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IMG_3368Sunset at Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY

What a lovely lovely day! I decided to go to Fire Island by myself and just took off on early Sunday morning as Emi and Gael are still in Italy. Walking down to LIRR Atlantic Avenue station, I found myself humming to silky breeze and gorgeous morning sun.  I felt good about getting out of home on a early Sunday morning. I felt a couple butterflies flying in my stomach from slight excitement about my little adventure ahead!  A small deli in front of the train station tells me to grab frozen water bottles instead.  He knew I was going to go to beach. Smart! These 2 bottles will surely get me through the hot day on the beach. Thank you!

2 water bottles, a book, a small bag of cashew and almond, 2 peaches.  And most of all, my happy spirit for a day full of adventure! Come follow me!

IMG_3239LIRR at Atlantic Avenue. Get $31.00 full package pass for a round trip train ride, taxi and ferry ride.  Simple.

IMG_3240My reading for the day.  ” Please Look After Mom” by Kyung Sook Shin. There’s an English edition too. About to get on a train!

IMG_3247I’ll say the highlight of the whole trip is actually the ferry ride. This 20 minute ferry ride always makes going to Fire Island that much more special. It makes you feel like you are going somewhere far far away from the city! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!


IMG_3250It’s absolutely a perfect day! Crisp breeze and beautiful sun. It feels amazing on a ferry!


IMG_3262There are lots of restaurants by the port. Actually port is called ” town” as this is where all the shops and amenities are. It’s a small and friendly community.

IMG_3266Getting into the town. Entire island is connected with famous board walk passage. It’s really cute!



IMG_3273Lovely board walk is blessed by never ending beach shacks. Wish I had one…!




IMG_3293Dear crossing! They are super calm in Cherry Grove. Just don’t touch them. You know why!


IMG_3292Hello my Dear!

IMG_3294More shacks…



IMG_3309It feels amazing walking and poking around!

IMG_3316Can’t help myself with these cutest board walks. And all those trees.. Awwwwoooooo!!!

IMG_3322Totally bumping into old friends here in Cherry Grove!!!!  Simone and Alison were staying at one of these cute shacks literally 30 seconds away from the beach!  Charlie, her baby next to me!  We are totally hanging out here today!  Fabrizio and wife Anna are here too! What a small world!





IMG_3333Super calm and clean beautiful water!  There’s no one around. It’s great!

IMG_3344I swam and swam and took a nap, chatted, lovely lunch back at Simone’s, swam again and… Repeat!


IMG_3340Washing off sand first before a quick lunch!



IMG_3368Emi and Gael, I so wish you were here with me! We  will come back together!

To know how to get to Fire Island,

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