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IMG_0011Music brings people together. Emi holding little cutie Marlowe, Gael and Milo. They are all facing Nik, our front man of tonight’s jam session!  At Jess and Nik’s home.

Saturday night with good old friends and new friends at Jess’s lovely loft in Clinton hill. Prosecco, white wine or whatever you wish. Nik and Jess got it all covered with beautiful arrange of cheese and crispy fried whole little fish, Marithes were just perfect starters. Lovely old friend Else totally surprised us when we walked in!!  It has been So long Else! Else was visiting NYC from Israel for her business. It was so so good to see you and catch up a little. Then introduction to a new lovely family Francesco and Carin with a beautiful kid, Milo!  Milo just enrolled into P.S 11 the same school where Gael goes to and the fact that Milo had well traveled around the world including living in Italy for the last few years is just exciting for Gael and us!  So many things in common! The age, Italian speaking, the same school and traveling makes being together much more fun. There is this instant connection. They both are into soccer and basketball. And the last but not least, Music!

IMG_0005Nik leading Milo.

IMG_0004Emi and Marlowe in the matching outfit!

IMG_0007Emi singing and goofing around. Ahh it’s so much fun!  Gael on a drum.

IMG_0009Love you kids!

IMG_0012Marlowe gotta try it!


IMG_0016Just like Emi, Gael’s excellent at coming up with instant lyrics that would never ever stop! We are dying laughing and so as Milo. Milo keep it up, You will be amazing. Gael and Marlowe, love you two!

Hats off to Nik and Jess. Thanks again for the lovely night together.

Viva Friends!


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