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IMG_2841Awesome Breezy Entrance at MoMA PS1.  Warm Up Ps1:  the Ultimate Summer Party for NYC!

I can’t believe it’s already the 14th year now MoMA PS1 is holding this music, dance, art installation that’s all happening in one gigantic outdoor party on Saturdays all summer long at this cool industrial area in Queens, NYC!!!  When we all heard then MoMA was branching out a sister MoMA out to Queens: PS1 taking over formal Public School #1 on Queens, We all were bit skeptical even though there are a few prominent Art and Design institutional places like Noguchi museum in the same neighbor hood.  \It felt bit out of the way compare to the mail one is on posh and touristy uptown in Manhattan. But PS1 had proved that was only a worry that we didn’t have to have at all after all. PS1 now has grown into a proud and even more rebellious and interesting little yet not so little sister of MoMA fueling Powerful Energy of New and Young Generation of Cool NYC peeps. And  maybe even of the “World” as you will be surprised to see and hear how many international visitors at not just “Warm” but maybe more of “Hot” summer Dance parties that PS 1 is housing year after year.  Every year PS1 holds a competition to design and doll up their envious grand schemed concrete and grabbled awesomely modern yard, and I personally like to thank to MomA doing this so as this is an absolutely a brilliant idea and also a another definite reason what attracts me and sure all other visitors to go visit PS1 as the yearly brand new Summer installation is something that you must not miss.

This year’s simple yet breezy and green installation is another winner that you want to see and I highly recommend the actual exhibitions that are going on in this beautiful formal public school space as it’s filled with much entertaining (I rather like to call it entertaining! ) Rayan Trecartin’s Any Ever : the short film series, and my absolute favorite of all, a screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain ( the screening ends on July 24th) which I ended up buying the DVD at the bookstore is another one you should not miss!!

The Warm Up Summer party at PS1 runs until the September 3rd with various DJS from around the world, So you haven’t missed much but certain exhibitions will do end at certain point, so if you are not sure what to do on Saturdays, pS1 Warm up party will be the perfect thing to do for this entire summer!

Now I like to share some pics from my visit to PS 1 Warm Up party this Saturday, July 16!

IMG_2840Yes the kid are welcome, but if you like to bring your little ones go early and live early. It get’s bit intense for the little ones later on. The party hour is 2-9 pm.

IMG_2844Hay Garden. No Smoking!



IMG_2848Real good seating this year. Not too obscure to sit down and there were plenty of these to mingle and chat.



IMG_2851Loving the fact they had brought quite an amount of trees this year.




IMG_2857Gael, no worries, I promise you I’ll take you here! The September 3rd, We will come back all together with Dad!

IMG_2858Yes, we will play ping pong too! Love you. Miss you Gael!


IMG_2860Loving the Crowd. The People. All together. Can’t help it!


IMG_2866DJs and Bands rotating all day.



IMG_2881Inside the Museum building. Entrance at Ryan Trecartin’s.

IMG_2884There were 6 rooms I believe set up in all different way with Head sets for you to use. Plenty of odd and fun seating were built for the audience. And comfy!




IMG_2894Hospital beds turned to mega seating.




IMG_2910I have mixed thoughts and feeling about Laurel Nakadate: Only the Lonely work series. Hmmm , If anyone likes to discuss about it with me, shoot me an email!

IMG_2911I adore PS1′s staircase murals!




IMG_2921Permanent collection: James Turell’s ” Meeting”, 1986

IMG_2920Visitors gaging and enjoying this wonderfully opened up room with natural light and air coming through.

IMG_2923Here’s the movie I was talking about. Crazy, beautiful photography, not normal, disturbing, funny, sick, calm, tripping and everything else. Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Holy Mountain, 1973 and couple more scenes from the film below.






IMG_2929The Book store.

IMG_2932The cafe.


IMG_29337:30. Now it’s really crowded! Music’s  pumping, people are dancing, being silly, whatever!





IMG_2970Ahhh Emi, I so wished you were standing right next to me!! I miss you Emi!!

IMG_2973With Adriana and Dani.


IMG_2991Good job Sir! The last DJ.


If you haven’t yet, go check it out!!!


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