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IMG_8347MASS MoCA, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams town, MA

Just passed Martin Luther King Jr’s long weekend was a perfect time for us to finally visit MASS MoCA up in MA ( about 3 1/2 hour car ride from NYC). Emiliano has been talking about to visit up there and we have been looking up their website admiring amazing space of Museum which once has been industrial factory buildings occupying 13 acres of ground in North Adams town. Most of you must have visited DIA Beacon and MASS MoCA plays Art in similar setting but in much much bigger scale in their 26 industrial buildings with soaring sky high ceilings and envious grand scale of countless windows that allow beautiful natural lighting for the most important and prominent Art of our time.

We have planned to spend a night in the town to cover entire museum as traveling takes up quite a time.  Early Saturday morning, with a small bag packed with couple things, we are ready to hit the road!

IMG_8333Getting out of NY state, it definitely gets colder and we were happy like little kids to see snow on the road! It has been unusually warm winter for us.


IMG_8341So beautiful…!

IMG_8348The parking lot is located right in the museum sight. ( when it gets this cold, BRrrrrrrrr, it’s helpful! 15 degrees F!)  We are approaching to the main entrance.

IMG_8349Loving this simple Positive-Negative entrance sign.

IMG_8353The first installation Art, Geometric Death by Federico Diaz greets you right outside of the main entrance. The Snow adds extra effect.

IMG_8354Read about the Site Installation. Click here. And Do not touch this!


IMG_8357Gael and MASS MoCA!

IMG_8431Day 1. Gael was over the moon visiting Kid Space first. There’s ” Under the Water” exhibition and a work shop area.




IMG_8390PVC pipes, Garbage cans and more.



IMG_8365Gael, a Boy and the Ocean.




IMG_8392And now, Get Creative!


IMG_83938 legged underwater creature. 7 more to go!


IMG_8408Woooooo,  A scary Underwater Monster!

IMG_8410Emi’s super awesome Abstract mask and/or a hat. I see 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth. LOVE !

IMG_8409Gael’s spaceship!

IMG_8429Gael having fun! Ahhh so much fun. We All are having fun!!!

IMG_8448Day 2. The Workers exhibition on the ground floor. I definitely liked this exhibition, especially short films and documentaries speaking about social problems, economies in different Geographies in the Blue Collar point of view such as a great interview at street Bazaar in Armenia and Garment workers in LA.  Is this world not fair? Do workers get treated fairly? The whole thing got me a chill.

IMG_8455A mini screen of collection of films on Blue Collars. These include my all time favorites, “Dancer in the Dark” starring Bjork ( I remember balling in Angelika movie theater watching Dancer in the Dark carrying Gael in my tummy..) and ” Red Desert” by Antonioni. Each film was numbered and had designated numbered headset for audio. Each film was repeating about 10 minute screening of same clips.

IMG_8466A must see. This film got me feeling all embarrassed that I am in Apparel business for the first time.  This is a documentary film following real group of  garment workers at Sweat Shops  who were hired by the third party contractors who did production for ” Forever 21″. People. You need to ask when things are way too cheap. You know somebody is paying for that price either that is in physical labor form or that is in trashed pride and dignity for selves. Or both.

IMG_8468We didn’t catch screening for this. But we are going to watch it. You should too.

IMG_8475Then wonderful Sol Lewitt: A wall drawing Retrospective on the multiple floors. The exhibition runs through year 2033!




IMG_8486These pictures don’t do the justice to capture the vibrancy of these amazing colors!



IMG_8490I love this one so much. High shine black and Matt finished Black. A massive wall and soft glare of surrounding. It’s so cool!






IMG_8538OK, I’ll stop here . The Scale and amount of Wall drawings are huge and heavy weight.

IMG_8540Gael meditating in front of Penelope Umbrico’s wok. An avid collector of images through which she identifies strange phenomena and trends in online visual culture. Suns From Flickr assembles hundreds of photographs of sunsets found on Flickr. Each sunset, depicting a fleeting moment in time, becomes a timeless and universal pictorial structure. People with Suns from Flickr, her new work in Memery, looks at the online response to Suns From Flickr, presenting pictures that viewers have taken in front of the work as it has been shown in various international settings.



IMG_8550I do quite like it!

IMG_8554Now we are moving onto ” Mango Tourists” from Nari Ward: Sub Mirage Lignum.


IMG_8559They look like a gigantic rubber band balls from the distance, but these are strips of industrial foams, mango seeds and found objects.


IMG_8565Nu Colossus.


IMG_8572Something So beautiful about this.




IMG_8497Cold but beautiful MASS MoCA

IMG_8485What an amazing Space!


A Beautiful and creative place where you can have fun and learn.  MASS MoCA offers concerts, dances, dance parties, Art performance, theater, films and many others through out the year. We will go back when weather gets warmer as surrounding areas also offer fun festivals and concerts.  With loved ones and kids. You will have fun no matter what!

LOvE Art!

IMG_8215Entering Big Apple Circus! Lincoln Center, NYC

Thank you Beppe and Dani for an awesome fun Christmas gift for us! Gael was already over the moon for the last 10 days to get to go see Big Apple Circus and I was secretly excite of course! Saturday 7:00pm, we had marked a big circle on our calendar and we were ready to rock and roll!


IMG_8211The big one we got!

IMG_8213Slowly but surely filling in ( because they are all in the line to get pop corns!) and getting one step closer.


IMG_8221Much inspired by Tim Burton, the circus is a big hit for all the kids. They were going nuts!

IMG_8223These awesome group of Asian Oompa-Loompa (just me calling them) were the one of my favortie. They are funny, fun, greatly flexible and entertaining!




IMG_8230Great outfits, aren’t they?

IMG_8234This is a taxi driver, Andre’ sitting on a imagination chair.


IMG_8236My Oompa-Loompa are back with the second outfit and more elaborate acrobatic!





IMG_8247This guy has the fastest hands in the world. 2 visible and 5 invisible.



IMG_8251OK, What’s this guy’s name?

IMG_8256It’s like Tim Burton for Comme des Garcons.



IMG_8261Always a highlight of any circus, Trapeze! Gael had taken a Trapeze class once, so he really related to this. Fun Fun Fun!




Of course, clowns and much more are there and you should be there to see it all!  Laugh and have fun with your kids, nieces and nephews. It’s a big fun time! Dani and Beppe, “Thank you again for a wonderful wonderful gift! Gael loved it!!!”  and personally, I had a good kick out of groovy outfits of Big Apple circus!

It was a starry night in Big Apple.