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IMG_5315With Emi and Gael at The XX Concert, Paradise Theater, NYC

It has been a while Gael had graduated from Big Time Rush and Beaver.  Jovanotti is maybe the very favorite musician Gael has been after for a longest time in his fairly cute and young life. But as Gael get’s bigger and more exposed to what We are up for, Now there is this strong presence of other bands and artists in his second chapter of life.  Rolling Stones, Beatles, various House music, even Brazilians like Viva Brazil… Then so much more from having an access to mom’s I pod nano…  Was it like around 3 years old then?  Gael would burst out in tears listening to a CD in his room then would say ” Mom I miss my friends…!”  It was not really the friends that made him cry.  It was the emotion and something in the music that touched his heart.  Since then, Gael had many more broke downs with various music. Films, Classical music… Gael would say  ” Dad, I really miss my fish..!!”  his face covered in tears… Gael was already showing signs of his rich emotions and was able to express somehow.

It is a beautiful thing to watch my little child or maybe it’s more correct to say  a little human being shaping his own palette and depth of sensibility and sentiment.  And we can help him as parents by providing him opportunities to have exposed to all sort of everything.  It’s an amazing journey to be there together and share the moments.  I see Twinkles in his eyes. It’s just so beautiful to see that.

Here’s our very second concert with Gael after Jovanotti at Terminal 5. The XX, the absolute favorite band of this moment in Gael’s 9 year old life. Every song, every lyric. It touches Gael’s heart in such a strong way. Here now we are together to love them only in a better way.  It’s a live concert!

IMG_5204Paradise Theater, It’s our first time here. it’s a beautiful theater!



IMG_5212XX Souvenirs!

IMG_5213The British Indie pop band,  XX formed in August 2009 and they have 3 albums out so far. Maybe one of the most talented and well established indie bands out there today in such a short period.

IMG_5218Walking in!

IMG_5219It’s still early. Emi got us great Orchestra seats!

IMG_5226An opening band. Not a bad sound, but like any other opening bands, they were just all right. I liked the back drop images though.

IMG_5274Patiently waiting for XX to come out. Emi and Gael playing” Chop Sticks” ( a real fun game using fingers. It needs a good Addition skill!)

IMG_5249Bit of John Currin -ish moment here.

IMG_5278Romy Madley Croft shows up first. The audience jumps out of their seats. Swirl of applause and screams in the air. It’s exciting!

IMG_5281Such a great and edited sound in many layers.  It’s very powerful.

IMG_5282Jamie XX has such a beautiful voice. Deep, clean and intellectual sort of.



IMG_5302Gael absolutely loved lighting effects. He thought it was one of the coolest thing he has ever seen.

IMG_5307A beautiful theater. Very Romanesque.


IMG_5316Ahhh  It was Such a Great Concert…!!!

I am thankful that Gael is big enough to do this together with us. Emi and I are both around 40′s and We have so much more ahead of us.  And I like to thank to those Great Artists out there offering their performance for All age groups.

Heading back home, we are putting who’s music on? Yes XX.

Here are Gael’s 2 favorite songs of XX. Enjoy it!


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  1. 엄마 on October 28, 2012 2:50 am

    멋진 음악회에 다녀 왔구나 ^^*

  2. jaehee on October 28, 2012 5:32 am

    Yes mom. wish you were with us!! love you mom!!