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So I am So into Emiliano right now and Yes he is my hubby but also he’s going through bit of a moment not feeling so great these days so I find myself thinking about him all the time and I keep stealing quick looks into his face many many times. I wish Emi feels much better very soon and I realize I just love him no matter what and how and whatever and whenever that is.  I spent much time looking through our old photos today from the time since many seasons back ago with me, Gael, vacations whatever and whenever that was.  And I love looking at old photos and our little moments written from the past and I feel thankful about we had them and we will have much more again. I think about my brother how hard it would have been for him last year. And I think about my mother who lives alone back in my home and I wish she hang in there whenever she does not feel so great because I can’t imagine how hard it would be. And I really think about Benjamin who’s alone all the time and I better call him very soon. And Ben if you are reading this, I always always think about you. I like to fast forward the hard times but also the hard times are always humbling and make me grounded and think about many things in our lives and remind me of many good, bad and unfortunate things and let me measure how deep my heart and patience can go.  I was thinking about what inspired me these days that leads me to go to my little blog to write about it then I couldn’t really think of anything but then I thought I would just let myself out and it feels good.  Love you all.



A Surprise date!  A movie, ” House Maid”,  an old Korean Black and White film from the 60′s at BAM, dinner at Nobu ( great Great dinner yet bit over rated by the way…!), against the blowing wind of Tribeca cobble stoned corners in tipsy and silly walk together (ahhhh, the best time!), a fun cab ride across the city,  at Times Square doing all the tourist things you can ever imagine… then totally on and at 43rd floor Spectacular room at W hotel Times Square with a view of the heart of all!  A Bright Sexy New York Thing!  It totally reminded us the first ever trip to NYC together. 28 days at Big Apple Hostel at Times Square Julie found us! ( Julie I need to thank you again, because maybe that was the real best time at NYC still as of today, the coolest and most real fun New Yorkers we met there!)

Last night, We felt the NYC all over again. We were really in the city again. I mean when do you get to sleep at Times square or even in the city  if you lived in Brooklyn and worked in the city for last 15 years! So wish we had a small apartment in the city now!  We had bit corny yet the best Fabulous time! How much we laughed!  We were making fun of ourselves but couldn’t ignore that we were totally having fun.  It just felt like the second date we had 17 years ago.  Young and Carefree!

Love You and NYC!!

Emi, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!




Life goes on. It was Emi’s birthday. And we headed out to Riis park near the Far Rockaway. Our little secret spot. Especially in November. Misty and beautiful. We managed to have fun and laughs playing a ball with Gael and Tania. I have been feeling so much love for Emi. Can’t explain how much.  I love you Emi.


















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