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IMG_1086Eating Circles, Dots and Squares of Warm, Cool, Crunch and All.  Eating all Senses at Home on Friday Night!

Emi’s bit trying eating on healthier side. Smaller portion. Leaner protein. Only the complex carb. More Raw and more Fiber. Less Alcohol for sure. And it helps in this heat. We both are already feeling much better. Emi’s looking hotter!

Then there’s Emi’s long time huge interest in cooking in Art form.  Massimo Bottura, an amazing Artist in cooking in Modena, Italy is Emi’s two hands down go to Artist and I must say Massimo Bottura will change your idea about what food is.

Our current motto of “Eating Less and Better” feels like the perfect time to mimic such cooking and we thought we would have some fun doing it preparing our meals differently! Plating is a big word in this case. It’s definitely a creative process and we are loving it!

There are a lot more to come, but we share our first baby step approach! We are going Japanese tonight.

IMG_1103A table ever changing by Emiliano. Emi likes to explore with surface and our dinner table is one of them. Emi has done this painting about 3 months ago. And I love it!

IMG_1105I call it ” Broken Egg yoke”

IMG_1062This is dish I prepared.  Steamed spinach balls with young yellow Japanese miso, lemon, drop of sesame oil ( tiny drop), drop of Yuzu and touch of cane sugar.  DELICIOUS!!

IMG_1060A closer look. Gael absolutely loved it!  Soft spinach and creamy miso with kick of acidity gets rounded by touch of cane sugar.

IMG_1073Simply home cut Salmon and Tuna Sashimi. F.R.E.S.H

IMG_1069Grilled organic Bunashimeji ( beech mushrooms) with touch of olive oil, Maldon salt and Fresh black pepper. They are ore tender than oyster mushrooms and also naturally bit sweet.

IMG_1074Gael puts down the plates along the line of Emi’s painting.

IMG_1075Plating Tobiko ( Flying fish roe). We got 3 kinds. Tobiko Red, Tobiko Yuzu and Tobiko regular. These little beads of Nature add ton of flavor and sharp colors to your eyes and table.  Our new circle plates are from CB2.

IMG_1076Love the vibrancy of Tobiko. Yellow one is Yuzu one.

IMG_1077They are like Rubies!  I can’t get over with such colors!

IMG_1090This little tiny small baby fresh Wasabi root was whooping $20.00!  (Gael’s personal appetizer dish, we got his permission to use! my my)

IMG_1083Eel on the Broiler! It smells so good!

IMG_1078Fresh Shiso leaves. I love love love them! It is super fragrant in fruity and flowery like. Shiso is in Mint family and it has good bite as well, I love to pair it with grilled meat or sashimi, in the salad…. It’s so lovely!


IMG_1088Sake is good to go too!


IMG_1089We are doing each own built ” Open Sashimi/sushi” sort of. Here’s my first one!  Its sooo GOOD!!


IMG_1093Broiled eel, 2 types of Tobiko, fresh wasabi roots, long grain slow cooked brown rice on a Shiso leaf.



IMG_1100And there’s always good company!

More to come! More to eat!

ViVa Good Food!

Watch our Inspiration, Massimo Bottura.


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2 Comments so far

  1. kis on July 18, 2012 11:51 pm

    If you happen to have a nice, ripe avocdao around the next time you make steak for dinner, you have to try it the way our Aussie friends taught us a few slices (or half!) of avocdao on the side of the plate, and then with every bite of steak, a little dob of avocdao on top. The creaminess goes fantasticallly with a perfectly cooked, salty, meaty steak. It’s an amazing combination! Add a nice, bright salad on the side, and you’ve got yourself a meal.

  2. Maulana on July 20, 2012 9:11 pm

    so i have just devoured my first bowl of sptetghai with tobiko i think it will be the first of many .this week! it is DELICIOUS! I may have a new addiction i love the sea salty taste. i couldnt find clam juice so i just bought a handful of fresh clams and steamed them in a little water with some chinese rice wine .i added some of the clams to the dish too.thank you so much for this special recipe!