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IMG_3057 The Alexander McQueen exhibit: Savage Beauty at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

I have been dreading to go to Met to see Savage Beauty as whoever went to the exhibit said, “It’s so popular you need to be in the line for so long like hours then it’s too crowded that it’s hard to see all in detail!”  But regardless, I knew it was going to be amazing. ” Exhibit will make you cry!”  that’s what I heard a lot too.  I was lucky enough to get free private access to the Museum this Monday through a friend at the museum as the Museum is closed on Mondays. But due to the high demand of this show, Museum had introduced ” Met Mondays with McQueen” starting from June 6. And it will cost you hefty $50.00 entrance fee but I highly recommend it otherwise not sure how you can say you really saw the exhibition with all that big crowd. And very nice audio tour ( narrated by Andrew Bolton, Sara Jessica Parker, Philip Treacy and more!) is on the house with this special Monday tour I believe.

Last Year,  The 40 years of YSL Retrospective at Paris was amazing, beautiful and unbelievable. But still it stayed in fashion. Beautiful clothing with impeccable workmanship in beautiful setting.  But Savage Beauty definitely felt closer to an art exhibit. McQueen’s fashion surpasses countless Artists’ art out there today. And I like to pay a huge credit to Mr. Andrew Bolton, the curator of this exhibit and Costume Institute who handled many years’ yearly gala. I had a privilege to work with him personally on a small project related to the last year’s Gala, American women as Gap was major sponsor to the exhibit.

And Mr. Bolton, you’ve had beautifully executed Savage Beauty to translate Alexander McQueen’s dark, strong, complex and bold approach to his artful inner world.  The rooms were perfectly McQueen. The lighting, the materials of the wall, the music and utterly dark and chick showcases and the stage. I absolutely loved it. The Colors in the room, runway clips, the most amazing head and shoulder pieces, the materials of the setting… I could go on and on about this. It felt beautifully expensive and perfectly regal but also completely modern and dare futuristic. Just like who Alexander McQueen was.

IMG_3048The entrance!  Red tinted microscopic glass pieces and ostrich feather dress on the left and the infamous Razor clam shell dress on the right. It kills me.  I highly recommend you to get the Audio tour. You get to hear stories behind from actual people who worked on or worn the actual pieces.


IMG_3051The first room,  “The Romantic Mind”, is dedicated to the tailored and mostly jacket pieces.  Lots of these pieces were landed by the actual owners for the exhibit.  McQueen’s Savile Row in London’s tailoring experience is showing through these pieces. Only showing a few pieces here.

IMG_3114The washed concrete wall and naive wood flank is familiar contrast we see everyday now but again it works beautifully against McQueen’s impeccable hard tailoring.



IMG_3055The second room, “The Romantic Gothic” filled with aged mirrors.




IMG_3062This guilded golden glass showcase is absolutely to die for and the amazing McQueen’s work…







IMG_3065“The Cabinet of Curiosity”, a room dedicated to many of McQueen’s amazing Accessories and their relationship to related items.  This room truly made me fill like I was in a Art exhibition.

IMG_3064My heart deeply aching…. The Spine corset with a tail.

IMG_3066Approaching to the Fan dress. Just like those delicately cut out Japanese wooden fan.

IMG_3068Yes, She’s turning.







IMG_3075There are ton more in this “Closet of Curiosity” room. I kept going back in there. It was hard to end myself and move on.

IMG_3077” The Romantic Nationalism”, McQueen celebrates his root, London.  He was very proud of the city where he came from.



IMG_3080“The Romantic Primitivism”


IMG_3115” Romantic Exoticism”

IMG_3085“Romantic Naturalism, the last room”


I only have a few pictures from the Savage Beauty in this post. You need to see All in person. It ends on August 7. So hurry up!

It was truly one of the most amazing exhibitions I have seen. Not just McQueen itself but the whole package, it is a great exhibition.  Also excellent  website.

And NEVER TO MISS, click on THIS to watch clips of McQueen’s runway shows.

IMG_0152Gael on a swing at Eames House, Pacific Palisades, LA

The very last day of our 9 day long Road trip ends at Eames House in LA.  Whole experience was beautiful and bit emotional. We were able to see Charles and Ray’s very residence. We got to see personal belongings and little objects in the house they cherished for years. It felt like we were friends of them. It was such a special moment!

