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IMG_0204Day 1 in Seoul office with everyone!  We had accomplished a lot and  thought we would have sort of a team dinner yet at the end just 5 of us. And that’s all good and intimate. Heading out from Hotel, we are quite excite to try this ” The BBQ Place” in Seoul that concierge has recommended : Samwon Garden

Seoul by night has much Christmas like vibe still around  the city with countless christmas lights beautifully wrapped around tall branches and it’s quite pretty. Approahcing to Samwon Garden in a taxi, we all are wooing and ahhhhing over thousands and billions of tiny christmas lights covered their ” Garden” in impressive way.  I must say, it’s bit Goddy  and… it’s too much…?  But then we are all loving it. It’s sort of good bad. You know what I mean!

IMG_0200Entering , crossing over a foot bridge to the main hall.  It’s freezing cold in Seoul and all over Korea ( record breaking coldest days have come in 90 years).  Iittle ponds here and there have been completely frozen.  Where are my penguins?

IMG_0205Oh I am loving this old pagoda roofed floor to ceiling  glass walled house main hall. It’s quite beautiful.  The view from the inside looking out to the garden of Samwon by season must be quite lovely. I see frozen ponds and water falls all around the main hall, so during other seasons will have quite a view here. Traditional blue and red lights hanging off the roof are familiar. It’s charming. I am home!

IMG_0217_2The BBQ place. So we order the Marinated ribs ( Gal-Bi) and 2 different cuts of Marinated Bulgogi, one near the neck and one fillet mignon they suggested us to try both. Beautiful wooden charcoal arrives. Instant warmth tickles your face. It feels good. By the way, charcoal grills are much better than the gas grill in my opinion.

IMG_0207The brass ( ?) grill plate arrives. It was designed in a very smart way. The flat top holds the grilled bits of meat, so they don’t get to keep cooking and get dry. Sort of concaved little pools will hold all the juice of meat and also broth that is usually served with Bulgogi. I need one of this.

IMG_0208The Grill is ready to go!

IMG_0210Marinated Galbi ( ribs). It has been filleted, marinated and wrapped to be grilled. Filleting helps for beef to get marinated evenly and gets cooked evenly and quickly. It keeps the meat even more tender and well arounds the flavor. Now the restaurant servers will come and help you first by un-wrapping the meat and trimming the bones off the meat using cooking sheers. Typical scene.

IMG_0213_2It’s a heaven!!!!!!  It’s really delicious! They kept bringing more side dishes. I mean honestly, isn’t that the beauty of why we all love Korean food apart from it’s flavor and textures and all. But the Side dishes get you really excite!  Hellen and Cynthia’s hands get busy!

IMG_0216_2Jessica does not do meat. So we order this delicious stone bowl steamed  rice that comes with pancakes, Korean miso stone pot ( Sooooooo Gooooood), and many other it’s own side dishes. The rice that is cooked in this stone bowl is just amazingly delicious. It has dried date, mixed beans, chestnut , slice if ginseng and all sitting pretty on the top of the bed of rice.  They will bring you a bowl of hot rice water to pour it into the stone bowl when the rice is done, so you can make little porridge yourself.

IMG_0215_2One more look!


IMG_0224_2Here we go the frozen water fall and the pond. It was -16 degree C  = 7 degree F.  You may do BBQ and ice skating here. Hahaha!

samwonI bet they serve meals here during the warm seasons.  Pretty isn’t it?

Samwon Garden is quite well known to both locals and foreign visitors. They had held prestigious events and also do weddings and big parties in their event halls. The garden is much open and big with big rocks and trees that are arranged which reminds me of old Korean landscapes.  I imagine it’s quite lovely with flowers and much green and lush trees here during other seasons.  The food was excellent!  I would usually like to hang at little places that I stumbled into  if you noticed but it was really fun eating and enjoying the view outside with office buddies. It’s a great place to go with bunch of friends and family. Despite the fancy setting, it’s totally casual. And again expect great food here.

Samwon Garden


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