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IMG_0264Entering the Namdaemun Market!

“Cheap and Cheerful” is the best way to describe this well adorned open market, Namdaemun by both locals and foreign visitors from the all around the world. Whole sale and Retail on everything you can imagine! All sort of snacks and Korean Street food , leggings, jeans, nuts, plates, socks, furs, bags… You name it.  They are all affordable and fun. You  will sure find something and everything!  Namdaemun Market is located right next to Shinsegye Department store in Myung Dong. I met up with my dear cousin Yoonhee and we went for a little stroll around!

IMG_0280“Gamegol” King Dumpling House, expect the gigantic dumplings and longest line!  

IMG_0271Yum Yum Yum!  Below,  Hand cut noodle soup place. It’s freezing cold out but it does not stop making good hearty noodle. It’s typical scene here to find people wokring and cooking outside of store front. It’s a true open market.


IMG_0266Fried fish cakes with veggie bits. It’s a great snack for the cold days. Strangers standing next you sharing the moment of munching hot fried fish cakes worms up the cold air.


IMG_0284Order one and the second order is on the house.   Short strip of indoor food vendors. Noodles, hot soups , bibimbap… friendly smiles greet you the second you walk into.

IMG_0297Deep fried veggie Ho-Ttuck : crispy sticky rice and corn flower dough filled with veggie and glass noodle filling… and  Korean sausages and fish cakes on the grill. Ho-Ttuck is usually filled with sweet syrup. So this is a bit hybrid.

IMG_0296All different kind of miso paste and chilly paste. Seasoned in and made in various ways. Pickled sesame lives and other pickles. These are the best side dish for simple hot steamy rice!

IMG_0274Serious prep for night visitors. All ready to be grilled here. They include beef, pork, seafood, shrimp, pig’s feet… and what else?  Noodles to be stir fried, ramen to be boiled, Spicy sticky rice: Ttuk bok gi.. ” Pojang Macha” : tented night cart , That ‘s how I would translate. It’s nightly event you can taste all sort thing on stick in Korea usually in the open market or even any streets throughout the city. The lady is literally putting plastic tent over her cart with seatings and all. 


IMG_0290One of a street vendor selling pile of winter jackets. First comes first served, You pick it and you pay it! Haha, You must stop to see him!

IMG_0273Fur Fur and more Fur! I know it’s a Global trend right now but here you will see hundreds of vendors selling all sort of fur items.


IMG_0270More dumplings!  You will see temporary plastic tents over the entrance to fight the cold everywhere.   It has been only 10 degrees F in Seoul. 

IMG_0252Rustic traditional style plates and bowls.  I loooovvvveee them! Stone bowls for Steaming rice or making hot pots and Bibimbap… Yum!

IMG_0254So beautiful! Metal pots. They come in all different size. The bigger the better I would say!


If you are in Seoul, check out this Hustle Bustle everyday Open Market ” Namdaemun”!

Get cheap fun clothing and accessories and groceries and taste hearty and affordable all sort of street food!






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