The Eames House, Case Study House #8, was built under a concept for a real or hypothetical client taking into consideration their particular housing needs. Charles and Ray proposed that the home they designed would be for a married couple working in design and graphic arts, whose children were no longer living at home. They wanted a home that would make no demands for itself, and would serve as background for.  And if you are here to see the house and take a moment to be in, you will completely see that concept has been successfully executed. It’s amazing.

IMG_0077Approaching. I fee bit nervous from gentle excitement.

IMG_0083I can’t believe we are here!!

IMG_0087Leaving our names. A humble moment.


IMG_0091We are standing in between the 2 buildings. One Gael is facing at is the Studio. The lady is from Eames foundation. All visits are possible by appointments only.

IMG_0090Gael looking into the home. The Kitchen is located close to this court yard like space.

IMG_0107One of the entrances to the residential home side.

IMG_0109The living room.



IMG_0111Not like other many modern homes, Eames publicized the house as a thoroughly lived-in, usable, and well loved home. While many icons of the modern movement are depicted as stark, barren space devoid of human use, photographs and motion pictures taken at the Eames house reveal a richly decorated, almost cluttered space full of thousands of books m art objects, artifacts and charming knick-knacks.


IMG_0094Charles and Ray at home.

IMG_0135All these little objects in the house are the actual belongings of Charles and Ray.



IMG_0116The design was first sketched out by Charles Eames with fellow architect Eero Saarinen in 1945 as raised steel and glass box projecting out of the slope and spanning the entrance drive before cantilevering dramatically over the front yard. The structure was to be constructed entirely from off the shell available from steel fabricators catalogue.





IMG_0148The back of the house.

IMG_0139The Studio, Office.



IMG_0158We really took time to enjoy the house and chatted up about so many things around Eams personal lives and the house itself.

IMG_0157Me and Genny ( hope I spelled your name correctly!) from the foundation. Cheese! Thank you so much for your time and good talks. We had a wonderful time!


The Eames House Foundation is established in 2004 and run in part by the grand children of Charles and Ray Eames. They have overseen the conservation of the structure and have preserved Charles and Ray’s collections and decor. It felt much personal us being there. We relate to Eames’ creatively rich yet truly real life they had. We could just see it from the way the house has been. I saw Emi leaving the house with his hands over at his heart.  It was a beautiful experience and we felt fortunate to have this time together with Gael.

Our very first time Road Trip with Gael ends here at Eames House only opening for more possibilities to create many more.

INsPiRe YoUrSelF!

IMG_7766Day 1 at Rose Bowl Flea, Pasadena, LA

Auwheee!  It has been So long that I have been at Rose Bowl Flea!!  Maybe almost good 8 years have passed by since the very first glorious visit to the market. Ahhh it was a hot beautiful day then with blazing sun on my back complaining at myself not thinking of bringing a tube of sun block with me. But this time around, it was quite chilly and cloudy only reaching up to 45 degrees. Only after 5 hours of sleep, Emi, Gael and myself hit the road to Pasadena munching on complimentary continental breakfast in the car to go (Chocolate Croissants and some coffee from Viceroy, Santa Monica). By the way, Viceroy Santa Monica was bit of disappointment after all for that whooping nightly rate they charged on us. ( Pls send me an email if you were planning to stay there and have any questions).  The market opens at 5:00 am with VIP admissions then regular admissions from 7:00 am till 4:30 pm for the last minute bargains. The market is HUGE with 6 colored areas. The white area across 2 small canals is where most of hard core vintage clothing lovers will be at and that is where you get to do most of people watching. And be ready to say ” Kawai and Ohaio”  to those well vintagely dressed Japanese friends popping everywhere!

IMG_7765We arrived right before 7:00 am and our admission costs $15.00  From 8:00 am and on, admission reduces down to $10.00.  12 years old and younger gets in for free.

IMG_7768The Rose Bowl Stadium itself. We pay a quick visit.

IMG_7791Welcome to Rose Bowl where Real Vintage Hippies exist.

IMG_7816Epitome of Men’s Vintage and Cool Gals: ARMY AND NAVY.  You go crazy here. Experiences like this truly sharpens your eyes to spot what is Really good Vintage or not.

IMG_7779Plus Turn of the Century ones. They are too good!


IMG_7811Motorcycle is Huge here.

