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IMG_3827Entrance at Osteria Terra Masci , Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia

After a long day of swimming and a rewarding refreshing outdoor shower, it always comes down to one important question, ” What’ for dinner?!!”  As we are making our lunch at home or grab something easy to go to move forward our days, fabulous local dinner is always a hot topic when we are traveling. As much as we love all those Prosciutto and Specs and all, let’s not forget that Italy is a one big Peninsula. Yes, the blessed rich country is surrounded by all that gorgeous water , especial saltier one. Is that why any fish and seafood tastes way way better in Italy than many other countries?  The rich ocean life is something you can’t just pass in Italy and we are totally up for a big feast of  freshest local fish and seafood for the night right here in Santa Marina di Leuca!

Our 2 bedroom rental home base during this trip, friendly homeowners had given us a few tips regarding good restaurants. The top of the list was this place “Osteria Terra Masci” which is located at the borderline of Santa Maria di Leuca on Via Castrignano , Tel 0833 758224 ( You MUST make a reservation).  It was so wonderful , we ended eating here twice during our  6 day trips. With Beppe and Dani then one more dinner with Philipp and Kit.  100% sitting this time around at their front garden. It is true an experience dinning Al fresco. With perfectly pleasent evening temperature down her at Leuca, it would be shame if you don’t dine somewhere outside with romantic dimmed light at a delicious glass of wine…

Anyway, Here I like to share our wonderful dining experience with you at Terra Masci, so come follow me!

IMG_3780It’s about 9:30 pm weekdays. Calculate this. After the ocean, shower, change… Apperitivo.  People are ready to eat by 9-9:30.  Lightly washed in pale blue wood trims and white outdoor parasols are bit shabby and bit Greek like. You can definitely feel this is a place for seafood.

IMG_3783Our super professional and friendly waiter for both dinners showing off the freshest stock ups for the night.  Such a classic way to serve the customers. Even the stake houses sometimes will bring out their proud cuts for the night to show what they are serving to customers.

IMG_3785For our main course in a family style, We ended up choosing a handsome big fish over the lobster. It will be roasted with thinly sliced potatoes and herbs on top.

IMG_3786The waiter will take care of portioning for the size of the group and just bring arrays of Appetizer dishes. It feel almost like Tapas. Here Shrimp Crudo (Raw) with herbs and fresh olive oil and salt. Delicious!

IMG_3787Lightly grilled Branzino with herbs, fresh garlic, Olive oil and lemon.

IMG_3788I believe this was Sole. Sort of Ceviche, but much lighter on amount of lemon juice. Super delicate. The Olive oil can just kill you. So amazing!

IMG_3789Grilled eggplant stuffed with fresh tuna and olive oil. “The” local veggie. Any restaurant you go, they will have good 5-6 different ways to serve egg plant as an appetizer.

IMG_3790Breaded and fried fish balls. Yum!

IMG_3792Peperonata Picante. Slowly cooked down mixed peppers with tomato. Peppers are also one popular veggie down here and these are always spicy not like ones in Tuscan area. I love this!

IMG_3794Oven baked Stuffed Razor clam.  Honestly, I had much better ones in Barcelona. Straight up grilled in open fire with dash of white wine. Sorry Terra Masci…!

IMG_3797The first dish. We chose Spaghetti with shrimps tomato and fresh bits of spicy red and green peppers and touch of bread crumb on top. Perfectly cooked pasta and delicious sauce. The sweetness of Shrimp comes through well and it was well seasoned. I did like the spicy bits of Green and red peppers. See you don’t need ton of thick sauce on any pasta if you make the sauce right like Italians do. You have to make it packed with flavor not runny blend ton of sauce.

IMG_3799This was the main dish at the first night. That big fish was roasted with thinly sliced potatoes over. Fish was beautifully cooked with right amount of texture and saltiness and the potatoes were crispy and sweet. So delicious!

IMG_4467This was our choice of pasta for the second dinner at Terra Masci. Calamari rings and Calamarata pasta. The Pasta literally looks like a ring of Calamari. Yum!!!


IMG_4470Our second dinner at Masci main course for 5. A whole grilled fish with fresh tomato, potato and black olives.



Now watch how to handle and clean this mega fish before you serve!

IMG_4475Philipp serving us.


IMG_4477Another delicate gorgeous dish. Clean delicate flavor straight out from the ocean! Perfect potato and sweet cherry tomato and earthy and salty black olives make a perfect harmony…. Here we added drizzle of spicy first pressed Pugliese Olive oil. YUm YUm YUm!!

IMG_3801Gael always falls a sleep by the half way the dinner…

IMG_3804After the dinner, they always served us ” Finochietto”. Fennel digestive liquor, sort of Limoncello but made with Fennel instead. So fragrant and Ssooo yummy!

IMG_3820We were like the last 2 tables left…

IMG_3826Proud, genuine, generous and Simpaticissimi owners of absolutely amazing “Osteria Terra Masci”,  Rino and Sabrina!!

If you are ever in the area of Santa Maria di Leuca, You must stop by here for ultimate experience of delicious seafood feast from the appetizers, amazing pastas, gorgeous fish and professional, efficient and much friendly staffs.  You would be completely satisfied.  Don’t forget to make a reservation, they get quickly filled up as you can imagine the place is very popular with authentic local dinning experience!!!

LOvE Puglia!


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