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IMG_1232250 steps of Escadaria Selaron, connecting Santa Teresa and Lapa, Rio de Janerio

Oh it was so not easy to find these steps covered in all sort of colored tiles as it’s tucked in between hill top of Santa Teresa and the small side street next to aqueduct at Lapa.  Steps are covered in mainly yellow, green and red as the Artist calls the red portion is his “personal problem” which he did not explain why but you and I can understand the reasons behind the yellow and green. See I totally remember watching the music video, “Beautiful” of Snoop Dogg featuring Pharell cheerfully singing on these steps and fearlessly cruising Favelas and Copacabana with hot Brazilian ladies, and I used to say to myself, if I go to Rio then I’ll go see that steps!  and Here I am finally at the top and the bottom of the very famous steps, Escadaria Selaron!!!

So here, Watch this!

IMG_1186The very first step on the top looking down. See you would not expect to see the grand colorful view just yet. You can only see it by looking up!

The Chilean born artist Jorge Selaron began renovating a dilapidated steps that ran along the front of his house back in 1990.  It started as his side project along his painting but this soon became the main project and real passion still continuing till today and he claims to do so until he dies. There are many tiles were sent or given to the artist from people around the world for him to add on within his own tile work. You can see small individual tiles designed with names of cities such NYC as well.

Here, I’ll lead you step by step!

IMG_1187The first top portion of the steps.



IMG_1194Along the steps, the side walls of the houses are all dolled up too!



IMG_1203Here’s the artist himself painting. Jorge Selaron. He’s sitting in front of his Gallery.






IMG_1231That white flag is from my home, South Korea!

IMG_1235Yeap! My tourist moment.

IMG_1240Getting closer to the bottom of the steps. It get’s more elaborate.  See I think it is good to start from the top. So you don’t have to walk up that 250 steps! Get there through Santa Teresa Convent form Santa Teresa rather than from Lapa.

IMG_1245One more pic with the very man, Jorge Selaron. Yes all of this work is done by him!

IMG_1249Here’s the manifesto of Mr. Selaron about the steps.



If you are ever in Rio, You can’t miss this.

It’s one big color result of one small artist’s passion that is recognized internationally!

Viva, Escadaria Selaron!!


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    Oh Cant believe… Thanks for letting me know. May him rest in Peace. What a wonderful lie project he had…!

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    Oh Cant believe… Thanks for letting me know. May him rest in Peace. What a wonderful life project he had…!

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