IMG_7808Dress comfy and casual to dig at Rose Bowl.



IMG_7795Two things here. One, you need to have at least 1 breakfast Burrito when you are in Rose Bowl Flea. Two, all those tough denim and leather Rose Bowl girls.

IMG_7796Then real highlight of Rose Bowl this time was these Heavy weight Vintage Insiders and Dealers visiting Rose Bowl only a day after now the 4th annual event:  Japanese Vintage God Father Rin Tanaka’s Kulture Recycling Show, INSPIRATION LA in Long Beach, LA. Lots of Hand shaking, huddled groups deep in conversations, exclusive U haul trucks with highly collectible vintage items being dealt inside…  Then beautiful Japanese buyers completely decked out in Kapital denim pieces with all those Army jackets and Native American accessories.  How about sharp and stylish Italian buyers dealing all those sexy leather jackets… It truly felt like we were in a week of Grammy of Vintage in LA as we kept bumping into those insiders feeling lots of energy in town!

mf8coverweb1Here is the 8th edition I purchased of Rin Tanaka’s MyFReedamn! Book series. A great book that shows Tanaka’s wealth of Knowledge and love for Vintage Clothing, Motorcycles and Accessories. It’s a Great source for everything I do.  It’s inspiring and I really respect how far Tanaka had taken his love for the Vintage and it’s history. Rin Tanaka was born in 1970 in Japan.

IMG_7785Then here’s the owner and a crew of Irons and Duck.: An awesome Wear house full of Vintage and Vintage Inspired Industrial Design furniture and clothing.  They Fuel many of important design showrooms, retail places and residential homes in west coast.  Great guys with all the positive energy.  And I LOVE their about to shred to a string small yet well edited vintage clothing.


IMG_7772Awesome collection of Vintage Iron Rail road nails. The number indicates what year the nail has been produced and used to repair or build the rail roads. They are beautiful.


IMG_7803Serious buyers will come prepared with big bags. I had brought luggages on wheels!

IMG_7782We also browsed Home stuff and mid century modern. By the way, we saw very little of Mid century modern furniture at Rose Bowl.

IMG_7780Ever so getting popular NA and European Farm Crop Sacks ( for any end use).  The stripe indicates which farm the crops belong to.

IMG_7787Crop Sacks come to a Life in one way.

IMG_7831Day 2, we are hitting Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach Area. All the business opens at 11:00 am so we came to the Venice beach to stroll a bit and check out also the Canal area. ( it got little warmer! yay!)



IMG_7853Ahhh We love Canals of Venice beach!  It’s so quiet and It’s Lovely! Sun is finally out and homes are cute. I am totally envious of beautiful palms, cactus and flowers… I want to have a home here!


IMG_7875A lady on a surf board in canal. It feels so surreal to see such thing as I am from NY. This is Very LA.











IMG_7906Ahhh I So want this tree!


IMG_7929Gosh, they are Gorgeous.  I am in LOvE!!



IMG_7900Keep Walking.


IMG_7993After day 2 at Abbot Kinney and my favorite store in LA, Opening Ceremony in West Hollywood, here we are on Day 3 at Silver Lake. We are here for some breakfast and a few store visits.

IMG_7969Inside at Inteligentsia Coffee in Sunset Junction. I love cool Blue mosaic tiles against the rustic warm lighting.


IMG_7979Here we are sitting at Cafe Stella the next door to Itelligentsia for some warm breakfast. LA has been chilly the whole time…!


IMG_7971It’s a French place in Brooklyn sort of way in Spanish style architecture. It feels like home here.


IMG_7983Warm pita on Soft eggs and Merguez.  SOOo delicious!

IMG_7988Entering a Cheese Shop the next door. A cutest little places here. Got some locally made Sea Salt Caramel bags for my design team back home here and they are delicious!



IMG_8000Shop Lake. We had such little time before taking off to Airport and Shops open late in this area. But managed to hit a few good ones.

IMG_8005Lovely Wall paper.

IMG_8007The Last place we visited in LA. High Mart in Los Feliz.  A great airy space that offers Tranquility and quality.  Japanese owned and this place will take you right to Tokyo ( in Zen way).

