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IMG_5081At NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, Rhinebeck, Upstate NY.

In mid October, when all the leaves just started turning to those gorgeous autumn like colors in golden mustard and velvet reds, we were invited to a lovely weekend home of Chicco and Paola‘s for a cozy sleep over and visit to Wool Festival up in Rhinebeck, NY.  The sun was cuddly and warm against crisp air that signals true beginning of beautiful fall. It has been many weekends and long hours of work, so a get away over a weekend felt much needed to rest my soul and recharge a bit. A small back pack does the magic, a warm pair of socks and sweaters for the family, we are ready to Off!!!

On a way to Chicco’s, we also had stopped at New Paltz for a quick lunch and bit of stroll. Its always a nice drive you have going through New Paltz for it’s warm and cozy scenery and the small down town’s lively antique shops and restaurants to spend a good half day.  Water Street Market by the old Train station is also a cute spot to browse and get nick knacks to local cheese and wine to take home for the weekend. While you are in downtown, I also like to suggest you to go visit Huguenot street Historic Site for bit of French style historic Stone houses and this one amazing shop where you can taste all sort different kind of aged Balsamic vinegars and olive oils you can bottle your self: Scarborough Fare.

A little get away here we come, and I am so ready for this!

IMG_5018In Korean expression we call Autumn for a season when Horses get to really grow and the Sky gets real high. And I think that is so right.

IMG_4992It was such a warm day. We are near the New Paltz, NY here.

IMG_4946In New Paltz downtown, taking a walk along a small river.

IMG_4984This little shop, Scarbrough Fare carries Mighty flavors to be bottled by you!



IMG_4951Gael tasting almost every kinds of Vinegar here. They are really great kinds. Most of them are imported from Italy and Spain.

IMG_4960We took 3 flavors home. Espresso ( yes Espresso, the coffee), Bianco white  and Apple.

IMG_5036We picked up Vintage Cricket set at one of Antique shop in Water Street Market.  It was both me and Gael’s first time! We had fun playing it at Chicco’s Garden.

IMG_5050At lovely kitchen having some pasta dinner. We are waiting for the home owners to arrive. They are bit stuck in the traffic back in the city…

IMG_5058The morning after long and relaxing Sunday breakfast. From the left, Amelia, Gael and Ercole. Yum Fluffy and Warm home made pancakes. Kids are the Best.

IMG_5066Yeah we are here at Rhinebeck!  Wool Festival!!!

IMG_5065It’s a big venue full of much to see!

IMG_5069Hays, Farmers, Sheeps and Lamas, Yarns and Knitters… It’s Fantastic here!!

IMG_5072Hand dyed cashmere rugs. They are So soft and Very expensive.

IMG_5077Some demonstrations. She’s weaving a rug.

IMG_5090And they are Just so irresistible!! Lamas.

IMG_5076Gorgeous wool Yarns. Colors are amazing. It’s very inspiring.



IMG_5084Omg, How cute is he!!!  Kids are going nuts.

IMG_5087By the way, A great pattern at one of animal booth.  Many of cuties are walking around and getting ready for ” Best in show” for the later afternoon.

IMG_5098It’s truly a big party!  Proud farmers!


IMG_5109Emi and Ercole.

IMG_5112OK , I am back to see some yarns and rovings. Roving is carded stage of airy wool balls. Once you twist the roving, it becomes a yarn. I always love rovings as somehow colors are true to how it’s dyed than a yarn form. It’s gorgeous.

IMG_5119Amazing Rovings.  They come in millions of colors. All Felting Artists use these to create anything that is done through felting technique. Paola is one of them and She makes the most beautiful art pieces by wool felting.

IMG_5117This booth had some amazing colored rovings in Cashmere and Alpaca and so much more. All of these are to be sold by weight. Which is a very typical way to do so.

IMG_5118You can also buy all sort of tool related to make yarns from rovings and fleece. Carding machine, spinner, spools and knitting pattern books….

IMG_5123He’s making wool yarn by using a Yarn spinner. There’s a little foot paddle and you need to coordinate while you hold the string of roving. The paddle spins the machine.

IMG_5122Knitters, Hold your breath.

IMG_5114She’s needle quilting.


IMG_5126This is a typical wooden basket/back pack for the farmers and you can dare it and rock it like this cool wool lady!  Yes you can buy this basket at the festival.

IMG_5127Here we are at the ” Best in Show”

IMG_5128Showering light on Emi and Chicco.


IMG_5143Vegetable dye demonstration.


IMG_5149We have been waiting for the 2:00 pm Sheep Shearing!




IMG_5161To Shear a fully grown Sheep takes a well experienced skill and also strength to hold her down during a full shearing that lasts about good 5-7 minutes.  Depends on the time of the year when you shear or clip the woolen fleece off the sheep, the quality of wool can change quite a bit.

IMG_5173Impressive amount of Sheared Fleece. Usually they go through once a year shearing.

IMG_5185Hand Dyed felted Wool sheets.  They come in a square shape and  they are quite soft.

IMG_5182Ercole and Gael

The Wool festival up in Rhinebeck comes back every year for 2 days in October.  If you haven’t been yet, you should visit one for the next year.  The drive to get there  is beautiful and there are ton of amazing yarns and other source around wool related and also great farm food that’s based on Lamb.  And as it is peak of Fall, stopping by farm shops here and there is also lots of fun. Pumpkin picking, Apple picking, apple cider and all those home made pies coming right out of Farmer’s kitchens…

And absolutely amazing Alpacas!