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photo[1]Gardiner, NY, a view from Mauro and Miki’s deck

Brrrrrrrr…! It has been SO cold and snowing a lot! But I must say that I am having one of the most proper winter in many years having lots of fun and relaxing time in upstate NY with many new great friends we have met. At the end, one of few reasons to have bought our new weekend home in Wallkill in upstate NY could be this awesome group of upstate folks being near us all within less than 20 minute car ride. Gael is having a blast since we started really going upstate most of our weekends. When we really all get together, we are talking about over 40 adults and kids! ¬†Lots of chatting and good food, wine will flow all night and kids having too much fun ending up with multiple sleep overs… It feels rich to have all us together. It feels right. The diversity and creativity among all of us has great energy and dynamic. Cheep and cheerful vintage shopping for little Knick Knacks on Saturday afternoons at the barn shops are something not to miss. Nothing like finding $10.00 awesome vintage dresses and cool bowls for tonight’s dinner table… I love running on Sunday morning hunting for a small winding road that would lead me to a quiet spot with a little stream.

Ahhh.. there is a different life outside of city that balances what we got going on in the city.

IMG_1170This is Paola making kale salad with roasted winter veggies. Mmmm, it was so good! For any gathering in upstate, Paola will always make something delicious. Her tiramisu is especially adorned by all friends! One day, I’ll convince her to open a hole in the wall shop called “Paola’s Tiramisu”!

IMG_4064Fabio and Laura’s fresh eggs from their farm!

IMG_4086Edo showing off his carving skill on a rack of lamb. Post Thanksgiving Feast…! So good! Good food is always given on any day of gathering days spoiling all of us.



IMG_4074Foosball tabel at Edo is always a hit!


IMG_4891So cold but also beautiful walk. We all hiked to Sam’s Point. Thanks to Mauro and Miki to get us out! Mmmm, a glass of wine and a warm bowl of soup sounds so good after this!





IMG_1200Ercole and Gael. Typical weekend morning at Paola and Chicco’s. We are regular guests at their coziest weekend home in Highfall. We are so blessed to stay at Paola’s so often during our renovation.

IMG_1211The best financial partners in entire upstate NY. Ercole and I never win these two…!!! ¬†Amelia and Gael.

IMG_1227Look how happy they are stripping us all night! So much fun playing together!

IMG_0298Karaoke nights and Argentinian grilling at April and Diego’s. ( The best chimichurri sauce!!)

IMG_0704The barn parties at April’s. This was on Luella’s Birthday!

IMG_4798On the Christmas eve, chilling and watching a film after the table set up for the night’s feast. We watched so many movies in this room!






IMG_4802Mada and Jorg right before our Christmas dinner!



photo[3]Spritz first!

IMG_4808Then some bites

IMG_4820The master chef, Paola and me! (I’m just a helper)

IMG_4859Our main dish of the night was Korean braised short ribs and heavenly polenta. Can I say I often think that Korean and Italian do really go well together! Delicious!

IMG_4840Edo’s home made bread.










IMG_1001We would go visit Beacon sometimes, I love here!



IMG_0986Then Saugherty for $10 vintage shopping and bowling nights!



IMG_4935We love our kids…!

IMG_1161And now we repeat! Jenny’s dinner setting for the kids. Can I sit here?!


I may have thousands of pictures of our moments together in upstate NY. The pictures do not justify it all but they help me to remember our good times. I cherish them all and I feel good that I put down little notes of our winter in upstate. I can’t wait for our home to be ready in Wallkill and have our big group over for pool parties when Summer arrives…!

Here I like to share what we do of our creative group of friends in upstate NY!


Union Pizza Works

Diego Uchitel

Westwind Orchard

Ryan Roche


Ice and Ghiaccio

Jorg Badura

Creative Chaos

Matter Matters


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