Here’s my LA list:

Sunset Marquis

Lemonade Venice

Rose Bowl

Opening Ceremony


Abbot Kinney

Cafe Stella

Eams House

Mohawk General Store


Unlike.net LA

IMG_1807Me standing inside of FireFlies on the Water by Yayoi Kusama, Whitney Museum

Her Posters are everywhere in NYC. Her fabulous bangs and oddly wild dotted outfit that blends into the back ground tells you ” Enough said “. You have to go see her. There is a long line waiting to get into Whitney is impressive. It’s handsome crowd gathering. Everyone seems bit nervous and excite. and Me too! I can’t wait to be in!!!

IMG_1837Doesn’t she look here like Edna in that animated film,  ” Incredibles” ?

IMG_1812In the lobby. Awwww, Exciting!

IMG_1814I followed the big balloons and it leads me to the restaurant downstairs. I want this situation at my house!

IMG_1816I am dressed for Ms.Yayoi Kusama. Huge respect.


IMG_1818Going back to Lobby to see Fireflies on the water! I am starting YAYOI KUSAMA!

Only one person at a time is allowed in the room of Fireflies on the water. And you must make an reservation to get a ” Timed ticket” at the ticket desk on the day of visit.  Each visitor gets to have 1 full minute per visit.

IMG_1864Thank you Whitney for such a Fab walking guide!


IMG_1867Photos are NOT allowed in the museum so I am about to share many images from the book, “KUSAMA” published by Rizzoli that I purchased at the Museum. Rizzoli edition actually better captures the Exibition at Whitney than Whitney’s own publication.


IMG_1905One of early paintings.


IMG_1907Kusama in her studio, early years.  I absolutely loved all the old pics of the artist at the exhibition!!!  And her sketch books. To die for….!


IMG_1877She has done series of Pieces working with Fabric, stuffing, shapes, repetition…. This is called ” Cloud”. This covers about good 300 sqft of surface on the floor.



IMG_1866These collection of Stuffed and painted canvas fabric fills up about 800 sqft of room. And it’s up to good 4 foot tall.

IMG_1870There were series of this Typography based posters of Kusama’s Arty parties in 60′s. They make me go crazy. I adore these.




















IMG_182457th street, 5th avenue. Louis Vuitton is an official supporter of this exhibition and also had collaborated ” INFINITELY” collection.












LOvE ArT LOvE FaShiOn LOvE dOtS!


YAYOI KUSMA ends on September 30th. Do not miss it.

IMG_3368Sunset at Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY

What a lovely lovely day! I decided to go to Fire Island by myself and just took off on early Sunday morning as Emi and Gael are still in Italy. Walking down to LIRR Atlantic Avenue station, I found myself humming to silky breeze and gorgeous morning sun.  I felt good about getting out of home on a early Sunday morning. I felt a couple butterflies flying in my stomach from slight excitement about my little adventure ahead!  A small deli in front of the train station tells me to grab frozen water bottles instead.  He knew I was going to go to beach. Smart! These 2 bottles will surely get me through the hot day on the beach. Thank you!

2 water bottles, a book, a small bag of cashew and almond, 2 peaches.  And most of all, my happy spirit for a day full of adventure! Come follow me!

IMG_3239LIRR at Atlantic Avenue. Get $31.00 full package pass for a round trip train ride, taxi and ferry ride.  Simple.

IMG_3240My reading for the day.  ” Please Look After Mom” by Kyung Sook Shin. There’s an English edition too. About to get on a train!

IMG_3247I’ll say the highlight of the whole trip is actually the ferry ride. This 20 minute ferry ride always makes going to Fire Island that much more special. It makes you feel like you are going somewhere far far away from the city! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!


IMG_3250It’s absolutely a perfect day! Crisp breeze and beautiful sun. It feels amazing on a ferry!


IMG_3262There are lots of restaurants by the port. Actually port is called ” town” as this is where all the shops and amenities are. It’s a small and friendly community.

IMG_3266Getting into the town. Entire island is connected with famous board walk passage. It’s really cute!



IMG_3273Lovely board walk is blessed by never ending beach shacks. Wish I had one…!




IMG_3293Dear crossing! They are super calm in Cherry Grove. Just don’t touch them. You know why!


IMG_3292Hello my Dear!

IMG_3294More shacks…



IMG_3309It feels amazing walking and poking around!

IMG_3316Can’t help myself with these cutest board walks. And all those trees.. Awwwwoooooo!!!

