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sc000c7942Me 4, You 7.

Time flies. Life goes on. It is already 1 year since you passed away, Brother.  Not sure how we wanted to pass the day, but we were sure not to cry about it.  It’s a tragic loss we can not make up ever, but it was the day you left that long pain behind you. Your courage. The Re-Birth. So we celebrated. We wanted to prepare the moment you would have loved and you always loved and you always will. Especially with Gael. At the 4 seater table, I saw you sitting there next to Emi. We heard you laughing with us over  Gael’s goofy faces and a Ninja serving crazy dishes for us. We poured you many glasses of wine and chatted with you again and again and again.  We were happy that we knew you would love it.  The moment just like this. It was the night for you and Gael. And we were there with you two.

We Cheer to you Brother.  Many Happy Years to you and us together..! I love you, oppa.

You died of such pride to know need help.  You ended your pain that way keeping your pride pure and untouched. Wish I could share it. Your pain. Brother. Short but enormous life you had. You brought the entire family back together in such peace and love. Look what you gave us. Look what you left us.  You should be proud like you have been. I like to embrace your happiest moments. I like to embrace the life you had left me.  Forgive me. Forgive yourself. Forgive dad and mom. Forgive the life you had lived. Be free and shine like you always were. Be what you wished. You brave man. I love you.