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Without a son, there will be no father. Without a father, there will be no son. I love you both so much and that was a rock and roll Father and son day you two!  Doing a sort of throw down at Coney Island Luna Park on June 19, 2011.

Gael, remember, Dad will be always always there for you. Everyday.

































IMG_8814Typical yet Gorgeous Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park

It’s the second day and the last day staying at Rosa Muerta in Joshua Tree area.  We were up early, socked in the hot pool with morning fire going gazing out to low mountain view, then up for quick breakfast sipping local cup of Joe and baked goods from Crossroad Cafe ( where you get good hippie food). Ok now, We were So ready to hit ” Joshua tree National Park”!!

Any sort of Yucca family plant, We absolutely adore and love. The hearty and hard leaves are strong and sculptural and they appeal to us very Modern. And Joshua Tree is one of them among others like Yucca palm, Tree palm and Palm tree yucca. We had planted 2 Yucca Palms in our Brooklyn home back yard last spring and surprisingly they are doing quite well. After bit of reading about the tree, now I know the name “Joshua” was given to itself by Mormons in Mojave desert in mid 19 th century because the shape of tree and the fruit reaching out to the sky reminded them ” Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer”. So it had Biblical story behind how this beautiful tree was named.

IMG_8773Our 4×4 Jeep Wrangler was at the end the Right choice we made to rent. We were first then fancying Vintage Cadillac sort of thinking of  Thelma & Louise , but Wrangler gave us so much mobility and function at real good deal for the entire trip.

IMG_8760You will get to layers of different habitat as driving or biking through up and down hilly mountains of Joshua Tree park.

joshua_drive_01LThere are 3 entrances and we started where the blue line starts through red then moved onto the yellow.  Whole trip is about about under 200 miles. You stop and hike, you stop and break and you stop to gauze. It’s a beautiful trip.


IMG_5661Here we are going through amazing rock formation in Hidden Valley area of the park. Rock formation is believed to have happened about 100 millions years ago by earlier time erosion, then time high rain falls and low temperature. Joshua tree park is much loved by many rock climbers from all around the world!


IMG_8848We have climbed a few good looking rocks!

IMG_5674That’s me and Gael up there!

800px-"Old_Woman"_rock_formation_(Joshua_Tree_National_Park)Here’s the beloved “Old Woman Rock”.

IMG_8787Here’s a close look at Joshua tree! I think it sort of looks like skinny mammoth with pine needles on the top. I LOVE them!

IMG_5687Here we are at Grand scale field of Cholla Cactus. They are absolutely Stunning!  You stand there. You almost feel like you are in the very bottom of the ocean but only the Sunny and Dry one. It feels surreal.


IMG_8871They are absolutely Amazing!


IMG_8879It’s hard to leave them….


IMG_5638Now we are up at about 5000 ft above the sea level. Camera lens just can’t do the justice the beauty of Mother Nature.

IMG_5639That’s Gael and Me.  We are so small at the end in this big nature.

IMG_8797And Emi here…

IMG_5701These are called California Fan Palm and it means you are near the water! In this dry case, Yes we call it Oasis! there are a few Oasis but they are not available for the public as Park rangers protect them for animals and plants in the park.

IMG_8896Joshua Tree National Park. One of few places you Must visit at least once in your Life Time.

IMG_8912After the long day at the park, here we came to check out 29 Palms Inn on 29 Palms area. Ahh Can’t wait for one refreshing Drink!!

IMG_8908Loving a small and quaint lazy pool area with California Fan Palms and Tiki inspired Kick Butt Indoor Bar and dining area.

IMG_8902Nothing like a late afternoon Cocktail while you are vacaying…  She made me a mean Margarita.

IMG_8909As always, Emi has been the tough moving force for all of us. We are dusty and tired but waking our bodies up and getting recharged over a drink and bit of sitting down. We are not done yet for the day!

IMG_891829 Palms Inn’s Heart, their own little Oasis. There are small huts built around the Oasis for your lovely night overs. It’s so cute!

IMG_8922You just look up from the Oasis and the Fan Palms will just look down on you. They are Amazing!


IMG_1181On a way back to Rosa Muerta for a shower and change before dinner, We are here to see Noah’s Art Site. This is 10 acres of land where the Artist Noah Purifoy worked on large scaled sculptures entirely constructed only using junked debris for his last 15 years of life.  Noah’s work has been shown world widely including Whitney museum and Corcoran Gallery. Please read Noah’s Art site Website to learn about this wonderful Artist who dedicated his life to practice Art for the Community.







IMG_1172Open Desert and Art. It can’t get any better…

IMG_8651Stopping by couple places in town of Joshua Tree. Saloon. I remember seeing these places in John Wayne’s Movies! The Saloon itself is sort of an artistic place in many ways.