IMG_3322Totally bumping into old friends here in Cherry Grove!!!!  Simone and Alison were staying at one of these cute shacks literally 30 seconds away from the beach!  Charlie, her baby next to me!  We are totally hanging out here today!  Fabrizio and wife Anna are here too! What a small world!





IMG_3333Super calm and clean beautiful water!  There’s no one around. It’s great!

IMG_3344I swam and swam and took a nap, chatted, lovely lunch back at Simone’s, swam again and… Repeat!


IMG_3340Washing off sand first before a quick lunch!



IMG_3368Emi and Gael, I so wish you were here with me! We  will come back together!

To know how to get to Fire Island,

Click here.


IMG_0033The Fiat 500 covered in printed patch work of Indigo patterns at shop’s front court yard,  the car is always an anecdote of what you will see the inside of the shop, Merci



















IMG_0089This man was shopping the entire shop on Skype via I phone.












I find the Merci as one of the most inspiring places as they always approach one thing that far, deep in such interesting ways from every different angle possible from what you put on your body to what you put down on the dinner table, sleep in, cuddle in, carry in, travel with or whatever that is.  The relevancy to your everyday life is powerful.  Merci’s at that point where they can take anything regardless what the world is into and make the most out of in the best yet approachable way to every individual in all different ages. It makes you desire it. You fancy it and dream of what it would be like if you brought that 2 glasses with blue bottom to your own little home from the shop and serve fresh lemonade to your best friend visits you. It makes your skin tingle to fancy to have that bright blue couch with your loved ones sitting in your living room while you are cooking something delicious possibly wearing that indigo linen apron on with bright orange lipstic on and how fun it would be that everything matches and your lips will just flirt the whole thing.

Merci beautifully stimulates your senses and thoughts that you may have not thinking of or feeling for a long time.

Healthy inspiration you have needed.

If you are in Paris, this is the One you must check out!

IMG_0320Japan Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Garden: I totally had Monet moment here…! All the beautiful leaves…

Ahhh, It was a beautiful sunny autumn day to stroll around Brooklyn. We had visited Brooklyn Botanical garden to check out an artist, Patrick Dougherty and his work, “Natural History“: a first site specific art project that was done for Brooklyn Botanical Garden for garden’s 100 year anniversary, an amazing stick work that Dougherty had done for 3 weeks time period back in August this year.  It’s a beautiful work and I’m just about to share some pics and my thoughts with you, but also please enjoy the peak of beautiful autumn in right here in Brooklyn, NY!  It is almost a privilege to be able to see seasonal changes of the mother nature around us in a big city like NY. Gorgeous Autumn light and colors…



IMG_0343Patrick Dougherty’s  woven-wood sculpture in honor of Brooklyn Botanical garden’s centennial.

The woody materials come from Ocean Breeze Park on Staten Island. The harvest site was chosen of garden’s director of Science because of its proximity to the Garden and it’s large population of nonnative willow, which is designated an invasive species in New York State. The exhibition will run for a full year.



IMG_0355Weaving, snagging and flexing sticks into nest-like architectural forms evoke themes of shelter, habitat and sustainability.  Created of organic matter, Dougherty’s works have a natural life cycle that changes over the time as the sticks settle and decay, eventually returning to the earth where they came from…





The sculpture gives you endless possibilities of new shapes and angles. Honestly, I felt like I could stay at the site forever. It was hard to leave. Look up, look down, go in, come out, follow the surface in circle… I kept feeling like my hair will start swirling with curved sticks.  I can’t pinpoint out what exactly it is but it almost gave me a bit of butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I was a little kid and envied and imagined what if I had such a thing in our massive garden….



IMG_0378Gael mingled with bunch of excite kids for a while… If you only had a furry costume on, it could instantly turn into “Where the wild things are…”

Here we have a book purchased at Storm King Art Center: ” Natural Architecture“, The cover work is by Patrick Dougherty.






IMG_0011The Artist above and more shots from the Garden…






Get out there and Embrace this beautiful Autumn!

This trip is coming to an end and actually I am not feeling so great, so staying at Aunt’s home for a day with family feels priceless. Aunt and uncle have been living in Heyri Art Valley now for a few years and I think that is so great and am very happy for them to have such a beautiful living space in this artistic community sharing all the creative thoughts and life style. So excite to have really hearty good home food after the 2 weeks of trip on the road!!

