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IMG_1717Standing with a big smile, Far Rockaway Beach, NY

What a beautiful beautiful weather we had for this weekend! I almost want to put a big red circle on a calendar just to remember how gorgeous weekend we had!! Saturday was 12 mile run in Prospect Park enjoying beautiful sun and light breeze along the lake and lush trees, then long and nice walk down on the Atlantic avenue poking my head into some antique shops then had lovely wine and dinner with Tamara and  Robert from London! It’s so nice to have Tamara and Robert so often! We catch up, always enjoy good food over good laughs and talk.

After a perfect Saturday, here we go we are totally blessed with another beautiful day, Sunday!  After days of heat wave in NYC, this whole weekend feels almost like an reward to me. After quick chat with Beppe and Dani, we are decided on going to Far Rockaway Beach!!

IMG_1791We took A train then on a Far Rockaway Shuttle now. Cute homes on the water.


IMG_1795Surf boards, tank tops, flip flops and bikes. We are all going to the same place.

IMG_1752The Beach.

IMG_1721The place to be. Beach 96, 96 street.

IMG_1724A cute pit stop for yummy lunch! We are STARVING!

IMG_1725I am Not an Empanada. Excuse me.

IMG_1741Coolio, Rockaway Taco. Thank you for Not being Nathans or whatever the chain that is.

IMG_1722We are stopping here.

IMG_1728Real lobster roll with lots of real lobster meat. Lightly tossed and sandwiched. Highly recommend.



IMG_1731Darling, Don’t get Jealous!



IMG_1735Airy, light and juicy!

IMG_1748Happy Feet.

IMG_1743Yeap!  We are talking Summer here.


DSCN5450Hitting the sand.


DSCN5444While I was napping, the sky has been really blue.

IMG_1760Heading back. A perfect day so far.

IMG_17821 more stop for Blue moon and Munches! Round 2.

IMG_1789The best Calamari at “Clam Bar & Grill”, right by the Subway/Shuttle station.

IMG_1785Buying apps.

IMG_0413Dani fu, waiting for a shuttle.


And the Souvenir!

LOvE you guys! Grazie per una bellissima Giornata insieme!

Buon Estate!!!