IMG_8934OK Now we are at a very popular Saloon and Restaurant, Pappy and Harriet’s. in Pioneer town! It’s a wonderful place where Locals go out and also visitors to Parks come and all mingle for good food and music. They got a great stage for a night of live music and all different cuts of meat for grill and all the beer you like to have on tabs.

IMG_5720About 15 mt car ride through local town of Joshua tree, you will get to Pioneer town headed toward Palm Spring area. Pioneer town is situated on upon hilly mountain area, and was built as work and live in Motion Picture Movie Set back in 1945.  It’s surreal to see all of these small houses and business structures are still left and some of homes are still occupied by home owners.

IMG_8953Gael having fun!


IMG_8936Right by the Pappy and Harriets, there are a few shops open for actual business. A long time resident here. A saddle maker!



IMG_8960Here we stopped and had bit of chat with one of resident in town. The gentle man owns this home and a shop next door.

IMG_8957This gentle man gave us whole walk through of history of the town. Apparently the town had produced hundreds of Western films during it’s golden time like Cisco Kids and Roy Rogers. (Thank you for the nice talk again!!)

IMG_8955This is a shop space the gentle man owns. He’s opening up a Guitar shop where also you can learn hot to make a guitar. It’s quite deep inside and has lovely quaint vibe.



IMG_8987Ok, Now we are inside of Pappy and Harriet’s. This Place ROCKS!  It’s a big space with high ceiling. There are ton of tables and seating but people are lined up for the table. The vibe is warm yet and got that All American coolness. Bit of rock and roll. I am loving the place!

IMG_8983Beer first!

IMG_8989There are ton of signs everywhere make you feel that you are at  “IT” place.

IMG_8988A serious sound system station.


IMG_5783Yay, We got a real good table after all. We were waiting for more than a hour! right in front of the band and a dance floor!


IMG_9010Pappy and Harriet is a place for all. It’s wonderful to see there is a place for entire family can entertain not being kiddish. Just great music and why not a 5 year boy can dance to it. Right? I love that.


IMG_8970Mean Grilling going on at Pappy and Harriet’s. They got this out door grill/kitchen and also generously open outdoor tables as well. This dry and hot climate makes everything possible for year around.




The sun is finally going down and we had done SO MUCH today!

What a wonderful day full of adventures!  I am so thankful that here we are all together again exploring what’s out there out of our comfort zone.  Every trip opens our eyes and makes us realize how lucky we are, that we get to do these trips then also to know how little we have seen of this world.

Our vacation is becoming more of Investment in time and learning about things for Our Life together ahead of us. We just Can’t Stop! Hoping many more to come, and with curiosity and excitement to know how the rest of the trip will go, we are heading back to precious last night of sleep at Rosa Muerta.

IMG_2427My Beautiful Family on our New Summer Jeep, Munga in Livorno, Italy

It has been almost 4 weeks, I haven’t seen Emiliano and Gael. Me in NY and Asia traveling working for new a company and finally back in Italy for precious 10 day vacation ( I have left Gap and joined Armani Exchange), and Emi and Gael in Italy busy among renovating our little home up on the hill, Ocean and Family… I find we have created our Life very civilized and so beautifully independent and respectful to each others. We are so Complete and Whole wherever we are, either that is all together physically or not. We learnt how to let the others ” Be” and “Free”. This takes trust and absolute love for each others.

There are more to talk about when we finally get together, and the longing-ness finally bursts into extra hugs and full attention to listen to and converse. Happiness is one big result of all of us of way of being such.

Emi has been busy renovating our country home in Livorno. Fixing roof and entire ceiling from inside. New coat of fresh white paint… He had added new window up on the bedroom. Found an amazing vintage wood fire oven and gas range from 50′s. It is an absolute beauty! I always get so impressed and inspired by Emi’s passion and his actions to live it..!!

One of biggest surprise to me was Emi tracking down to an old school Jeep and he ended up getting our new big fun and all Summer Car in Livorno, Munga: “Audi’s Multi Purpose Universal Cross Country Car with All Wheel Drive, 1957″  We still need to finish up getting it all come to a life, but we can’t get enough of driving it around in town, to breakfast, to the beach and wherever that is! My in laws together on the car, We all felt like little kids and I am not going to lie, we had well enjoyed all the attention and shout outs to us on the street.

Here, I like to share a few pics from first night ride in our Audi, Munga!


IMG_2426We bumped into our beautiful niece and nephew and her friend Rino form Bologna.

IMG_2429Glenda, now 26 years old, our niece. I have met Glenda and Denny, when they were 6 years old! Look how beautiful they are now!



IMG_2435Wooo I love these simple details!

IMG_2434Beautiful Gael. Mommy Missed you So much!



IMG_2478My favorite pic here. Emi holding mother Livia next to him on the Jeep in striped  Livia top I made for Emi’s last birthday. Mother and Son. I love this moment so much!

So many more rides to come for all these years of summer in Livorno. Nothing like sharing rides with family and friends to beaches and aperitivi with sunset with fresh sea breeze hitting your sun kissed face…!