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IMG_7250Aunt , Me and Mom in 1976, Korea.

Every time I visit Korea and my family back there, I feel like I am making up for something. It’s a real nice feeling. It makes my stomach warm. We have been always close to Aunt’s family when I was growing up and I had also lived with aunt, uncle and cousin Yoonhee when I was doing the first year at F.I.T as Uncle was in NY for his work.  I was lucky to have them while starting my school years all alone but then it wasn’t actually as I was with aunt, uncle and Yoonhee.  Then it has been many years we kind of grew a part but here now again we get to see each others whenever I go to Seoul for my business trips.  It’s a nice treat to see everyone. There’s always good chatting over delicious hearty food and laughs. Just being together makes me feel very happy and loved.  Aunt recently helped mom renovating her new little home and it was my first time to visit mom’s traditional Korean home as she literally just moved in. It felt extra special to be at mom’s new home as aunt helped with many good ideas and also it was right on brother’s memorial day.


IMG_7067Beautifully aging Mom in front of her house.  It’s about 150 plus years old traditional home called “Han-Ok” that mom had bought and it’s a kind of architecture that dates back to more than 5000 years of Korean tradition.

IMG_7059Mom’s next project is to add these solid concrete cylinders to the outside fence/wall.

IMG_7049It’s called ” Ogapi” in Korean, a kind of berry. It is supposed to be really good for you.  You will see all these sort of things being dried, getting pickled or soaked in the water at my mom and aunt’s place.

IMG_7038Chestnuts drying on a Pyung Sang ( a quite big scaled low wooden seating deck) in the garden… such a Korean scene!

IMG_6978 These beautiful wooden beams were hidden and the ceiling was lowered when the house was purchased. Can you believe it?


mom home 2Poured concrete floor feels very modern in contrary to house’s traditional details. And it has excellent heat conduction as most of Korean homes have heated flooring system.


IMG_7053Happy mom at her new home!

IMG_7083Now we are at Heyri visiting auntie!

IMG_7069Aunt with big big smile and Brandy and Tang right outside of her beautiful Heyri home.

IMG_7074Aunt is an well known fine artist already, Je-soon Kang and she has started making potteries at Heyri studio.  Now mom had joined her a bit!  Mom holding her very first piece! It’s so fascinating. Isn’t it? I would love to try it one day!

IMG_7076Cheese, no ” KIm-Chi”!  Just like an old time. Only difference will be I am the tallest here. Sort of.  Ha-ha!!

IMG_7082Beautiful aunt here for an early lunch with me. Mom went off to work. Next time mom!

IMG_7081We are at this Buckwheat specialized restaurant. Buckwheat dumplings, savory pancakes, cold and warm noodle and even down to this much flavorful Korean Buckwheat Sake! Sooooo delicious. Sooo amazing!  Chat chat and Chatty Chat. Aunt and I ended up having 4 hour lunch catching up on everything. So much fun!

IMG_7110After a good sleep over at Aunt’s place, this hearty do-your-body -good Rice cake soup for breakfast! It was full of fresh oysters, seaweed, korean herbs and most of all, aunt’s love!  So delicious and so good for you!

IMG_7248Aunt holding me for another snap. 1976, Korea

Aunt, thanks for everything and take care till the next time we see! And Mom, I am so happy for your new lovely home!

I love you both, you lovely creative strong sisters!


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  1. Yoonhee on November 20, 2011 9:23 pm

    nice photos! i wasn’t even born then in the old photos..
    mom and imo look even more lovely when older!

  2. Emiliano Casarosa on November 21, 2011 5:27 am

    totally agree yoon. Hope it’s genetic and it will work for us too haha!

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