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IMG_1464Arriving at Isola Capraia, Italy

This small and beautiful Island Capraia is one of the seven sisters of the Tuscan Archipelago belonging to the province of Livorno (62KM) and the third in sizes after the Elba and Giglio and is also close to Corsica Island ( 30KM). The small port is full of little boats that work as  ” daily water Taxi ” if you don’t have your own since there are no specific beaches on this island to walk to. So you need to rent one kind ( either that is 3 m boat or a rubber boat for some skin diving in most amazing crystal water rich in life and oddities) to get around the Island to do swimming and sight seeing.

Just 2 hour ferry ride from our home, Livorno ( 30 euro for both way), you can have an amazing day trip here even though I thought it would have been much better we stayed at the Island for one more day to also check out the little village on the top of the island. We only planned for a day trip in time for the return ferry.  Well…now we have an excuse to go back to this little perfect Island next summer…!

IMG_1291Such a classical looking Bar/Gelateria at the dock. Blue awning is just perfect for the beautiful summer port…

IMG_1299Just right amount of people visit here. Not crazy touristy as Capri or Portofino.  Low key and just beautiful.

IMG_1306Getting a day taxi (boat).



IMG_1339Woo Hoo! Leading the boat…! It feels amazing! Emi driving…! and the safety first for Gael even though he lost the vest half an hour later. Why? Caz we are swimming..!!!

IMG_1388My boys.

IMG_1382This volcanic Island Capraia also produces wines and is a center of the anchovy fishery. It is small yet packed with flourishing vegetation and full of Mediterranean species such as oleanders, asphodels, daises…



IMG_1387There isn’t any sand beach here on this Island and it makes Capraia quite special and it really encourages for you to have the boat for the day and just hang out on the boat  at your perfect spot you love. It was a whole another kind of experience for me and Gael. Don’t forget to bring a cooler packed with paninis, fruits and chilled drinks. It’s literally a day picnic on the ocean!

IMG_1462We don’t even own a car so it feels very far away from us, but it wouldn’t be bad to have a yacht or even a tiny little boat for us one day.  Go swimming with a picnic basket. Watch the sunset…. I think my brother would have really liked it….


IMG_1451That’s me jumping into the water, My hair standing… hahaha!


IMG_1422It’s deep deep water but its so crystal clear in this most amazing inky blue shade,  you can see all the way down to the sandy bottom. The water is so amazing here. It’s different kind of transparency that you see from the Caribbean ocean. It’s crystal clear then also very silky and smooth then again so so clean. It feels like this… If you make sea salt out of this water, you would only get super fine sea salt not the rock salt… This extra salty Mediterranean water almost feels like sweet fresh water from a lake from a mountain somewhere…

IMG_1429I am so proud of Gael. Look at him how good he is at swimming in this deep Mediterranean ocean. He mastered swimming this summer!  I didn’t swim until the 4th grade!


IMG_1449Too bad we didn’t think of bringing a underwater camera. There are ton of beautiful fish, more fish, Medusa….! SO amazing!! Medusa scared us bit then we were fascinated by them too. So beautiful!




IMG_1443Warm sun caresses your back and the gently rocking boat is the best situation you can fall in a sleep. Sweet delicious nap…. Ahhh… it is so relaxing hearing birds, clear sea breeze… It’s quiet and so peaceful…





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  1. Sidney Blank on August 21, 2010 1:27 pm

    Oh, man. I wish I were there with you! It’s time to start spending summers in Italy rather than NYC.