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IMG_8201Olek’s at Jonathan Levin Gallery, NYC

Emi and I have started checking out Opening nights at Jonathan Levin gallery in Chelsey, NYC. It sort of provokes us to see different art scene in NY or at least “A Scene” that brings us back to “Back in the Days in NY” when how things were more interesting and attracted interesting crowds together.

Now I am blogging about this,  I become one of those who revels all the hidden fun around us but hopefully you will consider me as more of one who “Shares” rather one who “Leaks”.

Walking in, you can’t deny the presence of  “Young Generation of NY” are all here. It’s packed from the street and it’s even more so inside. Every opening draws such size of audience and I find it quite interesting. I saw some familiar faces from the last one we came for. There are toddlers in hands with young parents too. Bottled water in ice buckets runs out fast as it gets pretty hot inside from the amount of visitors swarming around. It has lots of of energy in here.

Jonathan Levin gallery’s Motto is Committing to New and Cutting Edge Art of Today.

IMG_8222Welcome Flag on the Ground floor. I love it!

IMG_8219Gael trying to read.


IMG_8218Going up!

IMG_8182It’s Packed.

IMG_8175It’s almost like a good old day’s Club scene.









IMG_8214By the way, Here we go again, We saw it!  In the restroom of Jonathan Levin gallery, The Mysterious FUZZY WOOL ART!

IMG_8213A house wife?  Not sure for how long this is going on, but now  I am looking forwardd to the next one!

IMG_8183“The End is Far” is the title of this exhibition.

The color scheme and how Gody whole thins is Not at my taste but I quite enjoyed how audaciously everything is put together and like to pay respect to the amount of work the Artist had put into this to knit up from a small grape vine to an entire wall surface of a room.

The show at the end made me feel provoked and I have to say the Crowd’s energy was quite powerful to almost turn the exhibition to a performing Art.

The Exhibition ends on March 23rd. Go check it out!


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