits and so much more. By the time you are done with one isle, you will be already full from shower or free samples offered by the friendly vendors!









IMG_0787Love sardine!!





IMG_0796An awesome Veggie station. You know I’ll eat every leaf hanging off the stand!



IMG_0964OK we are starving and stopping for some typical Carioca food at one of these restaurants by the board walk. I did order this fizzy drink ( non alcoholic drink made by Brazilian Coca Cola company and heard there are many versions including ones you make at home to bars…).  I did hear about ‘ Guarana’, this sort of thing that gives you energy. Guarana is a small bright red fruit that contains lots of Caffeine. (about double of coffee beans).  The taste?  This particular drink right here, Kuat! just tasted like sweet syrupy water with very light fizz in it. I did not care for it much. It didn’t feel like it made me all energetic either. but it sure gave me stomach upset!!!  It got me all nauseous!

IMG_0965My order. Rice with mixed sea food in tomato coconut milk sauce. Delicious!  But I have to tell you, one called ” Moqueca soup” at long time NY restaurant on Union square, ” The Coffee shop” makes the best one so far I have to say. Is that why we live in NYC?  Cynthia, you still don’t believe me about this, but they serve the best kind!  I have to say I loved the addition of this hard boiled egg in this dish. You know it’s just so comforting with nice sauce over it with rice… YUM!

IMG_0966Cynthia’s dish. Broiled Cod with fresh fried chips with garlic oil and crumbled hard boiled egg! Com on, You have to love this!  Sooo good! Don;t you love her red nail against bright neon strip eon back drop anyway?

IMG_0803One of residential building in Ipanema and the typical yellow cab of Rio.

IMG_1264Now we are at the Hippie market in Ipanema, Only a couple blocks into the town from the Gay beach area of Ipanema beach. Every Sunday. We totally learnt that Rio is an expensive city.  This hand made artisanal pieces are quite expensive and also everything else. Taxi, drink, food, clothing… Everything id quite expensive especially if you are brining the US $$. ( the exchange rate is terrible now)






IMG_1288There were couple food stands that run by these lovely Bahian ladies. Bahia is located on north east side of Brazil which is definitely above the Rio. All those good Samba and Bossa Nova was also born in Bahia.  Ahh we didn’t really taste any food here as we just ate!  But it must be really good and authentic as the stands were really crowded. Next time!






IMG_1364Hand drums for samba!


Now listen to this!  The very man, Vinicius de Moraes who wrote the song on his cigarette and a glass of cachaca, “Garota de Ipanema”


Can’t  imagine what would be like being in Ipanema surrounded by millions of people under the hot sun and sugar mountain enjoying the beach, the sun and the magical energy  of Rio!




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