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IMG_4805The Harbor of Stockholm, the capital and the largest city of Sweden full of over 2M of beautiful people reside!

This is my second time here in Stockholm since the last visit about 3 years ago. My little doubt about how much I would remember the city has quickly gone after my good 7 mile run along the water soon after I have checked into Berns Hotel  early morning. A strong and perfectly sweetened cup of cappuccino right outside of the hotel gauging out to the park did a quick fix for my 4:00 am NY time Jet lag!

I am here with Gap office to do Fall research and luckily the weather was quite great for our 2 days in this gorgeous city.  Filled with beautiful girls and guys, (Really!) the city is just chilled and beautiful. You can walk to everywhere as it is small enough to do so and I definitely believe it is the best way to experience the city. You can do rent a bike but there are also lots of hilly streets, so it can get very tiring especially when you get to the old area of the city, Gamla Stan and Artsy and hip Sodermalm area. You can easily get taxis but again the most areas where you don’t want to miss can pretty much be covered by your two feet!

Here now, come stroll with me to taste the streets of Stockholm!

IMG_4808We are staying at Berns Hotel in City Center area.  We were debating between Berns and Lydmar. If I get to come back to Stockholm, I would love to stay at Lydmar. Berns Hotel is super convenient for the location wise with great complimentary breakfast but I think rooms could be better at it’s price range.

IMG_4745The dinning room at Berns Hotel. Their dinning room is the center of the hotel I believe. Somehow Breakfast and Lunch is more popular than the dinner time.

IMG_4749A cute sun-room at Berns hotel. You have a nice view to the park outside. I love this room!

IMG_4810My cute and delicious breakfast at the hotel sun room. Lots of flax seeds over fresh black berry yogurt and muesli. A cup of cappuccino and delicious lox on a piece of multi grain and pumpkin seed bread. Yum! By the way Lox in Stockholm is to die for. Sooo Amazing!

IMG_4741All striped out and I am ready to hit the road!

IMG_4688A clean city, beautiful city and…

IMG_4939It is filled with beautiful him, beautiful her and beautiful couples!

IMG_4687Simple up-dos and ponytails are definitely dominant with little black everything and little denim jackets.



IMG_4752This lady at COS store so chick in her simple yet elevated neutral colors and great accessories.




IMG_4889Saw lots of long braided hair too.

IMG_4670All lean and lanky as majority of other youngsters in the city, this friendly shop girl at Acne pulls off tiny black leather skirt super cool!





IMG_4951Second day going in we are at Sodermalm area. It’s one big mix of Williamsburg, Lolita, bit of Soho and Fort Greene. There are more than enough of good vintage shops in this area. This is a vintage and thrift shop, Emmaus.

IMG_4899You all love Cheap Monday from Sweden. This is the shop in Sodermalm area. Each platform is in letters.

IMG_4900Cheap Monday is the second chain shop where I saw a sewing machine right in the middle of the floor after ” Monki”. I guess they possibly do alterations for the customers right at the sight.

IMG_4901A cool Tee shirt fixture.

IMG_4907On the underground level at Cheap Monday, there is a Screen Print studio with a big glass wall. It’s very cool to see how they make the screen tees.


IMG_4837Now here we are at the Old part of the city, Gamla Stan. This little island is located in between Norrmalm and Sodermalm. Gamla Stan takes you back to the old time of Stockholm with pretty Mediaeval streets and buildings. Royal palace is also located in Gamla Stan.



IMG_4845There are many cute little shops in Galma Stan including super touristy ones. This shop carried many cute posters and stuff. Not bad.

IMG_4838There were quite a few shops of linens and stuff.. Soft, cotton bit antique like and boho-ish..



IMG_4791Lastly, quite amazing dinner on the first night at restaurant Mathias Dahlgren at Grand Hotel, Stockholm.

IMG_4770Every seating at the table is pre- set with this quite Zen like a sheet of brown paper menu, a cracker bag, silver wears and a wooden butter knife and glasses.

IMG_4773Common and widely loved multi grain crackers.


IMG_4777Menu is set up by region and kind of ingredients and all the portion is in between appetizer and main course.


IMG_4785Reina, Cynthia and I ordered 3 dishes and shared them all. The first, Salmon and Deer Sashimi. The Salmon in general here is like gold to me. I know salmon is body does good kind fish but I am not usually so crazy about it unless it’s a top quality sashimi.  This was the top quality sashimi and it was amazingly delicious!

IMG_4783They love dill here and actually it has grown on me. Mixed Mushroom with steamed coal fish. Amazing.

IMG_4784Pumpkin and broccoli with Truffle and Parmesan.


IMG_4787Baked chocolate and 2 more… It was so good!

As we are moving on to Paris and London for the rest of the week, we only had really a day and a half in Stockholm but surely fell in love with the city! It’s a great place to people watch, eat, feed your eyes with great modern design and get inspired. Full 3 days will give you plenty time to do the museums and all.

LOvE Stockholm!


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