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IMG_2427My Beautiful Family on our New Summer Jeep, Munga in Livorno, Italy

It has been almost 4 weeks, I haven’t seen Emiliano and Gael. Me in NY and Asia traveling working for new a company and finally back in Italy for precious 10 day vacation ( I have left Gap and joined Armani Exchange), and Emi and Gael in Italy busy among renovating our little home up on the hill, Ocean and Family… I find we have created our Life very civilized and so beautifully independent and respectful to each others. We are so Complete and Whole wherever we are, either that is all together physically or not. We learnt how to let the others ” Be” and “Free”. This takes trust and absolute love for each others.

There are more to talk about when we finally get together, and the longing-ness finally bursts into extra hugs and full attention to listen to and converse. Happiness is one big result of all of us of way of being such.

Emi has been busy renovating our country home in Livorno. Fixing roof and entire ceiling from inside. New coat of fresh white paint… He had added new window up on the bedroom. Found an amazing vintage wood fire oven and gas range from 50′s. It is an absolute beauty! I always get so impressed and inspired by Emi’s passion and his actions to live it..!!

One of biggest surprise to me was Emi tracking down to an old school Jeep and he ended up getting our new big fun and all Summer Car in Livorno, Munga: “Audi’s Multi Purpose Universal Cross Country Car with All Wheel Drive, 1957″  We still need to finish up getting it all come to a life, but we can’t get enough of driving it around in town, to breakfast, to the beach and wherever that is! My in laws together on the car, We all felt like little kids and I am not going to lie, we had well enjoyed all the attention and shout outs to us on the street.

Here, I like to share a few pics from first night ride in our Audi, Munga!


IMG_2426We bumped into our beautiful niece and nephew and her friend Rino form Bologna.

IMG_2429Glenda, now 26 years old, our niece. I have met Glenda and Denny, when they were 6 years old! Look how beautiful they are now!



IMG_2435Wooo I love these simple details!

IMG_2434Beautiful Gael. Mommy Missed you So much!



IMG_2478My favorite pic here. Emi holding mother Livia next to him on the Jeep in striped  Livia top I made for Emi’s last birthday. Mother and Son. I love this moment so much!

So many more rides to come for all these years of summer in Livorno. Nothing like sharing rides with family and friends to beaches and aperitivi with sunset with fresh sea breeze hitting your sun kissed face…!


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