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IMG_9555Kicking off an Easter Brunch at Sweet Home Casarosa’s with Kaja, Jay, Jessica and Nick!

A last minute  Easter Brunch we planned felt nothing short in any way!  A good sunny day. Check!  Hearty delicious home cooked meal. Check!  Gathering with a circle of good friends we haven’t seen a while. Check Check Check!!  Especially we missed out Kaja’s birthday a couple weeks ago, it was a perfect occasion to spend some good afternoon with friends over a good meal and laughs.

Easter always does an official start of Spring for me in my great spirit apart from all the religious reasons for the most people out there, and Here I am happily ready to celebrate ” Pasqua Italiana: Italian Easter !”

IMG_9548A Menu first!



IMG_9558Prepping, Chatting and Sipping… The cake to the right is Kaja’s Easter cake with Peaches and Yogurt!

IMG_9559Thanks for the flowers, Jess and Nick!

IMG_9568Potatoes ready to be popped into the Oven. Rosemerry, olive oil and Sea salt.

IMG_9569OK, We are Starting the brunch! The first, Crostini al Pate’ Toscano. Mamma Livia’s recipe. Chicken liver, garlic, crushed pepper corn, butter, sage, sea salt and a tea spoon of vinegar on a hot crusty piece of bread…!!

IMG_9567As we make them,  they fly off fast!  Hot, nutty, salty, buttery over the crusty and Soooo savory.. Delicious!!

IMG_9565Wash them down with Spritiz!

IMG_9578Shhhhhh.. Our secret!  A Leg of lamb roasting over the tub of roasting potato. Where does all the juice go? You do the math.

IMG_9576Slowly cooked for hours. A whole organic chicken makes rich and much much flavorful delicious broth!  Can I say this is So traditional Italian Easter soup with a whole boiled egg but then Also Soooo everyday Korean?  We go together in so many ways. It still surprises me.

IMG_9571The couple, Jay and Kaja.

IMG_9581Yay, One toast to the day, One toast to the friendship! Check out Gael’s face. And the center and to the left, Jess and Nick! Cheers to you all!

IMG_9582That’s right peeps. This soup is so comforting and so delicious and So Easter!

IMG_9583Such a big boy now.  Having a good time.

IMG_9591Now the Chef carving and us watching drooling…

IMG_9588Nothing like perfectly sauteed Broccoli Rabe with roasted lamb.


IMG_9586Gael making sure to check off each course.

IMG_9557The Brunch goes on from 2:00 and now for 5 hours…  Jay and Jaehee

IMG_9595Sitting out in the garden with Dolci now.  Kaja’s amazing Peaches and Yogurt cake. So delicate and delicious!

IMG_9598Emi’s airy and melting in your mouth, ” Mascarpone folded with Nutella and fresh Mixed berry compote” Ahhhh, Life is Good!  And Happy Belated Birthday Kaja!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter or  just good One happy Sunday!  Emi, Gael and Jaehee



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  1. 엄마 on April 10, 2012 1:02 am

    근사한 부활절 식사네
    단 감자는 반드시 씨눈을 제거할것
    씨눈을 먹으면 솔라닌 중독 걸린다는..
    알고 있지?
    사랑해 ~

  2. jaehee on April 10, 2012 3:22 am

    mom wish you were here!!!