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IMG_6870Entrance to Design Miami, South Beach Miami.

This year’s visit to Miami Art Basel was our very first time and I must say I have really enjoyed all the lively Art scenes with back drop of beautiful Caribbean ocean and eye soaring envious palm trees.  It is much more relaxed and Sexier it gets than ones in NYC as quick breaks of peppered in beach hours and refreshing cocktails over the sunset talking about Arts with friends in your fresh outfit is just unbeatable good time and experiences.  The days get by,  you connect with more people in art and design world and all the choices and added extra interesting events throughout the day actually turned the slight sense of overwhelming that I had the first day I arrived to a Real Good Time.

Thanks to all of my Dear Friends who Work So Hard and Successful who added extra perks to meet up at their fabulous events for good meals and fun chats walking through all those art pieces and beautiful designs. I love you all and it was so lovely to spend time together during the Art Basel!

IMG_6589Our day 1 starts with PULSE.  Here Emi are I are to attend the VIP Opening Brunch. Now I think back, maybe this was the best event to start the whole experience with for me. More downtown and More approachable.

IMG_6585Pulse event is being held in Design District. Ton of great graffiti arts in the area are extra Bonus when you get to Design District.

IMG_6591Friendly entrance.

IMG_6692Loving the relaxed Great outdoor space and Low rise industrial building situation here. It is very much like a Brooklyn style actually.




IMG_6618Not a real information booth. A part of Pulse Art installation.  I like to call it Ikea meets a dorm room.

IMG_6617… and the Artist’s note on the wall.

IMG_6626And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PIECE. A poster. Circa 1950′s. I want it.

IMG_6628Amazing drawing.


IMG_6632Yes he moves. The biggest trend. Digital Art.

IMG_6633NYC 1974. Gorgeous photography by Daido Moriyama.

IMG_6644A lamp of All. And there’s a small motor built in which makes all those glass bottles move and hit each others making small sounds. It’s cute.




IMG_6651Love this Piece.


IMG_6654A curator’s Deck.


IMG_6674Toilette paper rolls turn to art.


IMG_6678Hallow hand blown glass breasts capturing moving images. Bit like Tim Berton version of Charlie and Willy Wonka. I love this! They are quite beautiful to look at.





IMG_6716A few favorite moments at NADA

IMG_6715I would not compare Art Basel to a Fashion week really but there are some fun characters. It’s always fun to people watch.



IMG_6721Standing is more fun.

IMG_6728The artist is known to hire the best of best taxidermists to create this elegantly odd yet amazingly beautiful new creatures. Guess how many birds and animals make this beauty.

IMG_6731Maybe one of the most beautiful thing I saw during the Basel.


IMG_6755It feels like I am in HK!  Amazing view at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown Miami. Emi and I came to see Beppe for an event he put together for Girard Perregaux.

IMG_6762Having a good time with my bare feet tucked in cool night sand.



IMG_6771He says She says.

IMG_6777A cigar roller for the guests.

IMG_6873The second day at Design Miami. My favorite exhibit of all. I really loved this event the best.

IMG_6871Gigantic sausage like blown ups definitely catches eyes of all visitors and also offers cool breeze and shades.

IMG_6867Emi and Keith entering.  Keith is also one of event participants. Keith represents Moroso, a high end Italian design company.

IMG_6876Creme de la Creme of Mid Century Modern is All here from around the world in Design Miami. It’s impressive.

IMG_6879Not only what’s in it but also the booth the stage itself is beautiful design in general. Most prominent galleries around the world are presented.




IMG_6884A Beautiful mirror.









IMG_6903Joe Colombo Circa 1969. Amazing chair.






IMG_6921Awesome legs. Always Good crazy, Gaetano Pesce.

IMG_6925All of these are actually being sold for outdoor use.

IMG_6931Audi booth.


IMG_6944Guest speaker at Design Miami, Farrell.


IMG_6955A view from the roof top of Dream hotel, Miami : Lords, South Beach. The facade usually in white was specially painted in Black plus all the decoration for the Art Basel week.  Great parties here.




IMG_0872Now finally at Art Basel, Miami where everything started. Probably the same artist who did “Paradise” in Moca, Miami.


IMG_0875Always Picasso.




IMG_0880LOve this Piece.





IMG_0887A real one is inside.



Gorgeous Beach, Art, Design. A few days’ hang out in Miami Art Basel will refresh your longest winter days. Surprisingly well priced Tickets during the time and use Air BnB for swanky affordable pads to crash and even a little dip in a pool!

You will be pleasently surprise. And don’t forget hidden gem of Miami, North Beach for stays.



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3 Comments so far

  1. Arlene on October 10, 2013 6:00 pm

    Hi, beauty! This year (2013) will be my first time at Art Basel. It goes Dec 5-8, and I have a place to stay in Miami from Dec. 6-9. How many days were you there last year, and did you feel like that was enough time to see all you wanted? I’m wondering if I should get there a few days earlier..or at least for opening day. Any other advice (about this or the parties) that you can share with a first-timer is appreciated!

  2. jaehee on October 12, 2013 7:53 am

    Hi Arlene.
    SO glad you are going to Basel!
    -There 3 must see hows: pulse, Art Basel and Design miami.
    -Entire event through out the week is being called Basel but there are like 45 shows happening with different opening days and times.
    -The Design district ones are very lively with any open in store drinks and music. They are mostly focused on Interior designs.
    -You can buy all tickets there. Design district is more just walk ins to each shops/ galleries.
    -I recommend you rent a car. it’s waaay cheaper than the taxies ad you have to move around to different areas.
    -Good Parties vary every year and you have to have more of insider connections to good ones. Like gallerists or curators.. As it gets closer, give me an email, I’m sure I’ll start getting some info.
    -Bring some cool outfits for night.
    -Bring bathing suit!

  3. Arlene on October 19, 2013 10:52 am

    Hi, Jaehee: Wow, this is so helpful! Thank you! I am really excited to go, too. And I’m looking forward to being in Miami, on the beach, in a bathing suit, in December..! I’m trying to decide now whether to get there on the 4th or the 5th.. But, yes, please keep me posted on any exciting happenings, and I’ll be sure to contact you again as the dates get closer. My blog is http://www.arlenewho.com if you are interested as well. Thanks again!