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Am I too old fashioned? Am I not cool enough? I always prefer to be on the rather local’s side. You know what? At the end, that’s a real smart deal. That’s how I see it. No need to completely stick to 100% local, but you want to see how people live and what they eat. They are who they are either it’s good or not to you.

Here, come and stroll with us the village of Tulum.


1951616My favorite cart of all in the entire village. The Chiapas’s ladies’ cart! They sell all hand done dolls, shirts, textiles and leather bags and more. Of course you see same or similar goods in more of store spaces, but the flair that this cart brings is so much more charming. I love it. They are beautiful and affordable.

By the way, the restaurant behind is a Argentinean steak house. They have impressive selection of meat. ( I did hear though all the meat are coming from Canada not from Argentina. But I do think they have quite good food including salad and pastas)



Their “chinturo”, the “belt” reminds of the “Obi” of Kimono. See, they all come together. By the way, lovely mom and 2 daughters.

1971968Hahaha, You know I had to try this one on me this time. This is a skirt from Chiapas of Mexico. Anything more “cultural” or “traditional” things you see in Tulum would be generally from Chiapas or Ohaka. ┬áSome of the skirts are in wool and seriously hairy. The belt is also hand woven just as the skirt. So many people asked me if the necklace was from Tulum and no, it is not. I did buy it in NY Chelsea flea market 7 years ago. It became my staple thing to wear for the beaches.

By now, I have one of each of all these stuffed animals they make. They are absolutely AMAZING. The shapes, colors, expression of each. They are brilliant.


Under $10, 3 of us can have a big lunch here. Our favorite grilled chicken place in the village. Juicy and well seasoned! It comes with delicious fresh tomato & chili salsa, rice, simply chopped cabbage and warm tortilla. Try it. Good idea to take out and eat them on the beach!



I don’t know what happened to the bigger photo of this place. Anyway, fruit shop right near the municipal office. They have ugly yet delicious fruits. No preservatives here.

1939840Typical Mexican souvenir shop. There are many of these kind along the main street. Colorful hammocks, sheets, carpets, floral dresses, plates and more.




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