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4312792425_b41c1352d0 Che Grande sei, Celentano!

Despite of some suggestions before my arrival to Berlin about me sticking with East side of the Berlin only, I went along with Daniel and Franziska to the theater, a beautiful theater, ” Schaubuhne” in the west side of Berlin where is way more developed with fancy shops, embassies, a music house, finance and law buildings but same time lacks the old charm that East Berlin has.

I got to get on a tramp, metro and double deck Bus ( upper level)!  to get to the theater. What a nice experience!! You can pretty much walk everywhere in East Berlin to all the attractions and actually a bicycle would be the perfect to browse the East Berlin. But to go over to West side of Berlin, it can take you easily over an hour of commute depends on the distance and traffic during the day. The entire Berlin is about 9 times bigger than Paris. So it’s huge.

I was bit nervous about the play, Megalopolis because I have zero German, but hey, I give it a try! 

IMG_0131German, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, French and American, total of 10 amazing casts, really Rocked my World!  Passionate and talented. There was more of experimental modern dancing than ton of dialogues in this play and also each native spoke or sometimes sing their lines in their own language definitely was unique and also helped me to follow along. But even the whole portion of German or Portuguese was actually very interesting experience I had because at the end,  the physical expression, the tone of the voice and the musical sound came to me as mega package of pure emotion. I found myself getting goose bumps and my heart beats fast.

My understanding of Megalopolis is a space,  a metropolitan city where people from all around the world come together and interact and survive each others in chaos, strong emotions as anger, sorrow, humor, fear and their social status as a certain race, rich, poor, gay, straight, powered, authority and anything else you can imagine. Interesting. And very entertaining performance. Each one of the cast had distinctive personality and strength. The experimental music and sound was quite amazing. Having seen this play sitting in a theater filled with Berliners was a definitely meaningful experience to me. Also it wasn’t like seeing a Blue man group or something. This wasn’t a commercial main stream. This was rather a great chance for me to lick the surface of what Berlin could offer as their distinctive modern culture.

Thank you Daniel and Franziska!    





IMG_0100The Theater.

IMG_0073The metro Station.

Choreography benoit-swan pouffer

photography franÇois rousseau
video gilles papain
music stefano zazzera
costumes nancy haeyung bae
lighting jim french
Video produced by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

The space becomes the dance itself, the dancers, the audience, all connected, the one. Absolutely brilliant installation brings the supreme dancers along their powerful heart beats and sound and the each movement completely alive to the audience. Also I like to point out Nancy Haeyung Bae, one of my many talented designers at Gap who actively has been designing costumes for the Cedar Lake company for the last many years. Living a rich and creative life.


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