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IMG_5221It’s this thing that running along the Iconic spot of area gives me sort of satisfaction that I am kind of conquering the city or that specific area I am running. Or more like “Shit” I just rant to “Eiffel tower” along the Seine in Paris!  Not bad at all. I have been running every single day during this Stockholm, Paris and London trip. I believe now I have way better sense about the city in every way after I ran.

IMG_5194Finally after like million times of visits to Paris, I feel like I just started getting a hang of Paris. I don’t know why it took so long… It’s maybe the city is quite big? I am quite savvy at figuring out any new places but not Paris… It has been a long time I just couldn’t put my finger on it… It must be the language.  Sometimes I get slightly upset with myself that I do have issue pronouncing French. Why is it damn hard for me? Whenever not so nice French talks down to me or our group, I sssso want to snap out of it by speaking beautiful proper French back to them. But the reality is “Naaaaa”. I am seriously considering to take a crash course some point, so I can read those menus little better at least.

IMG_5117The hotel ” Lumen” where we stayed at recommend us this place called ” Aux Lyonnais“, a super classic old bistro where you can get all that classic dishes consists of ” Butter, Butter and Butter”.  The highlight of September in Paris is apparently Cray fish. But then they cook it with just the same as any other dishes like escargot, or stake….  Butter, garlic and herbs. It’s great but Call me ignorant, but sometimes, I do not understand why people go crazy with French cuisine. Yes I married to a Italian man, and I much prefer great Italian cousin which embraces the core of the main ingredients rather butter in literally every dish. I find Butter quite over powering in most of times. By the way regardless the food, I really loved this old classic decor.

IMG_5118Always love Men serving. Not only in Paris but in general. I don”t know why. When they are older and look firm on what they are doing, it;s even better for me. I find  it quite beautiful.

IMG_5122Mine and Cynthia’s Tarte au quemeau, jeunes salades et truffes d’été. It’s like a new born baby mini pizza with super thin crust with shaved black truffles on top.  I liked it.  But Here’s my thought on Truffle. Unless you can actually get white truffle, I think Truffle oil is a much better option  ( Way more fragrant) than Fresh Black truffle. Black truffle comes in Summer and I don’t think actually it deserves to be called ” Truffle”. It’s quite blend. I rather have Porcini. The real deal is White truffle. Or just get a small bottle of Truffle oil!!!

IMG_5125Reina’s starter, 2 almost raw eggs with mixed mushroom. This1 Oh I loved it! It was very different!

IMG_5123Lexi’s super cute a bowl full of ravioli!

IMG_5127Paris’ Opera house by night. It’s so amazing what people can do. All those years ago, we were way more capable and incredible in so many different ways. I mean, How can we build such things these days.. Right? And how can that gold can be such bright yellow!??

IMG_5214What an awesome building is this?!! Not too far from the Eiffel tower. Another benefit that  my running brought to me. Get to see more things in person!  Hope they had done good water proof system.. For second I worried about the longevity of the structure.

IMG_5238The thing impressive about Paris is that the beauty so consistent in that big of scale. Left bank, right bank, streets, buildings, the way they trim the trees, girls, boys, elders, Seine, cobble stones, shops, museums, galleries, parks, gardens, churches, wine……! And the Flair! The one and only French Flair!

IMG_5244Merci this time didn’t really blow my mind…  This time it was all about Japan design including Muji.  More of little gadgets and stuff. It did not feel strong at all to me. My biggest reason to go to Merci is always the color. The directional approach of using one color that makes everything magical. But this time, I did not see that. Bit disappointing. Or Maybe No color is New color..?!!  Maybe it’s me figuring it out all this late?


IMG_5277They are bath soaps.

IMG_5241Tomato, green apple, Blueberry off the caramel.


IMG_5245There are ton of colors in fashion at least, so maybe the next thing is soft neutral.

IMG_5253Cool lamps.

IMG_5268Love this man.

IMG_5283Me and my cup of tea, Merci.

IMG_5288Window at Donshia. Love it!

tumblr_loquc2ygVV1qbyyu0o1_1280Hussein Chalayan Exhibition at Les Arts Decorstifs   Les Arts Decoratifs ALWAYS has quite progressive shows on Fashion and Textile.  If you are in Paris, you should be checking out what they are doing!  









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