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Darkness is New Cool. Darkness is New Sexy. I just knew this would be a fantastic film to experience  some sort of  “New Thing” out there  just seeing the poster of the ” Perfect Swan”,  Nina (Natalie Portman) in her make up in this Dark, Spooky, Genius, Psychological and  Sexy thriller, “BLACK SWAN” by Darren Aronofsky.   It was fun time with my team and colleagues at the Gap and it was also a good excuse to get out our hectic office and kick off our for Holidays officially! ( You know what I mean? )  Patiently watched literally million trailers of other up coming films ( …not so great most of times) , and BLACK SWAN  actually may have deserved all that openers. This Film IS Awesomely Amazing!


Completely consumed  in her life as a ballerina, Nina (Natalie) the New Swan queen of New York City Ballet Company lives this quietly nervous and hair raising mysterious double life as the White  Swan and the Black Swan. Is it real that she’s bleeding on her finger tips…? Is that real she really saw it? Did she really stab herself? She’s crazy! No She’s not! Is she? What’s going on? Is her mom crazy?  No she just loves her. She’s maybe jealous of her? Does Lily ( Mila Kunis) wants Nina’s role? Who’s sleeping with who? What’s wrong with Nina’s body? What the heck is going on?!!!

I knew I was totally on this. But the director, Aronofsky’s masterfully controlled handle on Nina’s emotions and nerve wracking competition between Nina and Lily, and Nina’s that sliver of fragile will power to hold her self as the Swan queen can get you feel bit lost… But I think right there, that’s the beauty of this film.  Many details in this film impose so many meanings but its up to the audience to figure out or “Dream” about how and what is really happening. But there’s no time to justify everything that’s going on the screen. The painfully interesting and strong story of this film leads the audience helplessly to follow the next up with nervous and great expectation.  This uncomfortness to watch twisted and manipulate relations among pretty much everyone in this story definitely escalated my anxiety to the end, then I felt sort of Triumphant kind of feeling rising from my heart to see Nina’s success to conquer for her to be the ” Perfect Swan”.  You know what? I am greatly happy for her!

Natalie Portman’s magnetic powerful performance and her own perfection to control littlest emotions and details of her as Nina is mind blowing. I am also impressed with her dancing and sculpting her body and lines as the “Swan Queen”. It’s believable. She must have worked so hard on this. So I like to congratulate on her professionalism. I think she had greatly succeeded in this film.

And After I finished the film, I realized how genius it was that Rodarte’s quietly beautiful costumes for Nina had been.  Nothing is in your face out -loud costumy costumes. They did not separate one from others in such a clumsy way. You know they are different but you know they are also one. It was the most smart strategy to allow Nina completely lived, consumed, confused and blended as herself as a Ballerina,  “Swan Queen” and also have her become the actual 2 opposite swans herself.

The Black Swan is the White Swan and the White Swan is the Black Swan. And Nina is the both. They are the one.


rodarte Rodarte

I just loved all of it.  Go watch it! It starts today “Everywhere”. Tell me what you think!


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