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IMG_0624Cenote Il-Kil : one of over 30,000 cenotes along the Yucatan Peninsula.

The underground river systems of the Yucatan flow beneath the entire peninsula. During the ice ages when the ocean levels were much lower than they are today, what was once a giant coral reef became exposed to the atmosphere and eventually became the Yucatan Peninsula. Massive cave systems were formed by gradual dissolving of the highly porous coral limestone. These caves are called “solution caves” because they were formed by the slightly acidic rainfall dissolving the alkaline limestone. Inside the caves the geological formations such as stalactites and stalagmites are a spectacular sight to see. Many of the caverns eventually collapsed and the sea levels rose partially or completely flooding the cave systems.

We have been eyeing on Il-Kil for a couple years and our travel route from Merida back to Tulum made everything easier. Located right near the main Mayan ruin , Chichen -Itza, Il-Kil is one of the most beautiful and unique cenotes we have visited. It’s a quite different kind of cenote from ones we have been mostly located in northern Yucatan peninsula due to how Il-Kil was actually made.  Il-Kil was made rather by the fallen rocks from the space, yes the gigantic Meteors in the era of Dinosaurs.  In fact , Cenote Il-Kil is one big deeply sunken perfect circle of water pool : a diameter of 60m and a depth of 40m. It is an open shaft, the water level is 25m below the surface and it’s gorgeous!
There are not much under water lives as other cenotes yet Il-Kil’s grand jaw dropping setting is somewhat like a top notch Opera house or an amphitheater like with amazing drapes that is made by the mother nature. It’s magnificent!  There isn’t much of under water activity going on here in Il-Kil and I wonder if it has a lot to do with the way how this cenote was created.  It’s clean fresh water yet deep inky blue and bit greenish water rather than clear crystal sort of water with ton of under water creatures as other most of cenotes that are made through the years of rain falls working through the lime stones.  The most popular action here will be if you have a gut to jump and dive into that deep water from how high the point that you can handle!  Dangerous..? Naaa. You will see little kids here jumping off from quite a height including my boy, Gael!














This cenote has extremely well organized facility as clean bathrooms and dressing rooms, parking lots and renting water gears and also towels. We are slowly learning about all kinds of cenotes around the Yucatan peninsula and it is hell of fun project you want to get on!  here also check out  Cenote Dos Ojos!






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