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IMG_0004Valentine morning was unusually colorful. Or was it just me up earlier..?  Beautiful Sun rising. Getting into a week long of Holiday presentation at work, honestly there’s no room for me to think about Valentine or anything else really, and Valentine is not a day that is on my list of things do in general. Chocolate? Naaaaaa.

But guess What I Get from my 2 coolest men!!   The sweet smart free standing Robot Trophy, The LOVE!


IMG_0082Here’s the better picture of him. Isn’t he so cute? He’s heavy as I always like with anything. I Always associate the weight with the quality. So Emi and Gael did an awesome job by choosing my kind of heavy materials to create the robot!

IMG_0074The heart in magic clay was Gael’s contribution and his power to bring this robot to a life. I just can’t get enough of this! And his sweet and numbered face!


IMG_0080Robot’s awesome legs, two feet and adorable little bum!

IMG_0073His feet. Check out the cool studs under his right foot.

IMG_0012And the proud and happy winner!

And the Feast follows!

IMG_0027 Fresh Salmon and Tuna Crudo with Lime Lemon Cilantro Rock salt dipping. It melts in your mouth. Soooo Goood!


IMG_0050What do you call it in a fancy way, the palette cleanser sort of. Truffled Honey and the Truffle Pecorino., the Double Truffle!


IMG_0055Followed by Truffle gnocchi with Enoki mushroom cream sauce. Creeaammyyy.

IMG_0036Gael’s Duct taped Valentine card for us. The main middle area design is a bird with dotted feathers…  Rocking and Rolling Gael!

IMG_0037Now the after meal dessert!







Emi, You are the best father Gael can ever have and You are THE Love of my life.

LOvE you both So Much!

Thank you for the best Valentine I ever had!!!


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  1. Marlee Reiss on February 25, 2011 10:41 am

    Nice blog.