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IMG_9789Sequoia National Park, Gael standing tall under a fallen Sequoia tree root.

Day 7. Here we are at Sequoia National Park. “Sequoia” means ” Big” in Native American language.  When I was growing up in Seoul, South Korea, I would hear some people traveled to America came back and bragging about how “Big” everything is in America. The road, people, land, river…  And Now, here I am standing in front of one of fallen Sequoias, I myself experience the moment of the truth that the bragging I heard is real!

The park is located in Southern Sierra Nevada, CA. Not only it is vast spanning 404063 acres but also it encompasses a vertical relief of nearly 13000 feet ( 4000m) of height, the park reaches the highest point in the contiguous 48 United states, Mount Whitney, at 14505 feet above the sea level!  So the park makes the perfect home for World Largest Trees, Sequoia.

IMG_1204Ahhh it’s a beautiful day! The ride leaving from Palm Springs to Sequoia was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Coming out of such hot and deserted surrounding to have experiencing all different layers and progress of changes of vegetation along the elevation and temperature is a wild experience. Something that you just can’t feel or even imagine reading such information through a text book. Here we are at near the town underneath the park.


IMG_9708Here we are at Gateway, about 6 miles to the Park Entrance. We are going to have a nice dinner before a big day to the Park next day.

IMG_9710Looking over a small brook, we are seated at terrace. It’s lovely here.


IMG_9717Tasting Gateway’s own vino. The town’s main income source is Farming. There are ton of Orange farms to Tree nuts and Wineries.

IMG_9726It’s getting dark and we are having a good time… I see my Brother in Gael’s smile. Love you both!

IMG_1210It’s a beautiful day! we are up early and ready to hit the park.

IMG_9734Next morning. Loving the Visitor’s guide! We are So excited to go in. We are about to have a Life Time experience!


IMG_9847They are enormous but we were told we have not seen anything yet!


IMG_9822We stop to look out and take moments. Clear air and clear mind.

IMG_9831Here we are hiking up on Moro Rock, a gigantic granite dome located just off the Generals highway near Giant Forest. There’s a 1/3 mile staircase from the ground level that ascends more than 300 feet to the summit. The reward is spectacular views of the western half of Sequoia National Park. It’s leg shaking walk up but it’s definitely worth it!



IMG_9837Planet Earth is Magnificent.




IMG_9858Here we are in front of  “The World Largest Tree”, General Sherman!


IMG_9857Studying the tree.

IMG_9853The Tree’s diameter is 36.5 feet. Our brownstone home back in Brooklyn is 17 feet wide. So this tree is about twice big as our home. That’s impressive!


IMG_9796You will see a few of these Sequoia tree Tunnels at the park. This one is quite popular as you get to climb up and cars can pass under. It’s so much fun!









IMG_9767We all got to hug lots of trees including the world largest one. We inhaled and exhaled cleanest air and opened our eyes to what’s out there. There are such powerful lessons when you see yourself in this world. This beautiful world.

IMG_9692After 2 days of amazing experience of Sequoia trees, now we are on the road again to hit the south tip of San Francisco to explore much beloved California Highway 1 and Big Sur! We are talking about 8 hours of drive!







IMG_1234Here we are Finally Hitting Highway 1!!!

IMG_1283We stopped countless times to sock up these amazing views. So grand and So beautiful!  Here we are at the point of Big Sur!








IMG_1284Here we are for our Easter Lunch at Sierra Mar on Big Sur.  I just got on line while we were on the road and made a quick reservation. They are known for the most amazing view of the ocean!

IMG_1286Beautiful estate with sculptor garden and high end guest houses. It’s an amazing place. Sierra Mar restaurant is part of Post Ranch Inn.


IMG_0029Wow, we didn’t know what we were getting into. This place is absolutely beautiful overlooking never ending horizon of pacific ocean and open layout with natural light and subtle and tasteful decor.

IMG_0031A private dinning rom is also very lovely.



IMG_0005The way this restaurant is built overlooking the ocean is breathtaking! You feel like you are up in the air floating sort of.

IMG_9979The Lunch Menu. Lunch is a really nice way to experience Sierra Mar restaurant. You will be sitting in natural light setting, which enables you to gaze out to the ocean and it is quite a good deal to have beautiful full course meal including dessert at $40 per person. We are also doing wine tasting today. It is Easter!  Loving the Wood Sheet menu and the name of Chef is represented.


IMG_9991Gael with his pretty appetizer. Mmmmmm Happy!

IMG_9993House cured goose prosciutto with wild huckleberries, acorn bread ( crunch flat), creme fresh and touch of arugula.

IMG_9994Emi and my choice of Appetizer. Dungeness crab meat salad. They are plump and juicy. They are Soooo Goood!!!


IMG_0021YuuummM!  This is my main dish! It’s so pretty to look at. Amazing green off dark purple on white back ground. I had to stare at it for a while and eat slowly. Braised Sonoma Lamb. Fried Black wild rice and green peas.

IMG_0023Emi’s choice was Local Sand Dabs in cockle broth with braised fennel. Delicious!

IMG_0019Gael’s dish. Ione Mountain Ranch Wagyu steak with crispy Pork Belly. So tender!

IMG_1295On a little break waiting for dessert. Gael’s out on the deck. Wonder what Gael has on his mind looking out to this big ocean. It’s always a priceless moment to see you provide such experience to your child.

IMG_0013The view of the restaurant from the deck.

IMG_0012Guest Homes around.

IMG_0026The sorbet was so delicious. Light and delicious! Hibiscus flower sorbet and Mayer lemon meringue.

IMG_0027A cheese plate. Loving the plate itself.

IMG_1564Cheese! before we leave this wonderful lunch!

IMG_1565Love you guys!

IMG_0041Mr. Post, the owner and founder of the Post Ranch Inn.


IMG_0053Heading back to LA, we can’t believe what we are seeing here. Thousands of Elephant Seals!!



IMG_0060They are Fabulous!




The trip is almost coming to an end. But we are very present Now to be there for every moment. Living at fullest. That’s who we are even if it means wiping the front shield of a car. There is no Someday. Why not Now?  Being in right at this second fills up whatever it is to be Whole.

Do something Now! Live Every Second!

LOvE being in the NOW!


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2 Comments so far

  1. Cheryl Wicks on February 27, 2015 9:50 am

    I loved sharing your wonderful trip with you and your gorgeous family. Thank you for the details and your insights. My husband and I want to plan a trip exactly like yours Sequoia National Park and then Big Sur. I am doing research right now. We plan to fly from St. Louis to L.A. sometime in Oct for about 8 days. We plan to get a car go to the park and drive the pacific coast highway to Big Sur. Any advice you have would be welcome. Thank you again for sharing your awesome trip. Your wife and son are so fortunate!

  2. jaehee on March 1, 2015 8:48 am

    Hello Cheryl
    Thank you for your words here. Yes we absolutely loved our 9 day long trip! We did during March and the weather was amazing.
    Couple tips here.
    -rent 4×4 to navigate easy through the parks, bring snacks like bars and water when you enter the park
    -bring light weight packable layers, Especially national parks are so big and you will go thorough different climate and at a time it can hit below zero. we loved out uniqlo down packable jackets, id does not take any space and added ton of warmth
    -Cierra mar’s inn lunch is ” Must” on route 1!

    enjoy your trips and have ton of fun!!