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IMG_0098A new handsome home for “Artists & Fleas” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. North 7 between Whythe and Kent.

So I’ll say the real golden time for the Flea markets in NYC was then about 10-15 years ago when Manhattan was still managing some low rises and a few empty lots including outdoor parking lots near Chelsea.  Remember the big parking lot with $1.00 admission?  It was real chilled and cool same time with ton of vendors bragging awesome mint condition vintage clothing’s picked out from some old ladies’ closets from the upstate NY or kicking mid century Danish numbers or Art deco pieces under the beautiful summer sky of sexy Manhattan Island. We always spotted  John Galiano in his acid wash disco jean or Anna Sui in her blacker than black bangs and her whimsical yet dark outfits.  I learned how petite the designer Alaia was then while I was trying on this big 70′s Miami floral floor length caftan over my shorts and a tank top. Every Saturday was me,  Jaehee day spending pretty much an entire day browsing, trying on and bargaining on pair of little heels or cutest sun dresses. Ahhhh I loved it sooo Much!!!  Also then vintages were that much younger so they were in better condition.  My impressive collection of vintage clothing had really started then. I just loved it all.

When Millennium arrived, things started changing. NYC went crazy riding on so called ” Luxury Condo” business buying up all the empty lots including my beloved weekend flea lots. Ahhh… So disappointing and heart breaking.  Ugliness of Home Depot tasted not so luxury buildings were coming in pushing away charming and fun filled such NY things away.  There’s still one left inside of parking place called ” The Garage” on 25th street on Sundays in Chelsea area still keeping the tradition in authentic styles and vibe. Then Hell’s Kitchen and all others started but they are just not the same at all. But today is bit different. Manhattan being over developped in general forces to find alaternatives outside of the city. The answer? It’s Brooklyn.  Housing, Restaurants, Art, Music and Flea Markets.  Young, talented and broke handsome people of city started flowing into down town Brooklyn like Fort Greene and  Williamsberg from lower east side and east village. Bettern rent and less compettition brought in new kind of mainds and brains for new food culture in Brooklyn. There are so much more undergournd scenes in Brookly now especialy for fashion and music which goes side by side. Things are ineterstin ghere in Brooklyn.  And that includes also Flea markets and vinatage shops!

IMG_0099Artists & Fleas houses many independent designers and numerous excellent vintage vendors. This one above I love! It’s very Janis Joplin from the 70′s. Hippie, Rock and Roll and bit of Voo-doo all mixed in. This booth is located  right by the entrace to your right hand side.

IMG_0093Then there is a New home for Sunday portion of  famous and beloved ” Brooklyn FLea” also in Williamsberg right by the “Artist & Fleas”. North 6 between Kent and East river. Below, one of over 300 vendors at the Brooklyn Flea. You will also find him on Saturday Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene, Layfayette between Flermont and Venderbuilt.



IMG_1519Yummmm! The Porchetta Sandwich guys at Saturday Brooklyn Flea. And here check out the vendor list.

IMG_0151Then there are Vintage shops in Brooklyn. Many. There are many especially in Park Slope now! Check out ” Guvnor’s” on 5th avenue between Lincoln and Berkeley, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

IMG_0120Love the shop. It’s small L.A in Brooklyn!  Two vintage motos welcome you at the entrance.

IMG_0112Here at Govnor’s, you will find equal amount of boys and girls vintages complete down to accessories.



IMG_0150Just about a block away from the Govnor’s, there is ” Odd Twins” more of feminine version with bit flea market vibe. Check it out!

IMG_0149Hey there will be a party at Odd Twin on April 15th celebrating their 2 year anniversary. Free beer and a live band!




IMG_0134By the way, nice floor at the Odd Twin.

IMG_0142While Emi picking out a few vintage records, I picked up a set 5 very cute grid printed glasses. I think they are awesome! $4.00 each any vinyl and $35.00 for the glass set.


IMG_0139There they are where I spotted. The shop has small objects everywhere up for sale.


IMG_0154And here’s my own shop and showroom, Lacasapark!  542 Washington Ave between Fulton and Atlantic.

IMG_0003I carry ton of awesome jeweleries, high end designer vintages to rare find collectibles!



And here are a few of my favorite vintage places in Brooklyn!

Beacon’s Closet

Bufalo exchange

Film Biz Prop Shop




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  1. momochii on April 25, 2011 7:59 pm

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  2. Jacqueline Trizarry on April 27, 2011 1:41 am

    Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  3. jaehee on April 27, 2011 8:55 am

    Yes we do.
    Lacasapark on Facebook!