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IMG_7663Mysterious Fuzzy Wooly Work of Art at Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC

An opening night of Japanese artist, Haroshi at Jonathan Levine Gallery was so packed with so many visitors, I was sort of running out of breath. Sweating. One of the most successful openings that I have seen in a long time in Chelsea Art scene.  We actually thought it would be quite fun to take Gael to see the opening night of such an Artist’s main medium being Skateboards and all the related parts and tools even including a sand paper. And no surprise to that yet quite impressed about how much the artist is loved by the public, the Skaters.  Artist himself as a passionate skater, Haroshi sure expresses his love for world of Skaters and skateboards.

Gael takes a bathroom break in a hallway of Gallery and tells me, ” Mom, Did you see the Fuzzy Bear in the Bathroom? ” ” A Bear? No, I haven’t been in the restroom yet.”  So here I go stay in the line to use the bathroom and I am curious now.


IMG_7659I am waiting for my turn.


IMG_7664The fuzzy Bear!

IMG_7662This Art is hanging on the bathroom wall.  Haroshi is an artist who only works with skateboards. I ask one of the gallery staffs if this piece is related to the exhibition but they don’t know what I am talking about. Who’s then???  Love the composition and colors put together in classic knotting techniques. It’s really dense.

IMG_7672Swarming visitors inside of gallery.

IMG_7676The main piece of Haroshi. His precision in workmanship and patience as an artist is unbelievable. Small colored cubics are cut pieces from skateboards and put back together to hand carve and sanded to come to this final product. I know it has this casual cartoon like feel to it, but again the dedication behind his work is truly impressive.


Ok the Haroshi exhibition runs through Feb, 13.

So go check it out and also check out if Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear and the Hot Pink Gun is there!

Jonathan Levine Gallery.


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