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IMG_0152Gael on a swing at Eames House, Pacific Palisades, LA

The very last day of our 9 day long Road trip ends at Eames House in LA.  Whole experience was beautiful and bit emotional. We were able to see Charles and Ray’s very residence. We got to see personal belongings and little objects in the house they cherished for years. It felt like we were friends of them. It was such a special moment!

The Eames House, Case Study House #8, was built under a concept for a real or hypothetical client taking into consideration their particular housing needs. Charles and Ray proposed that the home they designed would be for a married couple working in design and graphic arts, whose children were no longer living at home. They wanted a home that would make no demands for itself, and would serve as background for.  And if you are here to see the house and take a moment to be in, you will completely see that concept has been successfully executed. It’s amazing.

IMG_0077Approaching. I fee bit nervous from gentle excitement.

IMG_0083I can’t believe we are here!!

IMG_0087Leaving our names. A humble moment.


IMG_0091We are standing in between the 2 buildings. One Gael is facing at is the Studio. The lady is from Eames foundation. All visits are possible by appointments only.

IMG_0090Gael looking into the home. The Kitchen is located close to this court yard like space.

IMG_0107One of the entrances to the residential home side.

IMG_0109The living room.



IMG_0111Not like other many modern homes, Eames publicized the house as a thoroughly lived-in, usable, and well loved home. While many icons of the modern movement are depicted as stark, barren space devoid of human use, photographs and motion pictures taken at the Eames house reveal a richly decorated, almost cluttered space full of thousands of books m art objects, artifacts and charming knick-knacks.


IMG_0094Charles and Ray at home.

IMG_0135All these little objects in the house are the actual belongings of Charles and Ray.



IMG_0116The design was first sketched out by Charles Eames with fellow architect Eero Saarinen in 1945 as raised steel and glass box projecting out of the slope and spanning the entrance drive before cantilevering dramatically over the front yard. The structure was to be constructed entirely from off the shell available from steel fabricators catalogue.





IMG_0148The back of the house.

IMG_0139The Studio, Office.



IMG_0158We really took time to enjoy the house and chatted up about so many things around Eams personal lives and the house itself.

IMG_0157Me and Genny ( hope I spelled your name correctly!) from the foundation. Cheese! Thank you so much for your time and good talks. We had a wonderful time!


The Eames House Foundation is established in 2004 and run in part by the grand children of Charles and Ray Eames. They have overseen the conservation of the structure and have preserved Charles and Ray’s collections and decor. It felt much personal us being there. We relate to Eames’ creatively rich yet truly real life they had. We could just see it from the way the house has been. I saw Emi leaving the house with his hands over at his heart.  It was a beautiful experience and we felt fortunate to have this time together with Gael.

Our very first time Road Trip with Gael ends here at Eames House only opening for more possibilities to create many more.

INsPiRe YoUrSelF!