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IMG_8077Our very first pickle collection!

It was rocket salad with goat cheese and roasted bright red beets then. And we have moved on to raw chopped Kale salad with toasted nuts and something. Today, all the chefs are into serving house made pickles at restaurants especially at those hearty farm food sort of places as complimentary side dishes. They all come in these little small jars and it’s fun to dig into those hot feisty Jalapeno to kick our appetite in!  Order another glass of something to wash it down. So, it’s sort of win win situation here for the both parties. The customers and the business owners.

After lovely brunch at ” Sandwich Society” in Fort Greene, Brooklyn having enjoyed so much munching on their home made pickles, We all knew what we wanted to do to spend cold chilly Sunday afternoon.

Make Pickles!

IMG_80412 of main ingredients, Sugar and Vinegar. And of course Sea salt.

IMG_8042A little chef Gael is putting gloves on. We are about to cut some Jalapenos! ( do not rub your eyes!!)


IMG_8044Jars have been disinfected. These jars are from grandma, Livia!

IMG_8048Crispy and our favorite Kirby Cucumbers. Whole Garlic cloves, Jalapenos!

IMG_8050This is MY pickle juice. We put ourselves into competition to see who’s pickle will come out the best in 2 weeks! This is light soy base with sugar, vinegar, salt and dried chilli peppers. I am boiling this on low heat.

IMG_8052Gael had done a great job!

IMG_8053This is my jar with also whole baby carrots. I am loving such vibrant colors!

IMG_8056Juice is going in. The hot juice is making the camera lens all foggy!


IMG_8059Gael loves to explore! He will be the first youngest ” Modern Chef”!  Yes, that’s beer he’s adding to his pickle juice. We never stop him on his ideas.

IMG_8061HMmmmm , We are very curious how Gael’s pickle will turn out!


IMG_8066Gael’s onto his #2 Pickle. Now it’s Blackberries with Jalapenos!

IMG_8068” Mom, it’s important you crush a couple berries, So the taste blends better!” ” Really..?!”

IMG_8069Now I am onto my next one. Red onion. Only the onions with super classic pickle juice. Salt, vinegar and sugar. All boiled and pour right in.

IMG_8073Now here comes the professional!

IMG_8074The baby yellow peppers. He blenched them first and now cleaning all the seeds out.


IMG_8076Pepper corns, 5 spices, salt, sugar and vinegar for Emi’s peppers.

IMG_8079Emi’s not boiling his pickle juice but doing it in more proper way. He jars it and double boils it!


It’s so simple and easy. It was our very first time pickling apart from Gael and I had made Cucumber kimch, which is quite similar yet different as Kimch goes through serious fermentation process which makes end result whole thing bit fizzy.

Try this weekend at home pickling and next time you are at our home, we will open up our pickle jars!

Gael, keep it up with your cooking and creative exploring, Mommy and Dad are so proud of you, You little chef!


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2 Comments so far

  1. Faith on March 2, 2013 7:23 am

    Wow …..loved it. I am not so much into pickles but wow you have my mouth watering and me intrigued . Especially the on the berries mix ….and the beer…Go Gael…you are quite sophisticated already you are the young chef to watch…!!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next…!!!!

  2. jaehee on March 3, 2013 1:48 am

    Thank you Faith! maybe you should have pickle tasting get together soon!