IMG_0164A fine artist ( oil painting and pottery), story teller, farmer, amazing organic home cook and my aunt chopping and cooking. These leaves( Sorry, I do not recall what this was at all! Aunt had used maybe good 10 different kind of herbs and some kind of leaves from her garden to cook with) are going into her steamed rice with shitake mushrooms.


IMG_0170Sauteed home grown squash: Cut them in chunks and start them with olive oil in a hot wok, garlic, fresh red chili chunks, salt cured baby shrimps… And Mom helping!


IMG_0179Oven broiled  herring; Aunt poured over soy sauce with chopped green scallion right before serving it and below is quickly blenched calamaris on the bed of  fresh baby sesame leaves and mixed green from aunt’s garden. You dip them in the vinegary chili sauce. Delicious!


IMG_0176Dinner table is coming together!  Sliced cucumber dressed in chili paste and vinegar, baby radish kim chi, mountain vegies steamed and dressed in sesame seeds, garlic, onion, olive oil…

IMG_0180Yeah, dinner is on the table!  Steamed vegie rice, Kim chi soup, calamari, more kim chi Broiled herring, steamed squash leaves for ” ssam: wrap”, and many more. And a glass of red… Happy Happy!  Cousin Yoonhee on the left and her hubby, Sanghun back in the kitchen area. That was the most amazing  Korean food in a long time! We chatted, laughed and ate again and again. It was so nice to have everyone together in one place and enjoyed each others…!

IMG_0232The next morning after another big morning meal ( ha!), Aunt, Mom and I went out for a stroll around the Art Valley. There were quite a few exhibitions including a famous Korean singer, Jo Young Nam’s Solo exhibition at ” Hangil Gallery” right by the Aunt’s place.


IMG_0201These plastic pieces with design are called ” Wha-To”:  pretty much Korean ‘Cards”, like Poker in a sense. The artist had used wha-to in such a clever way. Wha-To is such a gamble that is beloved by entire nation for a longest time and also a national issue since people over do this down to loose their homes and family. Some people get so addict to this… like any other gambles out there.

IMG_0194Oh The Artist loves, the poet ‘ Lee Sang’..!








And again, the whole culture of architecture in Heyri Art Valley is quite innovative. Every building in the valley needs to be consist of using Metal, Glass, Wood , Rocks and Concrete as main materials with no pointy roof and painted exterior. It sounds bit limiting yet also it harmonizes the valley as a whole and also I believe it pushes the architects to be creative in different area such as shape, light and space.

IMG_0227The ” Book House”, a book store above the Hangil Gallery.




IMG_0245Underground level of Moa Gallery is just as bright as or even brighter than any spaces on the ground level. Smart usage of minimum amount of glass panel allows to have maxim effect of enough natural light for the space.


IMG_0234Outside of “Ssamji” galley and below: the stair case to the gallery space.


IMG_02634 very different Rooms to crash for rent with organic cooking classes and a small roof garden growing greens then 2 gallery spaces: all with peaceful hearty and artsy farming and nature in mind. It’s called ” Field Art School” ( Non Baat Art School). They are not just fully opened yet. The rooms are available for rent already though. Below, the cooking class schedule.


IMG_0265The cooking class room and dining room.

IMG_0270The outdoor lounge: a part of lobby/cafe’ they are building. We have the same lamp in our kitchen!

IMG_0275Cool outdoor passage way. The natural wall-field I like to call it. Love it!


IMG_0281The roof top green garden.

IMG_0302One of the 4 room to rent. Each room is completely different in sizes and layouts.  4 different artists were hired to design each room.

IMG_0289Above and below: 2 gallery spaces and Mom and Aunt…


IMG_0181By the way, I picked out this book ” Seoul, have you ever been places like this? 100 spots you want to check out!” at Hangil Book House. (Aunt’s treat)  This book excites me so much!! Beautiful pics and interesting places!






It’s so interesting to me to see all these great movement and ideas at Heyri. Ideas to be closer to the nature in style and a peace in your mind, I feel everything here feels modern yet peaceful but not trendy or fast. Maybe forward  and ahead but not fast.

Hopefully Heyri Art Valley will be always the leader of the pack showcasing what you can do with your finance and ideas. A forward thinking  that is good for your body and soul!

VivA, HeYri!!!!!


















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