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IMG_0181Gael pointing out the tallest one…!

Emi started feeling better. Slowly but surely I see the changes here and there and it was a quite lovely day on Saturday, so we wrapped ourselves in coats and hats and went out for a tree hunting. It’s always nice to see “Tree People” starting gathering their handsome trees up and all proud ( especially when it says ” Vermont” , I kind of envy that they are from Vermont always thinking it must be a lovely place to live and raise the trees and horses and all). And… wreaths and garlands…!  I always get tempted get these and decorate the stoop cases in very fancy way like those Brownstone veterans do in this neighborhood. They always look so quite rich and it always makes me think of either Dr.Huxstable in Cosby Show and his family or  the lady in that cooking show, Bare foot contessa, sure she will have some sort of thing for her porch.  Then we always tend to go away around the Christmas, so I give up on it again this year. But one day! I’ll sure practice!

We stopped by at a few spots and again this year, we ended up buying one from the guys on the Myrtle Avenue ( Corner of Myrtle Avenue and Hall Street). They always have the most varieties and the best prices we believe and it feels more local than going across to the Atlantic Avenue. We got a 7 foot tall beautiful one for $45.00!  Not Bad.  This year, the guys had built this cool little shack to escape the cold wind and  it looked quite awesome I thought.  This kid delivers for free there, so we had him do it with nice tip on his hands when he arrived at our home with our tree.  It sure feels like Christmas already tipping a kid trying to make some money around the holidays. He may want a pair of cool sneaks or a game sort of, or he may need that money to support the family even..? Anyway, the tree is up and it definitely makes our weekend at home much cozier…



IMG_0209Our tree getting wrapped. A simple cool way to do it!



IMG_0204We browsed end enjoyed bit of Holiday decorations at shops and houses in the neighborhood. There are inviting signs and all quite simple but it’s enough to make us think about the Christmas already.








IMG_0193Not sure what this plant is but sure it belongs to Christmas Spirit. Fuzzy like sweater yarns…

IMG_0272And here’s our Tree!!!


Early Merry Christmas to you all!

And this just out beautiful Annie Lenox’s traditional Pagan style music video of  God rest ye Merry Gentleman ( Thanks Beppe!)


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