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IMG_9664Sitting out in the garden: Dani, Robert, Tamara, Gael from the left. The sun feels warm and lazy on your back and well chilled crisp prosecco is refreshing and perfect with our on going Saturday Brunch!

Ahhh Spring has Sprung!  Early morning 10 mile long run at Prospect Park through beautiful breeze and fully blossomed cherry trees gave me just right boost and perfect mood to prepare a brunch for Tamara and Robert who were visiting from London.  Beppe and Dani would join us too!  While I am running, I am thinking of gorgeous meaty oyster mushrooms, garden salad with dandelion leaves, roasted tomatoes… and what else….Oh yes, little flowers will be lovely too. I’ll also grab some freshly made turkey links at the Saturday Farmer’s market at Prospect park.  Some good fresh eggs and well ripen avocados.. Yum…!! Running faster now !

IMG_1327Running to Prospect park. Our neighbor, Clinton Hill’s Spring switch has been officially turned ON!  So lovely around here…

IMG_9651Get going Sages and Oyster Mushrooms ( grey ones are usually bigger and meatier than yellow ones) on hot olive oil. Just some sea salt.

IMG_9652Roasting tomatoes with onion and garlic. These babies are ready. Yum!

IMG_9653Mixed greens with dandelions.

IMG_9678Yay, Tamara and Robert are here!

IMG_9663Dani Fu showing off lingering tan from Miami trip.

IMG_9665Sausages are Eggs are being done on an BBQ in the garden.

IMG_9674Digging in.  Sunny side ups or Scrambled. However you wish!  We are all easy here. Some lean turkey links to go with. And drizzle of truffle oil over our salad with crusty whole wheat bread…. Beppe slicing some… Pour you some, Pour me some. Keep passing them around… and repeat!




IMG_9677After a big brunch, its not enough for Gael.  Beppe runs in to make world’s fastest home made pizza. So lucky Gael!

Good friends. Good food. Good garden.

Good Spring Folks!


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