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ExVotoSo , Emiliano has been talking about EX -Voto arts during our trip and we were hoping to come across a couple really interesting ones from early of the century.  What is EX Voto?  Regardless it’s various forms, EX Voto is votive offering to Saint or Divinity.  EX Voto is placed in churches or chapels where the worshippers seek grace or wishes to give thanks. Thanks to  small to big everyday events in your lives. Ex-votos can take a wide variety of forms. They are not only intended for the helping figure, but also as a testimony to later visitors of the received help. As such they may include texts explaining a miracle attributed to the helper, or symbols such as a painted or modelled reproduction of a miraculously healed body part.   I believe Egypt is one place where you can still find quite a bit of many very old Ex-voto arts or even France, Italy and of course Mexico!   We have visited a few antique shops and flea markets looking for a few good examples of EX-voto arts.  There were many re productions honestly but  saw a few interesting original ones. Especially if you go on line, there are many art dealers these days selling the ones from the early 1900′s to quite recent ones.






002As you can see, read ( if you know the Spanish!)  or at least imagine, People will draw, paint and write about what had happened and what they are thankful about. They are all done in such naive and humble manners and styles of drawing and painting that often it makes me think that they were done by children not by adult. But then it may be true that some of them were done by actually children.  The subjects are vary from a woman somehow survived from violence,  a family survived from a car accident, a man may have seen a alien, a couple thanking for their engagement. Thankful events have no boundaries.  They are quite cute and adorable regardless how serious the subject is. I love them! All the writing underneath the art usually describes what had happened and what they are thanking for.









Mexican Ex voto D5

retabloHere’s church covered in EX-voto art.


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  1. dougie padilla on May 23, 2011 7:28 pm

    i googled ex-votos and got yr site. dug the page, thanks. check out the reblog at my website.

    big double best,


  2. Carmen on March 12, 2012 3:50 pm

    Hola, me gustaría saber cuál es esa iglesia que está cubierta de exvotos y donde está,no sé si alguien me pueda decir, muchas gracias

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