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mckittrick-hotel-500x241Main lobby of Mckittrick Hotel comes back to a life with “SLEEPNOMORE“, 530 west 27street between tenth and eleventh avenue, NYC

So Alex and Lara stopped by one night to pick up some hair product from Emi.  It has been a while we all got together as everyone’s so busy with work. A glass of wine and some chatting felt so good. It’s always nice to have unexpected friends stopping by! Shortly before they headed back home, Alex talked about this interesting play, performance, dance sort of that interacts with you walking, touching, watching and browsing. ” Sleepnomore”

A quick history of the hotel here that I really don’t want to talk about it too much as YOU should be really GOING  there and EXPERIENCE the whole thing and just get lost in the middle of all but I try to make it short as possible to share what this is all about at least a bit. Mckittrick Hotel was built back in 1939 to be the finest hotel that NY would ever have, then World War II had just started only 2 weeks before the opening date made Hotel never be able to open to the public till today. British theater company, PunchDrunk collaboration with Off Broadway company Emursive brings the hidden space in this long years of silence back to the life for this most intriguing and unique theatrical experience that you would ever have. Even in the city like New York.


The audience in simple yet modern and  beautiful white masks freely walks around, follows the happenings, touches everything they wish, tries on, opens up, flips through and just “Be”.  The hotel is completely and interestingly decorated for the play room by room and floor by floor that must have many original details of the hotel when it was built to open. Audience choose his or her own pace, path, spots and story lines of that moment what is happening in the hotel. You can even take a break if you wish.  Each one of the audience becomes no one behind the mask yet is an absolutely most important  part of this big play. Why?  Because this theater and this play or performance whatever that is sssoooo need you  to be there to physically follow after everything that is happening by interacting with all the details of this play down to the small prop.

Here are a few of my visual images to tell you what it all felt like. Myself  behind that mask feeling somewhat safe from everything that was surrounding and happening then feeling somewhat naughty hiding my face from everyone,  my mind was going through so many muses, tear sheets, dreams, films and stories, music and all.  Mostly visually and attitude wise at least. Then there’s a surprising story line you will finally realize what this play was based on at the end!

First and definitely, I was in the movie of Stanley Kubrick,”EyesWide Shut”

then also I was maybe in one of HBO’s series, Carnivale!



then it also so much felt like the great “Great Gatsby “! Especially the costumes and general attitude of artists.  Even this cover feels like ” Sleepnomore”!






Then there were also ” The others” moments…



Then the last supper in All versions…



How about Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express!

Then here we are with Shakespeare’s Macbeth! Or no?!!??



And…for the actual pictures of Sleep No more from NY Times’ review, Click on THIS.

Anyway, Go check it out yourself to know what it is all about!

It is a hell out of time you will have!  One of the most stimulating things I have done in a long time…!


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