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IMG_0421The grand view of the park.

It was our last day with Tania at Freshford and we had the last minute plan to visit one of many National trust parks of England that are actually located throughout the country. I forget where this exact one was located but it was about 40 minute car ride from Freshford.  I mean this view right here…. Its’ hard to believe that is a real view. Doesn’t this look like one of those 18 century’s oil paintings that you see at the Metropolitan museum or sort of thing? Everything is so perfectly placed and thought through I can’t find one little room to point out such something could have faced to a different direction or different tree or whatever that is. I find it quite amusing and amazing.

So the park also has park offices and quite a few of guest houses (not a little shack like, these are a real deal from those old days) that you can rent out for a few days or even get a lease for years to live in and can certainly enjoy this beautiful park and gigantic lush trees around. The park’s view is perfectly manicured yet has these wild bushes that are filled with humongous beautiful trees you can go hug and look up for hours. You can be a lucky member of this beautiful park by donating 40 pounds of yearly membership fee for unlimited visits and also staying at the guest houses.

IMG_0436Quite amazig, Aren’t they?  This could be where the wild things were…. These trees are may be thousand of feet tall reaching out to the highest point of the sky…




IMG_0463Me and Tania resting on one of magnificent tree roots that excavated from the ground. It felt amazing to lie down on it..! It felt so soft and somehow safe like being protected… Again, the Nature is the mother.  There are ton of flowering trees that I don’t know all the names of and pines and more kinds of pines that I have never seen, oak and what else… I mean there are trees and more trees…! And here is of my silly flower moment, Haha! ( I know you have this sometimes too!)






IMG_0501This tree right here has layers of thin skin that remind you of sheets of paper.


IMG_0429A super cool pine… I wished all the trees had name tags…!



Way to go Tania on your beautiful home and everything and everyone around you at Feshford! It was really wonderful to see you and your happy life you are making! Mmmmmwwwaaaa!  See you very soon and catch us on a exciting journey to Barcelona!!!!


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  1. Denise on August 24, 2010 11:33 am

    I love, love, love these pictures! Looks like you guys had so much fun.

  2. patience on October 13, 2014 5:38 pm

    all of the pics are beautiful.